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    GMX Referral Code
    🎟️ GMX Referral Code  BULLRUN
    🏆 GMX Discount  5% OFF
    🎁 Refer and Earn  15% Fees

    GMX Referral Program

    The GMX referral program offers users the opportunity to enjoy fee discounts and earn rebates by referring others to the platform. By following a simple process, users can create their own referral codes and share them across various platforms.

    To create a referral code, individuals need to navigate to the Referrals page within the GMX platform. Clicking on the Affiliates tab allows them to generate a unique referral code using a combination of letters, numbers, and underscores. It's important to note that these referral codes are case-sensitive and should be created on both the Arbitrum and Avalanche networks to earn rebates on both platforms.

    Once a referral code is generated, users can obtain their referral link by clicking on the copy icon adjacent to the code. This referral link can be shared on different platforms such as Twitter or Telegram. When someone clicks on the link and creates an account, the referral code becomes associated with their account. Consequently, whenever this referred user executes a trade, they receive a discount, and the referrer earns rebates based on their trading fees. Notably, rebates continue to accrue even if the referred user switches devices, as the referral code is permanently stored in the contract during their initial trade.

    Rebates and discounts from V1 are distributed in ETH on Arbitrum and AVAX on Avalanche every Wednesday. Users can review their rebate history on the Referrals page. For V2 trades, discounts are automatically applied to reduce trading fees, and affiliate rewards accumulate with each trade. These rewards can be claimed through the "Claimable Rebates" feature on the Referrals page.

    It's important to be aware that the terms of the referral program are subject to change, determined by GMX token holders. The complete referral terms can be found on the GMX website.

    The GMX referral program employs a tiered system to prevent misuse and ensure fair rewards allocation. The tiers and corresponding benefits are as follows:

    - Tier 1: Traders receive a 5% discount, and affiliates earn a 5% rebate.
    - Tier 2: Traders get a 10% discount, and affiliates receive a 10% rebate.
    - Tier 3: Traders enjoy a 10% discount, affiliates earn a 15% rebate in ETH/AVAX, and a 5% rebate in esGMX.

    While anyone can create a Tier 1 code, users have the opportunity to upgrade to Tier 2 or Tier 3 by meeting specific criteria:

    - Tier 2: At least 15 active users using the referral code weekly, with a combined weekly trading volume exceeding $5 million.
    - Tier 3: At least 30 active users using the referral code weekly, with a combined weekly trading volume surpassing $25 million.

    Those who meet these criteria can contact @GMXPartners on Telegram to upgrade their code. Rebates and discounts apply to both opening and closing fees for leverage trading.

    GMX Referral Code FAQs

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