FXhome Review: Is It Worth It?

In this FXhome review, we will be examining whether or not this video editing software is right for you!

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    FXhome Review

    Background and History

    Founded in 2001, FXhome is a software and visual effects developer for the new generation of content creators, who eagerly explore new pathways to creativity and aspire for innovative technologies. FXhome started as passionate, indie-filmmakers who wanted to help the creative community with easy-to-use tools to make Star Wars lightsaber visual effects. Since then, the company developed the market-leading editing and VFX software HitFilm, as well as a real-time mobile virtual studio iOS app featured on the recent Apple Keynote, image editing, and green screen programs.

    In 2022, FXhome joined forces with the talented team at Artlist to help bring together the two most important parts of content creation: the best software and the best music and footage library.

    Only six months after acquiring Motion Array, Artlist decided to acquire FXhome and get into the world of software development marking another significant step towards becoming a one-stop-shop solution for content creators, offering both high-quality creative assets and professional editing tools.

    With over 30 employees, FXhome company has built and cultivated an inclusive and inspirational community of over 6 million talented creators, bringing the total number of users of Artlist products to more than 13 million.

    Main Features

    Below you can check some of FXhome's main features:

    • Get started for free
    • Various subscription plans are available
    • Perks included
    • Creative library with high-quality assets
    • Dozens of tutorials included

    Get Started for Free

    You can get started with simple, built-in tutorials. Learn the basics of video and VFX editing and start creating amazing content right away. All of the tools you need to create your first video, with integrated free music and sound effects and a selection of ready-to-use customizable template designs. When you’re ready you can export your videos in HD and without those pesky watermarks.

    User Interface

    On FXhome, you get editing, compositing, titling, and 3D tools all in a single product. With a huge library of built-in video effects, you can easily achieve an impressive, cinematic aesthetic. Explore drag-and-drop transitions, ready-to-use presets, seamless audio sync, and professional text tools. Plus you’ll have access to presets, stock footage, and more.

    Access a library of industry-leading music, sound effects, and video templates, built directly into your editing platform.


    With HitFilm you can achieve your vision, no matter your experience or skill level.

    Work at lightning speed using HitFilm’s ultra-fast technology. No lagging, no waiting around. Just a simple, intuitive interface filled with all the editing, animation, and audio tools you need. Copy, trim, sync, and slice your way to perfection.

    Some highlights:

    • Create dynamic edits with all the basic tools you need: cut, slice, trim, split, crop, flip & more.
    • Seamlessly shift from one scene to the next with professional, ready-to-use transitions
    • Achieve the perfect transition, color grade or text in seconds with customizable presets
    • Access a library of professional stock footage, music, sound effects, and templates
    • Automatically line up your video with your audio for a smooth, fast workflow
    • Easily add subtitles to your video and craft eye-catching 2D and 3D titles

    HitFilm's Toolkit:

    • Lighting & lens flares
    • Color grading & correction
    • Motion tracking
    • Keying


    With Imerge you can polish your photos to perfection and build impressive composites with this intuitive image editing software. Find all the tools you need, right where you’d expect them to be. With unlimited layers and fast grouping, you can achieve the exact look you’re going for while enjoying a smooth, seamless process.

    Imerge’s flexible RAW engine is custom-built and GPU-accelerated, giving you lightning-fast speed and more time to focus on the important stuff. Work with files of all sizes without having to worry about slowing down your software.

    Import your RAW images into Imerge and let it do the work for you. Imerge will automatically lens correct your images based on the camera, the lens, and the focal length.

    Included filters and tools:

    • Color, tone & correction
    • Brushes
    • Styles & stylized
    • Blur
    • Lights & flares
    • Keying

    CamTrackAR for IOS

    CamTrackAR is a free-to-use software with free export to HitFilm. With it you can transform an Apple iPhone or iPad Pro into an on-set virtual production studio with CamTrackAR. Capture video and 3D camera tracking data simultaneously, and get dynamic 3D model placement, world-leading chroma key technology, and the ability to import 3D virtual backgrounds for professional pre-visualization.

    Directors and cinematographers can test the viability of VFX shots immediately, while still on set. Directors and cinematographers can use accurate tracking and virtual backgrounds and 3D model import to pre-visualize shots on set with ease.

    It also is a must-have software tool for every YouTuber and creator, CamTrackAR ensures that lower thirds, composited 3D models, VFX, and anything requiring a camera track stays locked in place.

    VFX artists can speed up their post-production workflow with automatic footage capture and camera tracking in CamTrackAR, meaning that they can experiment and check shots live.

    With the free version of CamTrackAR, you can export your scene and camera tracking data to the free post-production software HitFilm (.hfcs) and Blender (.py). Access advanced features like unlimited export, multiple point anchors, and 3D model import for a monthly subscription or outright purchase.

    Highlights include:

    • Hollywood-caliber virtual production technology
    • Pre-visualize 3D virtual environments
    • Superior camera tracking
    • Easy-to-use interface
    • World-leading chroma key
    • Automatic capture


    Mocha HitFilm

    With Mocha HitFilm you'll save time and reach accurate results with simple rotoscoping tools. Get a realistic look with Mocha’s advanced motion tracking capabilities.

    Boris 3D Objects

    Whip up any 3D title imaginable with this easy-to-use text tool. Animate, distort, extrude, and warp your title to 3D awesomeness. Boost your toolkit with hundreds of render options and presets.

    3D Camera Tracker

    Get the perfect track, every time. Seamlessly integrate VFX into your edits with Foundry’s revolutionary technology, used in blockbuster movies by Pixar, Disney, and other leading studios.

    Plans and Pricing

    You can choose a subscription tier that fits your creative needs.

    The Creator Plan includes HitFilm and Imerge — video, VFX, and image editing software and unlimited exports up to 4K UHD. Plus get a creative library of free music, SFX, and customizable templates. And of course, premium support

    Save up to 23% for $6.25 per month ($75 billed annually).

    The Pro Plan includes HitFilm, Imerge, Mocha HitFilm, BorisFX 3D Objects, and Foundry 3D Camera Tracker - powerful video and editing software with VFX plugins at your fingertips and unlimited exports up to 8K. And you can access an even bigger library of free music, SFX, and customizable templates. And the same top-tier premium support.

    Save up to 20% for $9.99 per month ($119.88 billed annually).

    There's also the Enterprise Plan which Offers creative solutions tailored to an organization's specific needs for bundling pro software and content with customized terms and licensing agreements, for pricing and conditions you should contact FXhome's customer support

    FXhome Free

    • Software

    HitFilm Free
    Unlimited exports up to HD

    • Includes

    10 Songs
    25 Sound Effects
    5 Templates

    FXhome Creator
    $7.50/mo or $6.25/mo when billed yearly (23% OFF)

    • Software

    HitFilm Free
    Imerge Creator
    Unlimited exports up to 4K UHD

    • Includes

    100 Songs
    100 Sound Effects
    25 Templates
    Premium Support

    FXhome Pro
    $12.50/mo or $9.99/mo when billed yearly (20% OFF)

    • Software

    HitFilm Free
    Imerge Creator
    Mocha HitFilm
    BorisFX 3D Objects
    Foundry 3D Camera Tracker
    Unlimited exports up to 8K

    • Includes

    200 Songs
    200 Sound Effects
    50 Templates
    Premium Support

    FXhome Pros & Cons

    FXhome: Pros

    • Get started for free
    • Well-established software
    • Part of Artlist
    • Great pricing
    • Many perks and features included
    • Great for beginners and professionals alike
    • Intuitive and professional-looking interface
    • Seamless integration with IOS

    FXhome: Cons

    • It could have more assets included

    FXhome Review: Verdict

    After our review of FXhome, we found this to be one of the best video editing options in the market for beginners and professionals alike!

    You can get started for free, or choose from one of the affordable subscription plans.

    Depending on the subscription plan you choose, you will get a lot of perks and features included such as video and image editing software, plugins like Boris 3D and Mocha, and songs, sound effects, and templates.

    You will also get excellent premium support, additionally, the fact that FXhome is part of the Artlist brand, it is expected that more features and integrations with their other products could arrive in the future.

    Artlist's other products include Artlist, Artgrid, and Motion Array.

    If you'd like to get started for free, or want to grab the limited-time 23% discount on yearly subscriptions, follow the links below!

    • Overall Score

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