Excire Review: Is It Worth It?

Excire Review

In this Excire review, we will be examining whether or not Excire is a good AI photography software, we'll be looking at all its features, the pros, the cons, and whether or not it's worth your money.

Excire Review

Background And History

Using advanced image recognition technology, Excire helps you find your favorite photos with lightning speed.

Searching images sound like fun until you realize you’ve spent three hours doing it. Photographers, designers, and marketers all know that organization is critical, but who has the time to add tags to each and every photo?

Using advanced image and face-recognition technology, Excire automatically analyzes and tags your photos for you with the push of a button. Then, when you’re ready to search, Excire is ready to work for you, searching thousands of images with amazing speed and precision.

Get yourself back on track and organized. Just import your images and let Excire do all tagging for you. With Excire, you will experience a completely new way of interacting with your photos. Looking for photos from a beach holiday or a family celebration? The Excire AI will find them for you in seconds and will uncover all your hidden photo treasures.


AI Technology

Using advanced image and face-recognition technology, Excire automatically analyzes and tags your photos with remarkable accuracy.


Intelligent content-based navigation is simple and intuitive with a super-fast image display that makes your search efficient and fun.

Powerful Search

Excire is so powerful, with a few clicks you’ll find the photos you are looking for with lightning speed!

Universal Keywords

Excire keywords become available in the spotlight search of your file browser and other applications such as Lightroom.

Simple Sharing

Share your best moments with family and friends. Excire Foto can connect to your Dropbox and Google Drive, enabling sharing in just a few seconds.

Private & Secure

The Excire AI runs locally on your computer and photos are not uploaded to the cloud for analysis.

Plans and Pricing

Excire Foto: $59

Excire Foto is a powerful app designed for easy photo management and quick content-based browsing. Numerous smart features help you get organized and find the photos you are looking for.

Excire Search 2: $59

  • Analyzes and organizes the photos in your Lightroom catalog
  • Finds the photos you are looking for
  • Reveals your hidden photo treasures.

Now with an all-novel, improved AI and a powerful feature set including a unique “Search for People” feature. When combined, the features yield a powerful search tool that you don’t want to miss.

Excire Bundle: $89

Excire Foto and Excire Search 2 in one bundle!

Excire Pros & Cons

Excire: Pros

  • Great for enthusiast and professional photographers, graphic designers, and marketers
  • Fair pricing
  • Outstanding results

Excire: Cons

  • The interface could look nicer

Excire Review: Verdict

After our Excire Review, we found Excire to be an essential tool for most photographers and graphic designers, other professionals such as marketers may also find it extremely useful.

Excire Foto would be the right choice if you are not using Lightroom Classic and are looking for a powerful photo management software. Keywords can also be stored in photos or XMP files, so that they can be used in the Windows or Mac Spotlight search. In Capture One, these metadata can also be read.

On the other hand, if Adobe Lightroom Classic is your standard photo management software, then you should choose Excire Search 2. This is because Excire Search 2 Pro is integrated into Lightroom Classic. That means you'll have all the information you need to manage your photos and in Lightroom Classic you can also save metadata in photos or XMP files.

We were very impressed how well all the AI features worked and we believe this is probably the best option in the market, the pricing is also very fair.

The interface of the software could be modernized and we think the team will work on that in the coming future.

You probably won't be using Excire on a daily basis, nonetheless, when you need it, it will do exactly what it claims to do and will end up saving you a lot of time.

If you'd like to get an Excire free trial, follow the link below!


Excire Review
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  1. David Hermsmeier on August 15, 2022 at 6:07 pm

    I’ve purchased their first release and their software is adequate. However, there are issues if you try to upgrade and they provide absolutely no customer service. Don’t get started with this software, as you will eventually have to use something else…

    • Dalton Rush on August 16, 2022 at 11:26 am

      Hi David, thank you for your feedback!

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