Curve Card Review: Is It Worth It?

Curve Card Review

In this Curve Card review, we will be examining whether or not the Curve Card is a good option.

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Background And History

Curve is a British company trying to be to Banking what Netflix is to TV and Spotify to Music. Curve connects all your cards in one smart card and one smart app which brings you financial freedom and endless opportunities.

How to Use

  1. Download the Curve app and choose which card you want to order.
  2. Use the camera to scan and upload your card details automatically or enter them manually.
  3. When your Curve card arrives, it’s time to activate it in the app, simply go to the “Account” tab and tap “Activate your card”. You’ll be asked to enter the last 4 digits of your Curve card, and it’s ready to go.
  4. You’ve activated Curve, added your cards, and now you’re ready to pay. To choose which card you want to pay with, just swipe through your digital wallet in the app and tap the card you need. Then, you can use your Curve card like you would any other card in your wallet.
  5. You can go totally card-free by hooking up your Curve card to Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay. Any card you add to Curve will work with them, even if your bank doesn’t.

Curve Cash

This is a virtual card in the Curve app. Your balance is made up of money earned through cashback, promos, or referrals, and any money sent to you from other people on Curve. On rare occasions, Curve isn't able to process a refund to your bank account, it'll land in here where you can spend it right away.

With Curve you'll earn 1% cashback for your first 30 days, and get regular one-off cashback offers of up to 20% from brands like Amazon Fresh, Just Eat, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, and many more. If you go premium, the cashback rewards are even better. Curve Black customers also get 1% cashback on three selected retailers for an unlimited time. And for Curve Metal customers, that doubles to 1% cashback on six retailers.

Tracking Expenses

With the Curve you can track what you’re spending on all your accounts at once with Curve insights, alerts, and notifications. Your Curve timeline will show you what you’ve spent when you’ve spent, and where you’ve spent it. You’ll get (optional) notifications every time you spend, and you can go to “insights” on the app for a categorized breakdown of your spending across all your cards on Curve.

Back in Time

Paid on the wrong card? Never mind, rewind. Switch payments from one card to another, up to 90 days after the payment was made! Simply tap the transaction you want to move, click “Go Back in Time” and swipe to the card you’d like to pay with instead – yep, time travel is that easy with Curve.

Subscription Plans

There are three different Curve plans / Curve cards.

Curve Blue

  • 1% Cashback (At 3 Retailers for 90 days)
  • Free ATM Withdrawals (Up to €200/mo)
  • Time Travel (Go Back in Time and Change Payment Card)
  • €100,000 Customer Protection

Curve Black

  • 1% Cashback (At 3 Retailers for Unlimited Time)
  • Free ATM Withdrawals (Up to €400/mo)
  • Time Travel (Go Back in Time and Change Payment Card)
  • €100,000 Customer Protection
  • €15,000,000 Medical Travel Insurance

Curve Metal

  • 1% Cashback (At 6 Retailers for Unlimited Time)
  • Free Foreign ATM Withdrawals (Up to €600/mo)
  • Time Travel (Go Back in Time and Change Payment Card)
  • €100,000 Customer Protection
  • €15,000,000 Medical Travel Insurance
  • €800 Phone Insurance
  • €25,000 Rental Car Collision Damage Waiver Insurance


As we've said, there are three different Curve plans / Curve cards, if you choose to have the Curve Metal Card and decide to pay yearly you'll be enjoying a 17% discount.

Curve Blue
  • Free
Curve Black
  • €9.99/mo
Curve Metal
  • €14.99/mo
  • €12.50/mo if you choose to pay yearly (€150)

Curve Card Pros & Cons

Curve Card: Pros

  • All cards in one
  • €100,000 customer protection on all cards
  • Travel, Medical, and Phone insurance with some cards
  • 1% cashback with every card

Curve Card: Cons

  • Earned cashback could be better for Curve Black and Curve Metal

Curve Card Review: Verdict

We think the Curve Card is a must-have for virtually everybody, who doesn't want to carry fewer cards?

Curve offers its customers many perks and the downsides are almost nonexistent, that being said, there's always room for improvement, the referral rewards for inviting your contacts could be better and the earned cashback on the Curve Black card and, especially, the Curve Metal card, should be higher.

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Curve Card Review 4
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