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Scaling your business in the digital industry is much more complicated than the traditional methods. While we can’t know what will happen in the future, we can say that you don’t want to be included in the businesses that fail.

Software has evolved to an extent where we can easily market our products and services online. Nevertheless, software helps you excel in marketing your content, but the only thing you have to do is know which software to use.

Furthermore, let’s discuss the top software to use in content marketing. Of course, there are many pieces of software, but we need to find out which are the best and the ones worth paying for.

Let’s dive right in!

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    Content Marketing Software

    Top 7 Helpful Software for Content Marketing

    1. Happy Scribe

    If you’re concerned about converting your audio to text, you can translate audio to text with Happy Scribe. The software helps you translate audio files in just a few minutes, and more than 100,000 users are trusted. Additionally, Happy Scribe works together with companies such as United Nations, Spotify, Forbes, BBC, and more.

    Many may think, how do translating audio files to text impact content marketing? According to statistics, more than 80% of consumers have to watch videos without sound. In addition, most of them complained that it wasn’t a pleasant experience to watch videos without any captions. Above all, maybe you are at work or school and can’t turn up the volume when watching a video.

    This issue is only solved with transcription services and is the future of audio-to-file conversions.

    Depending on whether you are looking to use manual or automatic transcriptions, prices with Happy Scribe will differ, but you can try it out for free. If you are keen to learn more about Happy Scribe’s prices, you can directly contact them on their site.

    2. Murf AI

    After Happy Scribe, another popular option to consider is Murf AI. If you want realistic text-to-speech conversions, Murf AI is a popular option, with more than 120 AI voices available in the studio. These AI voices all possess realistic voices and offer conversions in more than 20 languages, with many dialects available.

    Moreover, what’s great about using Murf AI is that the voices sound so realistic. Real professional actors directly use them without any robotic voices. In addition, the testing quality is free within your plan and supports some primary languages such as English, Spanish, and more.

    Pricing with Murf AI begins at free, but if you want to take advantage of Murf’s most advanced features, you can subscribe to their enterprise plan, which is $166 per year.

    3. Hubspot

    Hubspot is an “all-in” solution to obtaining traffic, deriving robust data, and targeting prospects for conversions. As a result, Hubspot is an excellent choice if you want to create inbound marketing campaigns and are concerned about the ROI of your campaign. Especially if you just started a business, Hubspot might be an exceptional choice for you, but if you are willing to pay for quality.

    However, don’t worry because there are many good things about Hubspot, and that is the fact that it offers several subscription plans, both paid and free. In addition, the free tools that Hubspot offers can give you a clear picture of what to expect. Some of the most common free tools are live chat software that allows you to capture leads and run your email marketing campaigns for free.

    Once you use the free plans, start moving on to the paid ones to expand your data and smash the marketing campaigns it has created.

    Pricing plans with Hubspot start for free, but with their enterprise plan that offers you the most advanced features, you’ll be paying $540 per year. It may seem like an expensive alternative compared to its competitors, but it has more advanced tools and features.

    4. Monday.com

    Monday.com is an excellent marketing tool. It’s primarily popular for project management and has a range of functionalities for content planning, Content calendar, blog planning, and much more.

    With Monday.com, you get an editorial calendar that organizes content assets by type, priority, published date, channel, and more. Thus, it is much easier for you to assign your editors and designers to get to know about what they are doing.

    Monday.com has a facility that allows you to invite your clients as guests to see the progress and share feedback across your internal team. Moreover, you can customize forms and easily share assets and receive feedback. The editorial calendar allows you to plan the content and provide file storage from 5 GB to 1000 GB.

    However, Monday.com might not be the best option for beginners, but it offers multiple capabilities and has many security features, collaboration essentials, communication essentials, and much more.

    Pricing plans start for free for up to two seats, and with their paid plan, you’ll be paying $22 per seat but receiving many more features.

    5. BuzzSumo

    If you think content is the king of all, consider using BuzzSumo. Online marketing strategies should be based on quality, and this is why marketers need to make videos, write blogs, and articles to rank on search engines and fulfill readers' needs.

    BuzzSumo is an excellent tool for helping you reach your target audience. Moreover, it helps you monitor how an audience will engage with your content on your most active social media channels and can choose the type of content that is the best for your business. In addition, BuzzSumo isn’t challenging to learn, so it’s user-friendly and doesn’t require you to have any advanced technical knowledge to understand the platform.

    Pricing with BuzzSumo begins for free and costs up to $299 per month if you want to subscribe to the best plan with unlimited monthly searches, 50 custom feeds, and much more.

    6. Semrush

    Semrush is one of the most popular content marketing platforms globally and provides an all-in-one marketing toolkit for marketing professionals. Semrush offers services for social media, content, market research, and even SEO. In addition, there are plenty of solutions from Semrush for E-commerce, competitive research, and more.

    It offers features for discovering who your competitors are, and whenever you use their SEO services, you can search how competitive keywords are in a particular area across the world. Nevertheless, Semrush is excellent because it shows that not every country has the exact trending keywords.

    Thus, you have a better chance of thoroughly researching the topic, creating a content plan, providing SEO-friendly content, allowing your team to track and monitor their tasks, optimizing articles with the proper keywords, and ensuring that their keywords are trending not so competitive when writing content.

    In short, it is an exceptional platform for your content marketing strategy. It will help you better manage your marketing tasks and measure the success of your campaigns across social media channels.

    Semrush offers a free trial once you choose to use the tool. However, its paid subscriptions are pretty expensive. For example, the business plan will cost you up to $450 per month, but if you subscribe to the yearly plan, you will get a 17% discount. There is a huge problem here, since many businesses will struggle to pay thousands of dollars upfront for the business yearly plan.

    However, if you are concerned about quality, you’ll get it from Semrush.

    7. Yoast SEO

    Many people may think Yoast isn’t a helpful software plugin for your site, but they are mistaken. Yoast SEO is an excellent option to use when getting started with content marketing. Moreover, you want to connect it to your site, and it’ll show you what you need for SEO purposes.

    Whenever you are a beginner, it may seem harder for you to get the right keywords, but Yoast SEO helps you in all of that. It’s user-friendly and one of the best software you can use for optimizing your content at the maximum level.

    Yoast offers a free plugin, but you can always go for their paid plan if you want more advanced features.

    Wrapping Up

    That’s all for this article. These are the top seven software you can use to excel in the content marketing department. Moreover, we recommend you carefully analyze and research each software we recommend. Then, try out free trials and compare prices between each software.

    Each business has different requirements, so you need to see which software best fits your requirements and how it is helpful for you. Otherwise, we took enough time to research the best options for you to choose from!

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