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    BigONE Referral ID

    About BigONE

    BigONE emerges as a global cryptocurrency exchange, offering a dynamic platform for the trading of diverse cryptocurrencies. With its establishment in 2017 and registration in the Netherlands, BigONE casts its influence across various corners of the globe, including Russia, Brazil, Vietnam, Seychelles, Singapore, Japan, and Indonesia. This international presence encompasses marketing, investment, and pioneering research and development in blockchain technology.

    At its core, BigONE is more than a mere exchange; it is a custodial platform for digital assets. With a focus on fast and secure services, it enables users to navigate the expansive world of blockchain assets while ensuring their safety through cutting-edge technologies and robust risk management measures. The team behind BigONE is an assembly of blockchain experts and enthusiasts hailing from diverse cultural backgrounds.

    In an era marred by security gaps and policy uncertainties, BigONE positions itself as a beacon of choice, offering citizens in the Digital Age a sanctuary of security, convenience, and trustworthiness. It strives to elevate the trading experience, empowering users to access precious encrypted assets while ensuring their engagement is underpinned by state-of-the-art technologies and robust management processes. The mission of BigONE reverberates with the goal of providing secure and convenient trading and trusteeship services to all citizens in the Digital Age.

    With a headquarters registered in Singapore, BigONE's operational span extends primarily across China and Singapore, fortified by an additional presence in Korea.

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