I'm a filmmaker with extensive training in multiple sectors of content creation whose films have been shown all over the world. I have also served as a speaker and jury member in multiple events. Nonetheless, in recent years, I became extremely disappointed with the course of the art world in general, and as consequence, I've developed an interest in topics I believed would become crucial for the future, namely, cybersecurity, self-education, web design, and investing in various assets, such as cryptocurrencies. All those events have driven me to launch RushRadar.

Rotoscoping: All You Need to Know

Hi, welcome back to Rush Radar! Today, we are going to discuss Rotoscoping – a technique used in animation and visual effects that has been around for over a century. If you are new to animation or visual effects, or just curious about this technique, then this post is for you. We will explain what…

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Ken Burns Effect

The Ken Burns Effect: All You Need to Know

If you’ve ever watched a documentary, chances are you’ve seen the Ken Burns Effect. It’s a technique that’s been used in countless documentaries, and it’s named after the filmmaker Ken Burns, who popularized it. The Ken Burns Effect is a way of animating still photos to make them look like video footage, and it’s become…

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Digital Content

The Rise of Digital Content

In today’s world, the changes in shopping trends are pretty evident. Thanks to the rapid development of e-commerce, clients have almost instant access to shops all over the world without leaving their rooms. Because of that, more and more customers decide to buy video games digitally. Table Of Contents A Digital Revolution There’s no denying…

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California Data Privacy Law

California Data Privacy Law: Guide for Startups

Building an effective data policy as a startup in California requires an understanding of the evolving data policies. The California Privacy Rights of 2020 is currently set to replace the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018. Therefore, you must build your data privacy around these new rules to maintain compliance and build trust with consumers.…

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Close-Up Shot

Close-Up Shot: What is a Close-Up Shot?

A close-up shot, also known as a “close-up” or “CU”, is a type of camera shot in which the frame is mostly filled with a character or object by placing the camera in proximity to the subject, or by using a zoom lens to fill the frame with the subject. It is typically used to…

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Best Themes for SEO

The Best Themes for SEO: Top 3

When starting a new WordPress site, one of the most important steps is choosing the right theme, but with an endless roaster of themes to choose from, it can become overwhelming when the time to make a choice arrives. As we know, if you want to have a successful website, it is crucial to always…

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Manufacturing Industry Cybersecurity

The Importance of Manufacturing Industry Cybersecurity

What is the importance of manufacturing industry cybersecurity? Why should this industry prioritize its cybersecurity measures? Let’s find out! 8 CYBERSECURITY MISTAKES TOP 5 VPN PROVIDERS Table Of Contents Reasons Modern Manufacturing Needs Cybersecurity With the enlargement of science and technology, numerous manufacturing companies are shifting towards digital processes. With digital manufacturing, businesses benefit from…

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Web Hosting And Hacking

Website Hosting and Hacking

Nowadays there’s no shortage of hosting providers to choose from when you’re setting up your website. However, it’s important to be aware that not all hosts are made equal. And while it’s fair to say that the overall security of the web has improved since its mass adoption by the mainstream in the 1990s, hackers…

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How To Make A Storyboard

How to Make a Storyboard: The Ultimate Guide

Are you wondering how to make a storyboard? In the vast world of storytelling, the storyboard stands as a crucial tool, bridging the gap between imagination and realization. Whether in film, animation, advertising, or presentations, storyboarding empowers creators to outline their visions, plan events, and effectively communicate ideas. In this guide, we’ll explore the art…

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Wide Shot

Wide Shot: What is a Wide Shot?

A wide shot, also known as a long shot or full shot, is a camera shot that captures a broad view of the scene or subject being filmed. It is typically used to establish the location or setting of the scene, as well as to provide context for the action that takes place within the…

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