Audiio Originals: Original Music for Filmmakers

Audiio, the renowned global music licensing company, has announced an exciting new venture called Audiio Originals. This groundbreaking collaboration between Audiio and leading music producers is aimed at consistently releasing trend-setting, relevant songs into Audiio's extensive catalog. In this article we'll be taking a look at what Audiio Originals and what it represents!

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    Audiio Originals

    About Audiio

    Audiio has firmly established itself as a world leader in music licensing, revolutionizing the creative industry by providing content to over 1.5 million projects created by top filmmakers, brands, creators, and agencies in more than 180 countries. Through direct collaborations with music publishers, major labels, and independent artists, Audiio ensures a constant influx of sync-worthy talent, with fresh music being added daily.

    Determined to empower creators with unlimited access to the finest musical content, Audiio's mission is rooted in democratizing music licensing. Users can download unlimited content at a single, affordable price, allowing them to synchronize captivating songs into countless films, videos, and media projects.

    From NFL Super Bowl advertisements to projects supporting non-profit organizations, Audiio has proven its versatility and commitment to offering unmatched musical diversity. The platform's extensive catalog appeals to creators across industries, from blockbuster filmmakers to independent content creators.

    Introducing Audiio Originals

    As the digital landscape continues to evolve, the demand for high-quality, captivating content has never been greater. Filmmakers and content creators are constantly seeking ways to enhance their projects with music that resonates deeply with their audiences, reinforcing emotions, and augmenting the storytelling experience. Audiio Originals has emerged as the answer to this industry-wide call for premium, original soundtracks.

    With a scheduled debut on July 31, 2023, Audiio Originals promises to redefine the possibilities of music licensing. Offering a treasure trove of over 20 songs spanning various genres, including hip-hop and modern cinematic compositions, this curated collection is a testament to Audiio's unwavering commitment to empowering creators with diverse, trend-setting music.

    What sets Audiio Originals apart is its collaboration with a talented array of music industry veterans. The roster includes revered names like Max Corwin, Joshua Silverberg, Faded Light, J Scott Rakozy, Outland, Laim Back, Yellen, Que Parks, and more. These artists boast a track record of having their music featured by globally recognized brands, from Nike and Range Rover to Starbucks and MTV. By joining forces with such esteemed talent, Audiio Originals establishes itself as a hub for exceptional music curation.

    The benefits of Audiio Originals extend far beyond the scope of traditional music licensing. For filmmakers and content creators, these exclusive compositions unlock a realm of possibilities. Each track is thoughtfully crafted based on current music trends, ensuring its relevance and appeal across various industries. From powerful commercial anthems designed to leave a lasting impact on advertisements, to immersive compositions ideal for dramatic entertainment content, Audiio Originals caters to a diverse array of creative visions.

    Moreover, Audiio Originals represents a seamless fusion of art and technology. By combining the artistic expertise of sync artists with cutting-edge music curation, Audiio delivers a library of original soundtracks that are perfectly tailored to fit the ever-changing landscape of filmmaking. This collaboration acts as a conduit, bridging the gap between musical brilliance and the creators' visionary storytelling.

    Beyond its intrinsic creative value, Audiio Originals also reflects Audiio's unwavering commitment to democratizing music licensing. For a single, accessible price, users gain unlimited access to download content for synchronization in an unlimited number of films, videos, or media projects. This empowers creators of all scales to elevate their work with premium, original music without breaking the bank.


    Audiio continues to pioneer groundbreaking initiatives, forging new paths in the creative industry. With Audiio Originals, the company reaffirms its dedication to empowering creators worldwide with the finest musical content, enabling them to craft unforgettable audiovisual experiences. By unleashing exclusive music productions tailored to filmmakers' needs, Audiio Originals ushers in a new era of innovation and collaboration within the creative sphere. Discover the future of music licensing at, and elevate your filmmaking journey with Audiio Originals today.

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