Trezor Model T Review: Is It Worth It?

The Trezor Model T is the higher end hardware wallet by Trezor that is designed to keep your bitcoin and cryptocurrency in an offline environment through an intuitive, convenient, and easy-to-use interface.

Are you wondering whether the Trezor Model T is worth it? Keep reading as we will answer this question and more in our Trezor Model T Review!

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Disclaimer: We want to emphasize that this is not financial advice. Cryptocurrencies operate in a volatile market, where values can drastically fluctuate in a blink of an eye. It is imperative to conduct thorough research and seek guidance from a qualified financial advisor before investing.

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    Trezor Model T Review

    Background and History

    Trezor, a subsidiary of Satoshi Labs, is a prominent manufacturer of hardware wallets designed to provide secure storage for users' private keys. Founded by Pavol Rusnak and Marek Palatinus, Trezor made its debut in 2012 with the production of the first Trezor prototype. The subsequent establishment of Satoshi Labs in 2013 marked the beginning of their journey in the cryptocurrency hardware wallet industry. To fund their innovative products, they initiated a successful fundraising campaign.

    Trezor currently offers two main products: the Trezor One and the Model T. The Trezor One, introduced in 2014 as the first-generation device, features a screen and two physical buttons for navigation and confirmation. On the other hand, the Model T, a second-generation product released in 2016, boasts an intuitive touchscreen interface. Despite their differences in appearance, both devices provide solid functionality and security features.

    Trezor supports an extensive list of cryptocurrencies, allowing users to securely store and manage a diverse portfolio of digital assets.

    To simplify asset management and provide users with a comprehensive crypto ecosystem, Trezor offers the Trezor Suite app. By connecting their Trezor wallet to this application, users gain access to a secure platform where they can easily monitor and control their digital assets.

    Tech Specifications and What's in the Box

    The Trezor Model T is a hardware wallet that combines compact size and lightweight design with powerful features to ensure the secure storage and management of cryptocurrencies. Measuring 64x39x10 mm (2.52x1.54x0.39 in) and weighing just 22 g (0.77 oz), this device is highly portable and convenient for users on the go.

    Inside the package, along with the Trezor Model T, you will find a magnetic dock that allows you to display and securely hold your device. Additionally, two recovery seed cards are included, serving as vital backups for your private keys. These cards ensure that you can restore access to your wallet in case of any loss or damage.

    To connect the Trezor Model T to your computer, a USB-A to USB-C cable is provided in the box. This cable enables seamless connectivity and interaction with your device.

    The Trezor Model T features a 1.54'' color LCD touchscreen with a resolution of 240x240 pixels. This intuitive interface allows for easy navigation and interaction with the Model T, enhancing the user experience.

    In terms of performance, the Trezor Model T is equipped with a 168 MHz embedded ARM processor (Cortex-M4) running Trezor Core. This powerful CPU ensures efficient and secure operations for your cryptocurrency transactions and storage.

    With regards to safety and certifications, both Trezor devices, including the Model T, are CE and RoHS certified. These certifications demonstrate compliance with rigorous quality, reliability, and environmental standards. Additionally, Trezor wallets are not affected by X-ray machines, making them safe to carry during air travel.

    The Trezor Model T operates within a wide temperature range, from -20°C to +60°C (-4°F to +140°F), allowing for reliable usage in various environments and climates.

    For more details, take a look at our unboxing video below.

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    Privacy and Security

    The Trezor Model T boasts a range of robust security features, ensuring the utmost protection for your cryptocurrencies and providing you with peace of mind.

    To begin with, Trezor hardware wallets offer protection against unauthorized access through a user-defined PIN.

    For even stronger access security, users can employ a passphrase. This passphrase consists of a personally chosen combination of letters, numbers, symbols, and spaces.

    Trezor takes security seriously during all operations, including buying, selling, and trading coins. Their unique physical security flow ensures that every operation is deliberate and legitimate. With the Trezor Model T, each transaction and interaction, such as passphrase insertion, can be physically confirmed directly on the hardware wallet itself.

    For advanced protection, the Trezor Model T offers Shamir Backup. Shamir Backup revolutionizes the creation, usage, storage, and protection of your recovery seed backup. With this feature, you can securely distribute parts of your recovery seed among trusted individuals or store them in separate physical locations, enhancing the overall security of your assets.

    The function and design of the Trezor Model T are specifically crafted to ensure the safety of your assets. The device's touchscreen provides a seamless user experience, with exceptional responsiveness while managing your crypto assets. Crucially, Trezor's design guarantees that your private keys never leave the device, keeping them isolated from online vulnerabilities.

    Design and Usability

    The Trezor Model T is designed with both functionality and user experience in mind, offering a sleek and secure design while also ensuring the safety of your assets.

    One notable feature of the Model T is its 1.54'' color LCD touchscreen. This responsive touchscreen provides a seamless user experience, allowing for easy navigation and management of your crypto assets. The vibrant color display enhances visibility and readability, making it convenient to interact with the device and access various functions.

    Measuring 64x39x10 mm (2.52x1.54x0.39 in) and weighing just 22 g (0.77 oz), the Trezor Model T is compact and lightweight. This design ensures portability, allowing users to conveniently carry their hardware wallet wherever they go. The device's small form factor does not compromise its functionality or security, making it an ideal choice for users seeking a balance between usability and practicality.

    Trezor's unique physical security flow guarantees that all operations conducted with the Model T are deliberate and legitimate. Each transaction is independently verified and physically confirmed directly on the hardware wallet itself.

    To complement the Trezor Model T, Trezor Suite is designed to cater to users of all levels of expertise. This comprehensive software enables users to securely send, receive, and manage their coins with confidence. from the app, further streamlining the user experience.

    Supported Coins

    The Trezor Model T currently provides support for an impressive selection of 1456 coins and tokens, giving users the ability to securely store and manage a diverse range of digital assets. This extensive list includes popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum, along with comprehensive support for all ERC-20 tokens. The Trezor Model T also offers the flexibility of creating unlimited hidden wallets, allowing users to organize and protect their various crypto holdings. With such broad coin and token compatibility, the Trezor Model T ensures that users have the freedom and convenience to manage their cryptocurrency portfolio with ease and security.

    It's important to keep in mind that it is the team's aim to keep expanding the number of supported coins and tokens regularly. Therefore, if you'd like to check out the updated list of supported assets on both devices and decide which one is right for your portfolio, follow the link below.

    Trezor Model T Pros & Cons

    Trezor Model T: Pros

    • Well-established company
    • Very user-friendly
    • Strong security features such as the passphrase
    • Technology is entirely open-source and auditable

    Trezor Model T: Cons

    • It doesn't have a secure element chip
    • Trezor devices are known to be hackable
    • Coinjoin support may be troublesome for some

    Trezor Model T Review: Verdict

    Trezor is one of the most well-established brands in the world of crypto, having been the very first company to introduce hardware wallets back in 2012. All Trezor devices are extremely transparent with entirely open-source, auditable technology.

    After our Trezor Model T review, we found this to be a great device, it is extremely user-friendly, effortless to set up and use, with the option to never insert any important data into your computer such as the seed phrase, the pin, or the passphrase, and with a very clean and intuitive desktop app.

    At the time of writing, the Trezor Model T supports more than 1400 coins and tokens, this may seem like a lot, but when compared to some alternatives in the market, it actually isn't, nonetheless, the number will naturally increase in the future.

    The built quality of the Trezor Model T isn't great, the device is made of plastic, it isn't air-gapped, and it has been known to be easily hackable, that's why it is imperative to always use a secret, long, and complex passphrase - a simple step that makes it almost impossible for someone to hack the device.

    Following the Ledger debacle with the introduction of the Ledger Recovery service, the Trezor Model T is probably the best option for those looking for the best balance between security, convenience, and ease of use, and we just hope that third-party services such as Coinjoin never become a security problem such as Ledger Recovery has.

    If you'd like to get the Trezor Model T, follow the link below!

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