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    About Travala

    At first glance, appears as a straightforward online travel agency (OTA), facilitating travel bookings. However, delving beneath the surface reveals a unique infrastructure that sets it apart in the travel industry, benefiting both travelers and travel suppliers alike.'s distinct feature is its flexibility in payment options. Travelers have the convenience of choosing from a range of over 30 popular cryptocurrencies, in addition to conventional payment methods, for their bookings. This approach not only aligns with the evolving landscape of digital transactions but also demonstrates Travala's commitment to innovation.

    The integration of Travala's native cryptocurrency adds an extra layer of value for users. By utilizing this cryptocurrency, travelers can unlock enhanced discounts, rewards, and a stake in the platform's success. This multi-faceted approach not only fosters customer loyalty but transforms users into advocates, paving the way for to thrive in the burgeoning OTA sector. It's worth noting that this sector is projected to experience impressive growth, with an anticipated Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of over 10%, generating a revenue exceeding $1 trillion by 2023.

    Since its inception in 2017, Travala has cultivated significant partnerships with major players in the industry such as, Agoda, and Expedia. These partnerships, combined with continuous platform development, have allowed to offer an exceptional booking experience that meets the highest standards. The platform's mobile apps are live, and they've expanded their services to include flights and a "Homes" vertical, showcasing their dedication to comprehensive travel solutions.

    The results of their efforts are striking, especially considering the global downturn in travel bookings. Despite this challenging context, has achieved remarkable quarter-over-quarter growth in room night bookings, exceeding an impressive 200% increase. This significant growth—bookings reaching 5,800 room nights in Q3 compared to 1,900 in Q2—underscores the appeal of's unmatched pricing and rewards for its users.

    Ultimately,'s unique approach to combining diverse payment methods, a native cryptocurrency, strategic partnerships, and a customer-centric platform experience sets it on a trajectory of sustained growth within the competitive travel industry.

    About AVA (Travala Coin / Travala Token)

    AVA, the native cryptocurrency of, holds a central role in shaping the platform's current and future offerings. Operating on the BEP-2 token standard, AVA forms the core of's ecosystem, presenting users with compelling incentives and heightened engagement opportunities.

    The strategic incorporation of AVA aligns with's mission to create an environment where utilizing the platform is not only convenient but also inherently rewarding. By integrating AVA into various aspects of the user experience, amplifies its appeal, propelling users towards increased adoption.

    The growth of's user base directly corresponds to the expanding usage of AVA. As more individuals discover the advantages of the platform, the utility of AVA is amplified, offering users access to valuable rewards and benefits. This symbiotic relationship between platform adoption and AVA utilization contributes to a dynamic and self-sustaining internal token economy.

    As demand for the platform grows, so does the demand for AVA. The more users actively engage with, the higher the demand for AVA becomes, creating a positive feedback loop. This demand-driven mechanism positions AVA as an integral part of the ecosystem, contributing to the platform's vibrancy and sustained growth.

    Furthermore, AVA's role as an incentivizing force strengthens the engagement of all stakeholders within the community. From travelers and customers to partners and investors, each participant stands to benefit from the increasing popularity and adoption of AVA.

    In essence, AVA serves as the catalyst that bridges user engagement, platform adoption, and token value appreciation. By seamlessly integrating AVA into every facet of the experience, the platform creates an ecosystem where every interaction contributes to the growth of both user satisfaction and the internal token economy.

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