Review: Is It Worth It? is a relatively new web hosting provider that may not have crossed your radar yet. However, upon conducting our in-depth review, we arrived at a compelling conclusion: this is no ordinary hosting service, on the contrary, it is one of the best we have ever tested, so much so that It was with great conviction that we made the switch from Kinsta to as our trusted web hosting provider. Discounts

6 Months (Biannual)* - 1 month free
12 Months (Annual) - 2 months free
24 Months (Biennial)* - 6 months free
36 Months (Triennial)* - 12 months free

*managed plans only 

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    Background and History

    Founded in 2020, embarked on a mission to revolutionize the world of WordPress hosting. With a strong focus on accelerating, protecting, and delivering WordPress to global audiences, aimed to provide an exceptional hosting experience, allowing customers to concentrate on their content and success.

    Setting itself apart from the competition, introduced the world's first fully integrated Managed WordPress hosting platform with Edge capabilities.

    Security lies at the core of's operations, adopting a security-first mentality to ensure maximum protection for its valued customers. Every action and innovation is undertaken with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a safe and secure hosting environment.

    With a relentless dedication to customer-centricity, constantly puts itself in the shoes of its customers. By empathizing with their needs and expectations, the company strives to provide the best possible service and support in the industry, ensuring customer satisfaction remains a top priority.

    Fueling's success is an industry-leading team composed of talented individuals with over 20+ years of direct hosting and SaaS experience.

    Usability and Interface offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface designed to enhance productivity, reduce friction, and ensure success in managing WordPress websites. With their easy-to-use WordPress Control Panel, users can effortlessly handle various aspects of website development, launching, staging, and performance optimization.

    Getting started with is a breeze, as creating a website takes just a single click. Users can sit back and relax while takes care of all the necessary setup and configurations.

    If you're hosting your website on a different company, you'll be pleased to know that seamless and worry-free migrations are a hallmark of Switching to is a smooth experience, with the entire migration process handled seamlessly by the platform.

    For a comprehensive understanding of website performance, provides an in-depth analytics reporting dashboard. This powerful tool allows users to delve into sophisticated analytics, offering a complete overview of their websites' performance metrics.

    With pre-configured speed and security settings, users can bid farewell to the hassle of optimizing website speed. takes care of all the necessary optimizations, ensuring websites are fast and secure.

    Collaboration becomes effortless with, as users can easily collaborate with others without wasting time on login sharing or syncing changes. This streamlined approach allows users to focus on their business and growth instead of administrative tasks. takes care of plugin and theme updates through a fully automated process. Users can rest assured that their website's plugins and themes are always up to date, eliminating concerns about vulnerabilities and ensuring optimal security.

    Users can expect incredible speed and performance boosts without experiencing any downtime or service interruptions.

    Overall,'s focus on usability ensures that users can manage their WordPress websites efficiently and effectively, benefiting from a range of features that simplify website management and optimization.

    Speed and Performance pays extreme attention to speed and performance, leveraging over 20+ years of experience in the hosting industry to deliver the best-in-class technology to its customers. By employing sophisticated, enterprise-level tools, ensures that websites hosted on their platform consistently operate at peak performance.

    Recognizing the significance of website speed, emphasizes the importance of delivering content as quickly as possible. By hosting websites on, users gain numerous advantages, including improved website metrics, increased traffic, enhanced SEO performance, and ultimately, higher sales conversions. simplifies the process of optimizing website speed. From the moment users create or move their websites, takes care of full-page caching, cookie cache bypassing, and numerous other refinements to ensure optimal performance.'s partnership with Cloudflare enhances website performance by routing all traffic through their Enterprise CDN. With no configuration required, users can simply point their DNS to and immediately benefit from the robust capabilities of Cloudflare's edge network.

    With Enterprise CDN, guarantees an exceptional browsing experience for website visitors worldwide. Users benefit from lightning-fast page load times without the need for any additional configuration or hidden costs.'s Enterprise Edge optimizes website performance through various means, such as file compression via Brotli, image optimization, smart routing, tiered caching, zero-configuration setup, and early hints. These off-server optimizations boost performance without placing any burden on the origin server.

    Hosting WordPress sites on eliminates the need for many premium WordPress plugins, as security, image optimization, content delivery network (CDN), and JavaScript (JS) content loaders are already integrated into the platform at no extra cost. This streamlined approach reduces plugin clutter and simplifies website management. boasts a global hosting footprint that surpasses that of most hosting companies. With strategically located data centers and over 275+ edge locations worldwide, ensures that website visitors are always close to the servers, resulting in faster loading times, lower latency, and enhanced overall performance. By using the Edge of the Cloud, brings WordPress content as close as physically possible to end-users, reducing network latency and optimizing performance.'s optimized edge servers are specifically designed to provide guaranteed resources, edge caching, and an optimized stack to maximize performance across all types of workloads. Whether it's a simple blog or a WooCommerce site with thousands of products,'s servers are equipped to handle the demands effectively.

    Safety and Security takes safety and security extremely seriously, offering an enterprise-level, pre-configured WordPress security suite that provides complete confidence in the protection of users' websites. With full-stack WordPress security, ensures that websites are secure and continuously online.'s secure WordPress hosting incorporates a sophisticated Website Application Firewall (WAF) on their Enterprise Edge. This powerful firewall scans every request made to a WordPress site, ensuring its safety before it reaches the servers. All protection settings are pre-configured and fully optimized, alleviating concerns about website security.

    The platform's adherence to security standards is evident through its 100% PCI compliance, meeting all necessary security requirements for processing payments online.'s robust security systems effectively protect websites from both common and uncommon security threats, providing peace of mind to users.

    The platform proudly displays its impressive security statistics, showcasing the effectiveness of its security measures. With millions of attacks blocked, login attempts prevented, spammers blocked, and bots challenged,'s enterprise-level security systems successfully eliminate threats, keeping users safe and worry-free.

    Powered by Imunify360,'s secure WordPress hosting incorporates real-time malware scanning and patching, ensuring websites are protected from malware threats. The platform's proactive defense intercepts all activity in real-time, analyzing PHP scripts' behavior and preventing the execution of known or unknown malicious codes, all without impacting website performance. prioritizes automated updates to ensure WordPress installations remain up to date. The platform automatically updates the WordPress core, plugins, and themes, eliminating concerns about missing critical updates. By keeping the WordPress ecosystem updated, contributes to maintaining website security and smooth operation. offers a WordPress activity log plugin, allowing users to keep track of changes and troubleshoot WordPress easily. With activity logging enabled, users have a complete record of every action within their site, including user activity, plugin and theme changes, WordPress core updates, and WooCommerce activity.

    Users can conveniently access their logs directly within the control panel, ensuring logs are stored securely and keeping the WordPress database clean and lightweight.

    Customer Support

    We have tried and tested many companies' customer support, and we can confidently say that none is as efficient, fast, and professional as's team. takes pride in its industry-leading customer support, putting customers first and ensuring a fantastic experience from product planning to every interaction.

    Customers can expect instant responses via live chat, allowing them to quickly connect with knowledgeable support representatives. For those who prefer email or phone communication, accommodates those preferences as well, ensuring a seamless and convenient support experience.

    What sets's customer support apart is the dedication of the entire team, including the CEO. Customers may even find the CEO jumping in to assist with support requests, demonstrating the company's commitment to providing exceptional support at every level. sets high standards for customer support and showcases its commitment through transparent statistics. With an average chat response time of just 47 seconds and an average ticket response time of 6 minutes, customers can rely on prompt assistance. Migration times are typically completed within 45 minutes, ensuring a smooth transition without any downtime or service interruptions. The high satisfaction rate of 98.3% further attests to the quality and effectiveness of's customer support.

    The aim is to surpass customers' expectations and avoid the common frustrations experienced with other hosting companies. treats every customer like their only customer, offering a personalized and attentive support experience.

    Hosting Solutions offers a range of powerful hosting plans designed to cater to specific needs and requirements.

    For agencies, provides Agency Hosting, empowering agencies to focus on client growth while handles the performance and security aspects of WordPress hosting. With an easy-to-use control panel, unlimited users, free staging environments, backup management, PHP version manager, and SSH access, agencies have all the tools they need to maximize their success and efficiently manage client websites.

    Bloggers can benefit from Blog Hosting, which delivers the ultimate digital experience for readers. Powered by the Enterprise Edge CDN, ensures instant content delivery to global audiences, resulting in improved SEO rankings and increased ad revenue. With advanced performance and security tools, bloggers gain a competitive advantage and can focus on producing engaging content while leaving website management worries behind.

    For enterprises with high-traffic websites, offers Enterprise Hosting. This solution caters to large volume sites that require special attention.'s Enterprise hosting platform powers some of the world's most visited websites, including WooCommerce stores, government websites, and media/adtech sites. With a focus on speed and security, provides the fastest and most secure infrastructure to support businesses' online presence. also offers Reseller Hosting, allowing users to become WordPress hosting resellers effortlessly. With's user-friendly reseller hosting solution, individuals and businesses can generate healthy profit margins while maintaining their own branding. The platform offers a complete WordPress reseller hosting package, including features like native WooCommerce integration for an enhanced customer experience.

    For those running WooCommerce stores, offers fast and secure WooCommerce Hosting. By hosting their online stores with, users can increase conversions, improve SEO rankings, and provide shoppers with an exceptional shopping experience.'s managed WooCommerce hosting solution includes automated updates, blazing-fast delivery through the Enterprise CDN, and a comprehensive set of features designed to optimize the performance and profitability of WooCommerce stores.

    Plans and Pricing offers a range of plans and pricing options to cater to various hosting needs.

    For Managed Hosting, provides plans starting from the Starter plan at $30/month, the Pro plan at $60/month, the Business plan at $100/month, and the Expert plan at $200/month. These plans offer different levels of WordPress installs, visitors, storage, bandwidth, PHP workers, uptime guarantee, and other features.

    For Agency Hosting, there are several tiers available, including Tier 1 at $100/month, Tier 2 at $200/month, Tier 3 at $300/month, Tier 4 at $400/month, Tier 5 at $600/month, Tier 6 at $900/month, and Tier 7 at $1100/month. These plans offer varying numbers of WordPress installs, unmetered visitors, storage, bandwidth, PHP workers, uptime guarantee, and other features.

    For Enterprise Hosting, offers Enterprise 1 at $649/month, Enterprise 2 at $1299/month, Enterprise 3 at $1949/month, and Enterprise 4 at $2599/month. These plans provide different levels of CPU cores, RAM, NVMe storage, requests, PHP workers, uptime guarantee, and other features, ensuring ultimate performance and maximum conversions. takes pride in its pricing policy, which includes a 30-day money-back guarantee and $1 special intro pricing for all plans. There are no hidden upsells, and the company does not engage in price hikes on renewals. Additionally, offers unlimited free migrations, allowing customers to test their sites before making the move. Pros & Cons Pros

    • Passionate CEO and team
    • All-in-one solution
    • Incredible speeds
    • High-end security features
    • Outstanding customer support
    • Apolitical company
    • Many hosting solutions Cons

    • It may be a bit expensive for those just starting out
    • No e-mail hosting Review: Verdict

    After thoroughly testing under different scenarios, we were so impressed that we've decided to switch our web hosting provider from Kinsta to

    That alone should be enough to attest to how good really is.

    From lighting fast speed, to hard-rock security features, to stellar customer support, and an incredibly dedicated team and CEO, from whom we even got occasional help when getting in touch while anonymously testing!

    It is also extremely refreshing to see a company who doesn't bow down to political pressure and trending nonsense. Unlike most companies today who have an extreme lack of a backbone, remains apolitical and focuses and what really matters - providing the best possible web hosting solution in the market.

    If you'd like to sign up for, make sure to use one of the available coupons to either get 1-free month for just $1, to a 50% discount for 3 months, or up to 1 year of free hosting (when subscribing for a 3-year plan).


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