How Crucial is Responsive Website Design?

Responsive website design is essentially a web page design that ensures your site is displayed correctly across all devices. You no longer need to create different versions of a page for different devices. This means whether you’re using a laptop, computer, or mobile, your website would automatically adjust to the browser's window and look equally well on all screens. However, you must be using a reputable internet service such as Charter Spectrum and others to ensure the loading is smooth and quick.

There are many benefits of responsive website design for designers, developers as well as users. Let’s have a look at some of them

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    Responsive Website Design

    #1 Fluid Grids

    Fluid grids in responsive website design are grid systems that scale according to the proportions of the user’s screen. So, designers no longer have to set the layout of a page in fixed widths that always look the same. Fluid grids give them a free hand to align elements and present them in a visually appealing way; the grid proportioning automatically resizes the elements in relation to one another.

    #2 Faster Website Development

    Earlier, adaptive website design was the common practice for website development. It required the developer to make a separate version of the page for mobile. But today that is not the case. Thanks to responsive website design, the designers and developers can stick to one design without worrying about its dimensions and visuals on the small screen.

    #3 Easy Maintenance

    Running a website is not a one-time job; its maintenance also requires time and effort. With responsive website design, the developers no longer have to make two versions of one web page, which means lesser time and resources are required to maintain and run the website. When maintenance tasks are eased down, the staff has more time to focus on areas such as marketing, customer service, etc.

    #4 Cost-effective

    Contrary to the rumors that responsive website design is an expensive investment, you’ll actually observe that it is cheaper in the long run. While the initial cost of a responsive design may be a little on the higher side, the reduced overheads that come with fewer staff and marketing needs make it a suitable and economical choice.

    #5 Lower Bounce Rate

    When your website is not responsive, it affects the appearance of the content as well as the speed of your web page. This can put off the user and they may choose to bounce off the page to visit a competitor's website, which is the last thing you’d want. Responsive website design ensures the user has a satisfying experience which results in a significantly lower bounce rate.

    #6 Improved Search Engine Rankings

    Today responsive web design is as important to search engine optimization as good-quality content. This is because a decrease in bounce rates translates into high search rankings. Besides, when you develop separate versions for desktop and mobile, there is a chance of content being duplicated which can impact your ranking on search engines negatively.

    #7 Improved User Experience

    Your website should be responsive enough to provide the user with a consistently positive experience. If it requires them to do a lot of zooming and pinching their screens, they might get agitated and try another website instead. Besides, a good online browsing experience, responsive website design benefits the users by allowing them to continue viewing content on a page without an internet connection.

    #8 Stronger Link Building

    Link building only works when the user who clicks on it can make it to your website smoothly. So, if your website is not responsive, its loading time will be much more which would annoy the user. Hence, responsive websites are essential for building stronger links.

    #9 Higher Conversion Rates

    Having a responsive website design would help build consumer trust and they would repeatedly visit your page for their searches. It also means they would prefer making purchases from your reliable site rather than a device-specific site which may take a lot of time and often crash. This convenience that a responsive design gives the consumer leads to increased conversions.

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