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In a world where trends change at the speed of light, both aspiring and seasoned video creators are expected to produce videos no less quickly. Customers are becoming more demanding as they try to keep up with trends and rise above their competition. At the same time, they still expect to see the highest quality video production.

To meet your client's needs and save more time for other creative tasks, consider using video background removal tools, like the one offered by Depositphotos. It's fully automated, AI-powered, and free to explore. Moreover, it preserves the quality and leaves no watermarks. Curious to learn more about it? Keep on reading. You'll also find a promo code below that will help expand your video creation capabilities while using the Depositphotos tool.

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    Remove Video Background

    What is Depositphotos?

    Depositphotos is an international stock content platform that helps creators quickly find and download high-quality images, vectors, illustrations, videos, and audio tracks to augment their projects, marketing campaigns, and creative concepts. The Depositphotos library contains over 234 million files, which are available under a royalty-free license and can be used for commercial and personal purposes.

    To make life easier for creatives and help them spend less time on manual tasks, the Depositphotos team decided to create a set of tools that will streamline the creative process. Thus, you can find automatic image background removal, AI-based image upscaler, and reverse image search tools, as well as the Depositphotos blog, where you can find tips and insights for your projects. Recently, Depositphotos also released an automatic video background remover that makes working with videos much easier. Some of its benefits are listed below.

    5 Reasons to Use Depositphotos Video Background Remover

    1. Quickly get rid of unnecessary objects in the background
    2. Optimize your videos for further editing
    3. Easily swap backgrounds for commercial projects, marketing campaigns, and creative concepts
    4. Streamline your creative process by spending less time on mundane tasks
    5. Save money on costly video editing software
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    a Closer Look at How Video Background Remover Works

    the Tool is AI-Powered and 100% Automated

    The AI behind the Depositphotos background removal tool significantly simplifies a creator's process. A couple of clicks is all it takes. The technology is based on neural networks, which recognize and isolate objects instantly, leaving you with a crystal-clean backdrop ready for further editing.

    It’s a Time and Budget Saver

    With the new Depositphotos tool, you can skip hours of manual editing and devote more time to creative tasks. You can simply upload a video, wait a few seconds, and download it in MP4 format with a transparent background.

    The free version of Depositphotos Background Remover allows you to upload an unlimited number of medium-sized processed files and quickly create background-free videos. For high-resolution image and video processing, purchase a background removal plan. Note that both versions provide high-quality results.

    It Can Be Used for Multiple Purposes

    Whether you need to remove backgrounds for personal, creative, or commercial needs, the new Depositphotos tool can help. You can delete green backdrops or more complicated ones from videos you find in the Depositphotos video library, or from any other footage.

    Depositphotos background remover works well with clearly defined foreground objects, including people, objects, animals, and abstract graphics. It can process AVI, MOV, MP4, MPG, and MPEG files of up to 60 seconds in length and 2 GB in size. Afterward, you can download the final file in MP4 format. All processed files are automatically deleted after seven days.

    3 Easy Steps to Create a Transparent Video

    Step 1. Upload Your Video File

    Drag and drop or upload a video file from your device to the Video Background Remover page.

    Step 2. Wait a Few Seconds

    Let AI algorithms recognize foreground and background objects and process your file automatically.

    Step 3. Download the Background-Free Video

    Download your backgroundless video right away or within the next seven days. After that, all processed files will be deleted automatically.

    Try Depositphotos Video Background Remover Today

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