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    Ground News Referral Code

    About Ground News

    Ground News is a comprehensive platform that enables users to access news from a vast network of over 50,000 sources. With its powerful features, individuals can effortlessly compare headlines from various perspectives and gain insight into the biases present in news coverage. By offering a clear overview of bias distribution, Ground News allows users to understand the overall bias in the reporting of stories right from the start.

    One of Ground News' key features is its ability to present news stories from Left, Center, and Right publications, enabling quick and easy comparisons of how different outlets report on the same issue. This feature eliminates the need to sift through numerous sources to gain a well-rounded understanding of a particular topic. It provides users with a valuable tool to broaden their perspectives and consider diverse viewpoints.

    Ground News also provides information about the ownership of news sources reporting on a story. This breakdown of ownership data, however, is only available on the desktop version of the platform. By knowing the ownership affiliations of news outlets, users can better assess the potential biases and motivations behind certain reporting.

    To evaluate the factuality of news publications, Ground News employs a scoring system that takes into account the reporting practices of each outlet. This score is derived from a combination of ratings provided by third-party news monitoring organizations, such as All Sides, Ad Fontes Media, and Media Bias Fact Check. This feature helps users gauge the credibility and reliability of different news sources.

    Ground News recognizes the importance of global coverage and the impact it has on news reporting. The platform allows users to observe how coverage varies depending on the geographical origin of an article. This aspect enables individuals to gain a more comprehensive understanding of how news stories are presented across different regions of the world.

    For users seeking a personalized experience, Ground News offers a dashboard equipped with useful tools to track their reading habits. This feature, accessible by signing into an account on the desktop version, allows individuals to assess the factual accuracy of their chosen sources, identify ownership details, and become aware of their personal blind spots.

    Ground News was established to address the challenges posed by biased news reporting and the dominance of algorithm-driven news consumption. In an era where media outlets often narrow their perspectives and limit their coverage, Ground News aims to provide clarity and promote cooperative, civil debate. The platform strives to make media accountable and foster critical thinking as the foundation of information consumption.

    The Ground News team consists of 18 individuals based in Waterloo, Canada. Comprising media industry outsiders, they are committed to empowering readers and promoting a well-informed global community. Ground News is not supported by media companies, big tech firms, government affiliations, or institutional investors. Instead, the platform is sustained by its subscribers and a small group of individual investors who share a personal concern for the issue at hand.

    Since its inception in 2018, Ground News has garnered recognition and accolades. It has been featured in Apple's "New and Notable" showcase and reached the top spot on Product Hunt. Ground News has also been recommended by Tristan Harris, a prominent figure from the Center for Humane Technology and star of the documentary "The Social Dilemma." Furthermore, the platform received recognition from Apple CEO Tim Cook during a developer roundtable, highlighting its importance in addressing media bias and fostering critical thinking skills.

    Ground News continues to serve as an innovative tool for media literacy, attracting educators across various academic levels. By offering real-time coverage of current events and highlighting media bias examples, Ground News enables educators to demonstrate the significance of lateral reading in evaluating the credibility of news sources. It also helps students make connections between course material and real-world events, fostering a deeper understanding of media dynamics.

    With its commitment to providing a comprehensive view of news stories, Ground News stands as a valuable resource in navigating the complex and evolving media landscape.

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