Finding the Right Google Optimize Alternative

With the news of Google sunsetting Google Optimize (GO) in September 2023, users of GO and GO 360 are exploring better alternatives. Brands, agencies, and organizations in the mid-market, enterprise, and small business segments are looking at optimization options.

There’s a lot of confusion in the market right now and brands want to make an informed decision about the next best alternative for Google Optimize. So, we thought of giving our perspective on what could be a good go-to-experimentation and CRO platform for existing GO users to help them migrate to a better and more advanced solution with ease.

Although Google recommends a few other alternatives, we found that VWO is preferred by most brands for the maturity of the platform. Given below are some of the reasons for this choice in detail.

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    Google Optimize Alternative

    #1 In A/B Testing

    Since its inception in 2009, VWO has been continuously enhancing its testing capabilities to support its clients in utilizing experimentation for business growth. G2 has named VWO the #1 A/B testing tool, based on positive reactions and feedback from its raving fan/user base. Whether you want to run tests on a combination of ideas with multivariate testing, a full-fledged website redesign with split testing, or the more streamlined A/B testing - you can do all of this with VWO.

    VWO offers an advanced reporting feature, SmartStats, which enables you to track the impact of your campaigns across the funnel. This powerful reporting tool calculates the winning probability of your variation and delivers precise results. Additionally, you can slice and dice the reports to analyze how specific segments are responding to your campaign.

    Advanced Visual Editor

    VWO Visual Editor is one of a kind that empowers you to run tests without involving your IT team. Resize or move any elements you like, replace the current image with a new one, import videos, or generate new AI copies - anything on your webpage can be edited without changing a single line of code. Additionally, the editor allows you to preview the changes across different screen sizes, device types, and browsers, ensuring that you are satisfied with the look and feel of your campaign before launching it. Should you need, you can also switch it to code editor and make changes with minimal involvement of the IT team. With the VWO Visual Editor, you have complete control over the design and functionality of your webpage, thereby making data-driven decisions to optimize your website's performance.

    Seamless Integrations

    VWO integrates with the rest of your Google tech stack without any hassle. You can view VWO data for each variation of your webpages in Google Analytics (GA), and filter the data based on the metrics defined in GA. This allows you to analyze the performance of each variation and track its impact on your business goals using GA's powerful analytics capabilities.

    In addition, you can run tests for traffic from ads to see what works and what doesn't for visitor segments from AdWord.That apart, VWO integrates with over 40 third-party platforms starting from web analytical tools to content management systems. Not only can you export VWO data to any of your external tools, but you can also use data from these tools to target campaigns. To know the list of platforms VWO integrates with, check this out.

    Unlimited Testing

    Thanks to its top-of-the-line features, VWO comes recommended by Google for all Google Optimize and Optimize 360 users looking for alternatives now. When you opt for VWO Testing Starter Plan (it’s free!), you can run an unlimited number of tests in contrast to 100 odd tests in Google Optimize. Plus, there is no embargo on the testing duration in VWO.

    When you move to VWO, you can transfer all your GO data - Experience types, audience targeting, objectives, variants, users, and lots more - using a Chrome plug-in! Further, VWO's advanced editor and real-time reporting let you ship ideas and analyze test results so you can be agile in implementing the best experience for your visitors without wasting any time on guesswork or directionless effort.

    Dedicated Customer Support

    VWO's customer support is unparalleled with a whopping 99% CSAT score, while the industry average stands at 94%. The first response you can expect from VWO after reaching out to them is within 40 minutes, while the industry-wide time is 2.4 hours. VWO's 70% first-call resolution rate outperforms the industry average of 40% by a wide margin. Their customer support comprises experts who have hands-on experience with the product and as such can help troubleshoot all types of glitches no matter how big or small. Need help with migrating to VWO from GO? Count on VWO experts for that too.

    Easy Scaling

    The Testing Starter Plan is just a stepping stone towards building an experimentation strategy with VWO by your side. VWO is an integrated experimentation platform with a whole gamut of capabilities apart from its more advanced testing, segmentation, and targeting features.
    For example, when your website now sees an influx of over 50k monthly visitors, you can easily move to a low-cost plan of $199/mo for up to 100k visitors. But as your business expands and requirements grow, you can taste the waters of its different other capabilities like Insights, Personalize, FullStack, and Data360 to launch a full-scale optimization program that enhances user experience across their buying journey with your brand.

    Over to You

    At RushRadar, we’re committed to helping our audiences make informed business decisions. With experimentation being an important part of any marketing strategy today, we believed that highlighting the benefits of VWO was much needed to help you all make the right investment decision in the light GO sunsetting. If you are convinced of the benefits of its features, sign up for VWO Testing Starter Plan for free and migrate everything from GO to VWO in under 30 seconds! Hope you have a great time testing. All the best!

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