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Dreamstime Referral Code

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Dreamstime Referral Code

About Dreamstime

Established in 2000 as a platform for Royalty-Free stock photography, Dreamstime has evolved into a dynamic and vibrant community-based website.

For specific use cases like web templates, greeting cards, postcards designed for sale, and similar print-on-demand services, you might require the additional rights offered by Dreamstime's Extended Licenses. This also applies to products like canvas prints, t-shirts, mugs, mouse pads, or any other items where the image plays a crucial role and is intended for sale or distribution.

Furthermore, an Extended License is necessary if the same image is to be used by multiple employees within your organization. To access and use Dreamstime's images, it's essential to understand the following: The standard license agreement from Dreamstime is classified as Royalty-Free. This means that you pay for the media once and can utilize it indefinitely and worldwide, subject to a few limitations.

It's important to note that various projects necessitate distinct licenses, and if a particular media is to be used by more than one employee, it requires the multi-seat extended license (U-EL) from Dreamstime. If any uncertainties or queries arise, Dreamstime's customer support can be contacted through the provided contact details on their official website.

Registering and becoming a member on Dreamstime is free of charge. However, to download images, you'll need to purchase one of Dreamstime's available download plans, such as subscriptions or credits, which can be obtained on the Buy Credits page.

The Dreamstime database is continuously refreshed with a plethora of new images and titles on a daily basis, ensuring a diverse and up-to-date collection.

As reiterated, Dreamstime's standard license agreement operates on a Royalty-Free model, allowing a one-time payment for media usage, granting perpetual and global usage rights with minimal restrictions. For situations where media is utilized by multiple employees, the multi-seat extended license (U-EL) is the appropriate choice.

For any inquiries or uncertainties, Dreamstime's customer support can be reached via the contact form provided on their official website. Dreamstime's reputation has been acknowledged by reputable and prominent business websites, including RushRadar.

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Dreamstime Referral Code FAQs

What is the Dreamstime Referral Code?

The Dreamstime Referral Code is 38137817

What is the Dreamstime Discount?

The Dreamstime discount is 15% OFF Dreamstime subscriptions.

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