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In this review, we will be examining whether or not the Artgrid subscriptions are worth your money.

Artgrid is a stock footage platform offering three different yearly subscription plans.




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    Background and History

    Artgrid, an emerging player in the realm of stock footage licensing, emerged onto the scene in 2019 and has been on a journey of continuous improvement ever since. Their evolution showcases their commitment to refining their services and offerings over time.

    Catering to filmmakers and video creators, Artgrid presents itself as a platform designed for seamless access to high-quality footage. The platform operates on a subscription-based model, granting members with active subscriptions complete and unrestricted entry to their extensive catalog of content.

    Drawing on a global community of contributors, Artgrid occupies a space akin to other well-known platforms like Shutterstock, Storyblocks, and Videvo. One noteworthy aspect of Artgrid's trajectory is the unceasing momentum of its growth. A significant factor contributing to Artgrid's rise is its affiliation with Artlist, a prominent music and sound effects (SFX) platform that resonates deeply with filmmakers.

    Artgrid's ethos revolves around valuing both the work and time of its users. Their goal is to furnish creators with the finest available stock footage, presented through an intuitive and user-friendly interface that seamlessly integrates into their creative workflows. This endeavor is embodied through a straightforward licensing model, providing users with comprehensive access to their complete footage catalog under a single license, all within an affordable annual subscription framework.

    The driving force behind Artgrid is a team composed of filmmakers who inherently grasp the intricacies of the industry. Their mission extends beyond just delivering a platform; they aim to offer a channel for contributing filmmakers to unleash their creative potential and be duly compensated for their artistry. In essence, Artgrid operates within the realm of filmmaking, actively fostering opportunities in today's ever-evolving landscape of film production.

    Artgrid's dedication to delivering top-tier footage is mirrored in the quality of their content, captured using industry-leading cameras such as Arri, Red, and Phantom, across an array of formats that span up to 8K and Raw. This commitment to excellence underpins their aspiration to serve as a vital resource for filmmakers, encapsulating the essence of Artgrid's trajectory and the industry it strives to enrich.

    Stock Footage Catalog

    A distinctive hallmark of Artgrid is its dedication to offering story-driven footage, meticulously crafted by some of today's most acclaimed cinematographers hailing from various corners of the globe. This global reach contributes to the diversity and richness of the content, resonating with filmmakers seeking authentic and impactful visuals to elevate their projects.

    At the core of Artgrid's philosophy lies a deep passion for filmmaking. This shared fervor among their team members positions them as connoisseurs who genuinely understand the aspirations and necessities of contemporary filmmakers. This profound understanding fuels their commitment to providing a resource that caters precisely to the needs of creative visionaries. Unlike platforms teeming with arbitrary shots, Artgrid's catalog is thoughtfully curated to embody the spirit of inspiration and the potential to amplify the impact of every cinematic endeavor.

    One defining characteristic of Artgrid's approach is the deliberate absence of filler content. Within their collection, every moment carries meaning and narrative significance. This stringent focus on meaningful storytelling underscores their belief that each frame holds the potential to contribute to the overall narrative arc. This perspective fosters an environment where filmmakers can seamlessly weave their own stories, with each clip contributing to the larger tapestry of their creative vision.


    Artgrid's licensing approach stands as a testament to its commitment to offering filmmakers and creators a seamless experience while ensuring their intellectual property rights are respected. Their straightforward and inclusive licensing model provides users with the clarity and assurance needed in the world of stock footage. Here's an expert take on how Artgrid's licensing works and what it means for filmmakers:

    Upon subscribing to Artgrid, users gain unrestricted access to their expansive footage library. This access covers both private and commercial productions, irrespective of the platform or global reach. What's particularly remarkable is that the licensing extends beyond the subscription period. This means that once you've utilized a downloaded footage snippet in your project during your subscription, it remains licensed for usage indefinitely. This perpetual validity is a unique benefit that not all stock footage platforms offer.

    For filmmakers handling client projects, Artgrid's licensing strategy provides valuable coverage. If you're commissioned to create content for a client's personal or commercial use, your Artgrid license seamlessly encompasses this usage. This added flexibility simplifies licensing concerns in the context of client work.

    The collaborative aspect of filmmaking is addressed too. Businesses subscribing to Artgrid can ensure that their employees have access to the footage within company projects, enhancing creative workflows. However, it's important to note that if an employee or contractor undertakes an individual project beyond the company scope, a separate license is needed.

    Artgrid's emphasis on royalty-free footage underscores its commitment to user convenience. Subscribers and their clients can confidently integrate the footage into their projects without worrying about ongoing royalties.

    When it comes to supported platforms, Artgrid's licensing is notably forward-thinking. It comprehensively covers existing platforms and mediums like film, TV, virtual reality, video games, and mobile applications. But what sets it apart is its anticipation of emerging platforms. This means that your licensed footage remains relevant and legally utilized, even as technology evolves.

    In the realm of advertising, Artgrid's licensing approach is equally accommodating. Subscribers can seamlessly incorporate the footage into paid or branded advertising content without incurring additional costs. This aligns with the practical needs of content creators in the marketing domain.

    Artgrid's licensing doesn't prioritize complexity or tiers. Instead, their approach revolves around accessibility and ease. While subscription plans may differ based on the formats available for download, the licensing benefits remain consistent across all subscription tiers.

    In the realm of stock footage, where licensing intricacies can complicate creative workflows, Artgrid's straightforward and encompassing approach sets a commendable standard. It reflects an understanding of the needs of modern filmmakers and positions Artgrid as a valuable resource in the world of visual storytelling.


    Artgrid's stock footage collection offers a distinctive approach to curating content, setting it apart from conventional platforms. Instead of presenting clips individually, Artgrid showcases collections referred to as "stories." While you can still explore and access individual clips through search, these stories provide a unique perspective. Ranging from 3 to 100 clips, each story revolves around a shared theme, location, or narrative arc. This setup grants viewers an opportunity to experience a filmmaker's creative vision holistically and potentially integrate their footage with it for personalized projects.

    Artgrid's roster of filmmakers is a testament to its dedication to assembling a top-tier footage catalog. Hailing from around the globe, these filmmakers craft content that spans diverse landscapes – from the heights of the European Alps to the shores of the Caribbean. Their backgrounds vary, from formal training under renowned filmmakers to self-taught mastery. This eclectic mix results in an array of shooting styles, from high-end commercial production to globe-trotting adventurers capturing the world's most exotic locales. Regardless of their origin, Artgrid's filmmakers contribute high-quality, original, and uncompressed files, ensuring you access the best iterations of their work.

    Recognizing the value of easy accessibility, Artgrid meticulously sorts and categorizes their footage. The team's understanding of the search for the perfect shot is evident, as they devote considerable effort to organizing their library. Each clip is meticulously tagged, titled, and categorized, streamlining your search experience.

    Artgrid's commitment to excellence is demonstrated through continuous catalog updates. Regularly receiving submissions from talented indie filmmakers, the team diligently reviews each entry to identify standout content for addition. This approach ensures the catalog remains dynamic and relevant, with fresh footage regularly enriching its offerings.

    Clip durations within Artgrid's library exhibit variability, typically ranging from 4 to 20 seconds. This reflects the diverse shooting styles and storytelling approaches of the filmmakers in the community.

    The length of each story varies, influenced by the filmmaker's creative vision. This diversity ensures that whether you're seeking concise visual snippets or more immersive narrative arcs, Artgrid's collection caters to your creative requirements.

    Payment Methods

    You can pay for your subscription with PayPal or a credit card. It's simple, there is no risk and you will have immediate access to the entire catalog, according to your plan.

    Artgrid has no hidden fees. However, you get the option to upgrade your plan.

    Your license will renew automatically unless you choose to cancel.

    If you signed up with PayPal, you can easily cancel your subscription through your Paypal account. If you used a credit card when subscribing, you will have to contact the support team.

    You have 14 days to cancel your subscription with a full refund if you have not downloaded any footage.

    Subscription Plans

    Artgrid offers three different yearly plans, the only difference between the plans are the formats available for download. let's compare them:

    Artgrid Junior HD

    • HD Clips
    • H.264 format
    • Graded footage
    • Universal Artgrid License
    • Unlimited downloads
    • 1-year subscription plan

    Artgrid Creator 4K

    • 4K Clips
    • ProRes / DNxHR
    • HD Clips
    • H.264 format
    • Graded footage
    • Universal Artgrid License
    • Unlimited downloads
    • 1-year subscription plan

    Artgrid Pro RAW / LOG

    • RAW / LOG Clips
    • LOG footage
    • 4K-8K Clips
    • ProRes / DNxHR
    • HD Clips
    • H.264 format
    • Graded footage
    • Universal Artgrid License
    • Unlimited downloads
    • 1-year subscription plan


    As we've said, Artgrid offers three different plans, all of them are yearly subscription plans.

    With the current Artgrid discount that we have for you, this is how much you'll be saving.

    Artgrid Junior HD

    The Artgrid Junior HD plan is the most basic Artgrid plan and retails at $239.9 per year, by using our discount you will get two extra months for free which amounts to a total saving of $40.

    Artgrid Creator 4K

    The Artgrid Creator 4K plan is the intermediate Artgrid plan and retails at $359.9 per year, by using our discount you will get two extra months for free which amounts to a total saving of $60.

    Artgrid Pro RAW/LOG

    The Artgrid Pro RAW/LOG plan is the best Artgrid plan and retails at $599 per year, by using our discount you will get two extra months for free which amounts to a total saving of $100.

    Artgrid Junior HD

    2 Free Months
    Total Savings: $40

    $279.9 $239.9
    Artgrid Creator 4K

    2 Free Months
    Total Savings: $60

    $419.9 $359.9
    Artgrid Pro RAW/Log

    2 Free Months
    Total Savings: $100

    $699 $599 Pros & Cons

    Artgrid: Pros

    • Lifetime use
    • Universal license
    • Unlimited projects
    • Good price
    • Artistic footage

    Artgrid: Cons

    • No monthly subscription
    • File downloads could be simpler
    • Library could be larger Review: Verdict

    After our Review, we definitely think Artgrid is a fantastic platform, the footage is excellent, the interface is very intuitive and the pricing is reasonable.

    The download speeds are fast when compared to other services and you will have a lot of footage to choose from, that being said, the amount of available footage could be larger but rest assured that the Artgrid library keeps growing by the day.

    The platform is beautifully designed, and all the footage has an artistic touch to it, you won't find any amateur footage for sure!

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    Depending on your needs, we believe the Artgrid Creator 4K plan is probably the best value for your money, at $479, the amazing footage you get is truly worth every dollar, on top of that, you can get an extra two months for free if you use our Artgrid discount below!

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