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XGIMI Discount Code

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XGIMI Discount Code


Trusted by more than 1.5 million users, XGIMI designs and manufactures high-performance multi-functional smart projectors and laser TV" and is determined to improve viewers' audio-visual experience. XGIMI has created a series of game-changing giant screen projection products with critical partners like Harman/Kardon, Google, and Texas Instruments. By constantly recreating its products, XGIMI optimizes its portfolio and provides the most technologically advanced and user-first experience for consumers.

XGIMI's devotion to providing innovative, high-quality products have gained recognition from industry experts and its millions of users worldwide. In the last 8 years, XGIMI has won 38 international design and innovation awards, including the world's 4 major industrial design awards.

XGIMI is a company based in China, but its products are widely enjoyed and admired all across the globe, the quality of its projectors is difficult to find at such low prices, and the company will likely continue to grow in the future.

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