WPMU DEV Discount: 20% OFF (January 2022)

WPMU DEV Discount

WPMU DEV Discount

Are you looking for a WPMU DEV Discount?
Get 20% OFF your WPMU DEV Yearly Plan! Save up to $198 with two free months when you subscribe for an yearly plan!


WPMU DEV Personal (Save $38)
WPMU DEV Personal (Save $78)
WPMU DEV Personal (Save $198)

WPMU DEV Discount

What is WPMU DEV?

WPMU DEV is the hosting, tools, plugins, and support you need to run your WP business - all in one place.

WPMU DEV covers a lot of areas. It’s a platform for managing multiple sites which also includes very useful plugins.

Here is a list and description of the plugins you will get with your subscription:

Smush Pro bulk optimizes every image you’ve ever added to your site with one click and fixes your Google PageSpeed.

Hummingbird Pro offers improved website performance, automated reporting, and fixes your Google PageSpeed with its full WordPress speed optimization suite.

Hackers, brute forcers, and malicious bots are no match for Defender's mighty WordPress security shields and cloaking technology.

With Hustle Pro, running standout marketing campaigns just got quicker and easier. Create UNLIMITED opt-ins, pop-ups, slide-ins, social shares, and embeds - all designed to drive results and help create a following.

Forminator Pro is not your typical form-making plugin, Forminator Pro is the easy-to-use WordPress form builder for every website and situation.

SmartCrawl Pro gives you everything you need for fast, powerful WordPress SEO. Start ranking higher with industry-leading features,

With Branda Pro, you will simplify the white labeling process and harness over 30 modules designed to completely overhaul WordPress - all without needing a drop of code.

Bring all the power of WPMU DEV to your WordPress dashboard. Connect with the Hub site manager and activate the complete toolkit.

WordPress migration has never been this easy. Shipper Pro is the super transporter that securely moves your entire site to any location in a matter of clicks.

Turn on the full power of site analytics. With Beehive Pro, you can quickly and easily add Google Analytics statistics, graphs, and user metrics to your sites.

If you would like to get 2 free months with a WPMU DEV discount, simply follow the link below!

WPMU DEV Pricing

WPMU DEV Personal

12-Month Plan + 2 FREE Months
Total Savings: $38 (20% OFF)

$228/yr $190/yr
WPMU DEV Freelancer

12-Month Plan + 2 FREE Months
Total Savings: $78 (20% OFF)

$468/yr $390/yr

12-Month Plan + 2 FREE Months
Total Savings: $198 (20% OFF)

$1188/yr $990/yr

More Discounts!

We check all our discounts on a daily basis in order to make sure they are working and up to date, subscribe to the RushRadar platform for free, and get all the discount codes once they're available!

Having a website is crucial for every content creator, if you'd like to get a WPMU DEV subscription plan, you can enjoy the WPMU DEV Discount, and start saving.

Other alternatives include services like HostensHostinger, StableHost, CloudwaysWP Engine, Bluehost, Wix, Liquid Web, SiteGround, and HostGator, fortunately, we have available discounts for all these platforms.

WPMU DEV Discount 2

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