WP Rocket Review: Is It Worth It?

WP Rocket Review

In this WP Rocket review, we will be examining whether or not WP Rocket is worth your money.

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Background And History

WP Rocket was launched in 2013 with the objective of solving the problem of slow websites and weak caching plugins. It is an all-encompassing caching plugin specifically built for WordPress with an easy-to-use interface, minimal setup, and great customer support.


Page Caching

Get your WordPress site cached right away. Caching makes your site load ultra-fast: the real key to boost your SEO and increase conversions.

Cache Preloading

Let your visitors enjoy the speedier, cached content of your site right away! WP Rocket automatically preloads the cache every time you make some changes on your web pages.

Browser Caching

Store the frequently accessed resources of your site (images, JS, CSS) in the local memory of the navigation device, be it desktop or mobile.

GZIP Compression

Compress web pages on the server and decompress them in the browser. The size of your files decreases and your visitors get your content quicker.

eCommerce Optimization

Your eCommerce will run fast and smoothly: WP Rocket excludes sensitive pages from the cache. No interference in the purchasing process.

Excellent Compatibility

Enjoy peace of mind: WP Rocket is compatible with the most popular themes and plugins and it works with the top managed WordPress hostings.

Subscription Plans

WP Rocket offers three different plans:

WP Rocket Single Plan

  • 1 year of support and updates
  • Works on 1 website
WP Rocket Plus Plan
  • 1 year of support and updates
  • Works on 3 websites
WP Rocket Infinite Plan
  • 1 year of support and updates
  • Works on unlimited websites


WP Rocket Single Plan

The WP Rocket Single Plan costs $49 per year.

WP Rocket Plus Plan

The WP Rocket Plus Plan costs $99 per year.

WP Rocket Infinite Plan

The WP Rocket Infinite Plan costs $249 per year.

WP Rocket Pros & Cons

WP Rocket: Pros

  • Easy to use
  • Lazy load
  • CSS minification
  • Browser caching
  • CDN
  • Customer support

WP Rocket: Cons

  • No lifetime license available

WP Rocket Review: Verdict

WP Rocket is definitely worth your money, it is a must-have plugin for any website as it will boost your speeds and, consequently, increase your Google rankings.

It's very easy to set-up and it's very affordable, its major downside is the fact that WP Rocket doesn't offer an option for its clients to acquire a lifetime license.

If you would like to get WP Rocket, follow the link below.


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