Videvo Review: Is It Worth It?

Videvo Review

In this Videvo review, we will be examining whether or not the Videvo subscriptions are worth your money.

Videvo is a stock media platform offering various monthly and annual subscriptions for stock video, stock music, and stock audio effects.

Background And History

Videvo was launched in 2012 as a source of free stock video, motion graphics, and audio, and has expanded over the years to become a go-to destination for high-quality free stock assets. Apart from their ever-growing free library, Videvo offers two affordable subscription plans starting at $12/month: Videvo Plus and Videvo Pro. These plans offer access to a vastly extended video and audio library with Royalty-Free licensing.

Videvo Plus grants access to 85,000 Premium Clips starting at HD quality, and the Pro option adds access to 100,000 audio tracks to the mix. Users can choose from a monthly subscription, which offers 25 Premium clip downloads per month under Videvo Plus, and 50 Premium clips downloads under Videvo Pro. There is also a yearly subscription option, which not only offers savings of 20% over month-to-month payments but also makes the monthly downloads unlimited.

Videvo was created with one simple mission: to make stock footage more affordable, and in doing so empower creators worldwide to produce awesome visual content. Originally started as a free stock footage service, the team has added sound effects and music tracks into the mix too, as well as an extended collection of 500,000+ premium stock assets.

Videvo only works with a select number of trusted providers for its premium content, and it gives each a bigger cut of the pie so that earnings are not diluted across thousands of contributors. By working with fewer, more well-established contributors, Videvo can also be sure that the content has been sourced responsibly and is safe to use. Furthermore, Videvo's content is provided in 1080p HD minimum resolution, and most of its content is now provided in 4K.

Headquartered in rural Oxfordshire, UK, Videvo is a small and passionate team that love to chat.


Any content you download is yours to keep and use in future projects, even after your subscription ends. That's the basis of royalty-free licensing, which applies to all of Videvo's premium content.

Videvo Attribution License

This license only applies to free clips on Videvo. It allows you to download and use the clip free of charge, in as many projects as you like, but you must provide a credit (attribution) to the author of the clip. If you do not want to provide attribution, you can upgrade to either Videvo Plus or Videvo Pro, and the license will be upgraded to Royalty-Free.

  • Download once and use it in as many projects as you like
  • You can edit the clip(s) in any way you like
  • You must provide a credit (attribution) to the author of the clip(s) in your production
  • You may use and publish the clip(s) worldwide and on any platform, including web, broadcast, shows, theatre, apps, and games
  • You may NOT redistribute the clip(s) in their original form (e.g. making the clip available as a stock clip for download on another website)

Royalty-Free License

This is Videvo's most common license and applies to both free and premium clips. It means that once you download the clip, you may use it in as many projects as you like, forever. It's yours to keep, but this does not mean you "own" the clip; the copyright remains with the creator. There are no limitations on where you can publish your work (e.g. online, broadcast, etc.), but be aware that if it has been marked as Editorial Use Only, you can not use it in a commercial project (to promote a product or service).

Royalty-Free License overview:

  • Download once and use it in as many projects as you like
  • You can edit the clip(s) in any way you like
  • You are not required to credit the author of the clip(s)
  • You may use and publish the clip(s) worldwide and on any platform, including web, broadcast, shows, theatre, apps, and games
  • You may NOT redistribute the clip(s) in their original form (e.g. making the clip available as a stock clip for download on another website)

Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

This is similar to the Videvo Attribution License, but you are free to distribute the clip elsewhere in its original, unedited form. You must attribute the original author in all productions as well as any distribution channels in which the clip has been made available for download. This license also allows for commercial use, although special attention should be paid to ensure that no identifiable persons, brands, or private property appear in the clip(s) unless a model/property release has first been obtained.

"Editorial Use Only" Content

Editorial content is defined as content that is newsworthy or documentary-worthy, that is providing a commentary on a story outside of a promotional context. For example, all news programming is considered editorial, because it is providing a commentary on real-world events as they happen. Documentaries are considered editorial, providing that the aim of the documentary is not to promote a brand product or service. Even if you are selling your documentary, it is still classed as editorial. Editorial images can also be used for educational purposes, providing the educational content is presented as a learning aid and is factual.

What If you Cancel Your Premium Subscription?

Any clips that you download during your subscription are still subject to the same license conditions after you cancel. So you can continue to use the content under the same conditions and there is no need to stay subscribed. Your Royalty Free clips will stay Royalty-Free, and not revert to their previous license.

Your remaining unused credits will be removed from your account upon the reversion of your account to the free plan, so you will want to ensure that you have used up any remaining credits before this point.  Please ensure you have backed up any downloaded content as you will not be able to redownload premium content after your account reverts to the free plan.


Videvo includes a lot of top-notch content, at the time of writing, it boasts 500,000+ stock footage clips, motion graphics, video templates, stock music tracks, and sound effects, all at your fingertips.

With Videvo, you get:

  • 4K & HD Stock Footage

  • Motion Graphics & Animated Backgrounds

  • Video Editing Templates

  • Royalty-Free Music

  • Royalty-Free Sound Effects

Subscription Plans

Videvo is well-known for its library of thousands of free stock Footage clips, Motion Graphics, and Audio assets. In addition, they offer two affordable Premium plans that grant access to a vastly extended Footage library with royalty-free licensing, as well as to thousands of additional Music and SFX files.

Their plans are straightforward and their pricing is some of the most competitive in the industry. This makes Videvo ideal for videographers looking for affordable filler shots and b-roll, businesses in need of marketing material like promotional videos or social media content, content creators and YouTubers, as well as students and teachers.

All Premium videos are offered at a quality of HD and up, including 4K. Premium audio clips come in .wav format and standard for video production quality.


Videvo Plus

  • $14.99 billed Monthly
  •  25 Premium Downloads/mo
  • Royalty-Free Licensing
  • Use our Videvo Discount Code and get an extra 15% OFF

Videvo Pro:

  • $24.99 billed Monthly, or save 20% at $240 Yearly
  • 50 Premium Downloads/mo (unlimited in Yearly plans)
  • Premium Audio Downloads
  • Royalty-Free Licensing
  • Use our Videvo Discount Code and get an extra 15% OFF

Videvo Pros & Cons

Videvo: Pros

  • Good pricing
  • It has a free subscription plan
  • All-in-one subscription
  • Quality content
  • Monthly and annual subscription plans

Videvo: Cons

  • Library could be larger

Videvo Review: Verdict

We definitely think Videvo is worth your money, especially the Videvo Pro Plan with which you get access to all kinds of content, including more than 100,00 audio clips.

With the current Videvo Discount, you'll save 20% OFF on Videvo Pro when you choose to pay yearly.

If you'd like to try Videvo at no cost before signing up for the Plus or Pro subscriptions, you can sign up for a Videvo free subscription.

On the downside, Videvo's library isn't as extensive as some of its competition, and the limited downloads per month on monthly subscriptions is also a disadvantage if you need to make a lot of monthly downloads, that being said, we believe you should choose to subscribe to an annual subscription since you'll enjoy unlimited downloads and a 20% discount.

If you'd like to get 20% OFF Videvo Pro Yearly + 15% OFF by using our Videvo Discount Code, simply check out the discount below!


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