Videvo Review: Is It Worth It?

In this Videvo review, we will be examining whether or not the Videvo subscriptions are worth your money.

Videvo is a stock media platform offering various monthly and annual subscriptions for stock video, stock music, and stock audio effects.

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    Background and History

    Videvo was launched in 2012 as a source of free stock video, motion graphics, and audio, and has expanded over the years to become a go-to destination for high-quality free stock assets. Apart from their ever-growing free library, Videvo offers two affordable subscription plans starting at $12/month: Videvo Plus and Videvo Pro. These plans offer access to a vastly extended video and audio library with Royalty-Free licensing.

    Videvo Plus grants access to 85,000 Premium Clips starting at HD quality, and the Pro option adds access to 100,000 audio tracks to the mix. Users can choose from a monthly subscription, which offers 25 Premium clip downloads per month under Videvo Plus, and 50 Premium clips downloads under Videvo Pro. There is also a yearly subscription option, which not only offers savings of 20% over month-to-month payments but also makes the monthly downloads unlimited.

    Videvo was created with one simple mission: to make stock footage more affordable, and in doing so empower creators worldwide to produce awesome visual content. Originally started as a free stock footage service, the team has added sound effects and music tracks into the mix too, as well as an extended collection of 500,000+ premium stock assets.

    Videvo only works with a select number of trusted providers for its premium content, and it gives each a bigger cut of the pie so that earnings are not diluted across thousands of contributors. By working with fewer, more well-established contributors, Videvo can also be sure that the content has been sourced responsibly and is safe to use. Furthermore, Videvo's content is provided in 1080p HD minimum resolution, and most of its content is now provided in 4K.

    Headquartered in rural Oxfordshire, UK, Videvo is a small and passionate team that love to chat.


    Videvo's licensing structure is designed to provide clarity and flexibility to users, ensuring that the usage of content aligns with their specific needs. The foundation of Videvo's licensing model lies in the concept of royalty-free content, which grants users certain rights and privileges for the content they acquire.

    The Videvo Attribution License comes into play for free clips, granting users the freedom to download and utilize the content in numerous projects without incurring any charges. However, attribution to the content's author is required for this license. Should users prefer to forgo attribution, they have the option to upgrade to either Videvo Plus or Videvo Pro, thereby upgrading the license to Royalty-Free.

    Under the Royalty-Free License, both free and premium clips fall, making it the most common license in Videvo's arsenal. This license allows users to download content once and use it across an array of projects indefinitely. This usage freedom does not equate to ownership of the clip; the copyright remains with the creator. While there are no limitations on where the content can be published, it's essential to note that clips marked as "Editorial Use Only" cannot be utilized in commercial projects for promotional purposes.

    The Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license provides similar benefits to the Videvo Attribution License but allows distribution of the original, unedited clip. Proper attribution is crucial in this scenario, both in the user's productions and the channels through which the content is distributed. Commercial use is permitted under this license, with careful attention paid to the inclusion of identifiable individuals, brands, or private property.

    The designation of "Editorial Use Only" content encompasses material with a newsworthy or documentary context, free from promotional intent. This content finds relevance in news programs, documentaries, and educational content that adheres to specific guidelines.

    An important consideration is the scenario of canceling a premium subscription. Clips downloaded during the subscription period retain their license conditions even after cancellation, ensuring uninterrupted usage. Credits remaining in a user's account upon reverting to a free plan will be removed, necessitating the utilization of any outstanding credits. Users are advised to back up downloaded premium content, as re-downloading won't be possible after the account reverts to the free plan.


    Videvo's content repository stands as a treasure trove of high-quality resources, encompassing a vast array of creative elements. As of the current moment, Videvo offers an expansive library featuring over 500,000 stock footage clips, motion graphics, video templates, stock music tracks, and sound effects, all readily accessible to users.

    Within the realm of Videvo's offerings, you can expect:

    4K & HD Stock Footage
    Videvo's collection boasts an impressive selection of stock footage clips, meticulously curated and available in both 4K and HD resolutions. This allows creators to seamlessly integrate top-tier visuals into their projects, elevating the overall quality and impact of their content.

    Motion Graphics & Animated Backgrounds
    For those seeking to infuse their projects with dynamic visuals, Videvo provides an array of motion graphics and animated backgrounds. These elements add a layer of visual sophistication, enhancing the engagement and visual storytelling of videos.

    Video Editing Templates
    Videvo doesn't just offer standalone content; it also equips creators with video editing templates that streamline the post-production process. These templates serve as valuable starting points, facilitating efficient editing and customization to align with specific creative visions.

    Royalty-Free Music
    The inclusion of royalty-free music tracks within Videvo's repertoire enables users to underscore their creations with the perfect auditory accompaniment. This diverse library caters to a spectrum of moods, genres, and themes, allowing content creators to harmonize audio and visuals seamlessly.

    Royalty-Free Sound Effects
    Adding depth and authenticity to multimedia projects, Videvo's compilation of royalty-free sound effects enhances the immersive experience for viewers. From ambient sounds to impactful effects, this collection empowers creators to enrich their content with auditory nuances.

    Subscription Plans

    The simplicity of Videvo's subscription plans mirrors their commitment to user-friendly accessibility. The pricing structure is not only transparent but also among the most competitive in the industry, catering to a wide spectrum of users with diverse creative needs. This makes Videvo an attractive choice for various categories of users, including videographers seeking cost-effective filler shots and b-roll, businesses in pursuit of engaging marketing materials like promotional videos and social media content, content creators navigating the realm of online platforms, and educators and students engaged in multimedia projects.

    Videvo's Premium subscription plans seamlessly complement the creative endeavors of their users. Every Premium video is offered in HD and beyond, extending to the coveted 4K quality. On the audio front, Premium audio clips arrive in the .wav format, a standard of excellence in video production quality. This ensures that each asset upholds the professional standards expected in the realm of multimedia production.

    By offering subscription plans that align with both creativity and affordability, Videvo emerges as a valuable resource for those seeking to enhance their visual and auditory content. From videographers to businesses, content creators to educators, Videvo's subscription plans stand as a gateway to a world of enriched multimedia possibilities, making high-quality assets accessible to all.


    Videvo Plus

    • $14.99 billed Monthly
    •  25 Premium Downloads/mo
    • Royalty-Free Licensing
    • Use our Videvo Discount Code and get an extra 15% OFF

    Videvo Pro:

    • $24.99 billed Monthly, or save 20% at $240 Yearly
    • 50 Premium Downloads/mo (unlimited in Yearly plans)
    • Premium Audio Downloads
    • Royalty-Free Licensing
    • Use our Videvo Discount Code and get an extra 15% OFF

    Videvo Pros & Cons

    Videvo: Pros

    • Good pricing
    • It has a free subscription plan
    • All-in-one subscription
    • Quality content
    • Monthly and annual subscription plans

    Videvo: Cons

    • Library could be larger

    Videvo Review: Verdict

    We definitely think Videvo is worth your money, especially the Videvo Pro Plan with which you get access to all kinds of content, including more than 100,00 audio clips.

    With the current Videvo Discount, you'll save 20% OFF on Videvo Pro when you choose to pay yearly.

    If you'd like to try Videvo at no cost before signing up for the Plus or Pro subscriptions, you can sign up for a Videvo free subscription.

    On the downside, Videvo's library isn't as extensive as some of its competition, and the limited downloads per month on monthly subscriptions is also a disadvantage if you need to make a lot of monthly downloads, that being said, we believe you should choose to subscribe to an annual subscription since you'll enjoy unlimited downloads and a 20% discount.

    If you'd like to get 20% OFF Videvo Pro Yearly + 15% OFF by using our Videvo Discount Code, simply check out the discount below!

    • Overall Score

    Videvo Review 4
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