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    About Videvo

    Videvo was founded by Tom Limb in 2012, and it quickly grew in a steady manner to the point where it became one of the largest online resources platforms dedicated to HD stock footage and motion graphics.

    Videvo is very well-known for its library of thousands of free stock Footage clips, Motion Graphics, and Audio assets.

    In addition, the platform also offers two affordable Premium plans that grant subscribers access to a vastly extended Footage library with royalty-free licensing, as well as to thousands of additional Music and SFX files.

    Videvo subscription plans are straightforward and their pricing is some of the most competitive in the industry. This makes Videvo ideal for videographers looking for affordable filler shots and b-roll, businesses in need of marketing material like promotional videos or social media content, content creators and YouTubers, as well as students and teachers.

    All Premium videos on available on Videvo are offered at a quality of HD and up, including 4K.

    Premium audio clips come in .wav format and are standard for video production quality.

    The Videvo Plus Monthly Plan and the Videvo Pro Monthly Plan have respectively a download limit of 25 and 50 assets per month, getting the Videvo Pro Yearly subscription plan makes the downloads unlimited!

    Videvo Affiliate Program

    The Videvo Affiliate program presents a lucrative opportunity for individuals with extensive networks to earn passive income. Through this program, Videvo extends an impressive 100% commission on the initial month of referred monthly plans and a commendable 20% on the upfront payment of annual plans.

    A notable feature of the Videvo affiliate program is its 30-day cookie window. This distinctive attribute enables affiliates to earn commissions for purchases made by their audience within a span of 30 days following their initial click. This extended window of opportunity enhances the potential for affiliates to earn rewards from the engagement they generate.

    The Videvo affiliate program is skillfully managed by an adept in-house team dedicated to fostering successful and profitable partnerships with affiliates. This commitment ensures that affiliates receive comprehensive support and resources to maximize their earnings.

    For those interested in joining the Videvo Affiliate Program, the path is easily accessible through their website. Engaging with their customer support can provide aspiring affiliates with further information and guidance to kickstart their affiliation journey.

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