TradeSanta Review: Is It Worth It?

Since the creation of Bitcoin and the public debut of blockchain technology, the world of cryptocurrencies has grown dramatically. At the very beginning,  only a small number of enthusiasts were interested in cryptocurrency. Nowadays, even the largest banks and famous tech giants acknowledge cryptocurrencies and invest millions in blockchain technology.

On top of that, crypto trading has also grown in popularity among a large number of people in recent years. Some people make fortunes with crypto trading, but the vast majority cannot succeed. One of the reasons for that is the constantly changing nature of the crypto world, and keeping track of every trend, event and “next big thing” that happens within the crypto world is an extremely time-consuming process. However, nowadays you can delegate all the tedious activities to the automated crypto trading platforms that can trade on your behalf! Read on to learn how TradeSanta can help you with your crypto trading results.  

Disclaimer: We want to emphasize that this is not financial advice. Cryptocurrencies operate in a volatile market, where values can drastically fluctuate in a blink of an eye. It is imperative to conduct thorough research and seek guidance from a qualified financial advisor before investing.

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    TradeSanta Review

    History and Background

    TradeSanta, established in 2018, stands as a notable cloud-based crypto trading software platform that caters to a wide range of traders, spanning from novices to those well-versed in the complexities of the market. Through its years in the industry, the platform has garnered a substantial user base, aiding thousands of investors in refining their day-to-day trading activities. At present, its influence reaches far and wide, boasting over 210,000 registered users who have collectively executed more than 22 million deals.

    One of TradeSanta's distinct attributes lies in its approachable yet robust interface. This interface serves as a pivotal tool that equips traders with the means to automate their trading endeavors. What sets TradeSanta apart is its ability to merge simplicity and functionality seamlessly, creating an environment where users can engage in automated trading with ease and efficiency. By focusing on an intuitive design, TradeSanta has positioned itself to accommodate the needs of both novices and seasoned traders, ultimately fostering an experience that is not only streamlined but also enjoyable.

    The platform's commitment to providing a comprehensive suite of tools for automated trading contributes to its appeal. By offering users the resources they require to facilitate their trading strategies, TradeSanta empowers them to navigate the complexities of the crypto market. Whether users are new to the scene or veterans of the trade, TradeSanta's platform offers a unified solution that simplifies the trading process, enhancing the potential for success.

    Main features

    TradeSanta, as a crypto trading platform, presents a range of features tailored to accommodate both newcomers and seasoned cryptocurrency traders. These attributes collectively contribute to an inclusive trading environment that appeals to a diverse audience. Among the standout features that TradeSanta offers, one can observe a comprehensive selection of signals, including those derived from TradingView's custom signals or pre-built options based on the TradingView Screener. This feature grants users access to a variety of trading insights, allowing for a strategic approach to trading decisions.

    The platform's provision of both Grid and Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) strategies adds another layer of versatility to the trading experience. Furthermore, TradeSanta's capacity to facilitate both long and short strategies concurrently sets it apart from the crowd. This aspect of the platform accommodates traders who seek to explore various market movements, granting them the freedom to employ diverse strategies in their pursuit of gains.

    Incorporating a trading terminal, TradeSanta acknowledges the potential need for manual order placement. This tool becomes particularly beneficial for users managing trades across multiple exchanges simultaneously. By centralizing order execution through the trading terminal, traders can streamline their operations, optimizing efficiency and organization.

    TradeSanta's commitment to user-oriented functionality becomes evident in its provision of a Demo Trading feature. This functionality enables users to test their strategies in a simulated environment, offering a risk-free opportunity to gauge the viability of their approach before committing actual funds. This aligns with TradeSanta's goal of empowering traders with informed decision-making tools.

    For experienced traders seeking advanced risk management solutions, TradeSanta's offerings include stop loss, trailing stop loss, and trailing take profit mechanisms. These tools empower traders to mitigate potential losses and secure gains in a dynamic market landscape, enhancing their overall trading strategy.

    A notable feature that caters to traders at various stages of their journey is TradeSanta's introduction of a copy trading marketplace. This marketplace bridges the gap between novice and experienced traders by allowing newcomers to replicate the trading activities of more seasoned individuals who have demonstrated profit. This intuitive feature not only facilitates learning but also provides an opportunity for less-experienced traders to participate in the market with a degree of confidence.

    Safety and Security

    When evaluating trading platforms, the paramount concerns revolve around the safety and security of users' assets. TradeSanta's assertion of enabling continuous 24/7 trading through its crypto trading bots, even in the absence of user presence, naturally prompts the need for robust safety measures. It becomes imperative to ascertain the effectiveness of the platform's security protocols in safeguarding users' funds.

    TradeSanta's approach to user safety is anchored in several key features. The platform asserts a commitment to regular security audits of its website, underscoring its dedication to maintaining a secure online environment. The provision of two-factor authentication (2FA) adds an extra layer of protection to user accounts, elevating the overall security posture. This multifactor authentication mechanism ensures that account access requires more than just a password, bolstering the protection against unauthorized entry.

    A significant element of TradeSanta's security framework lies in its management of API keys. Users are prompted to integrate these keys into their exchange accounts to facilitate trading. Importantly, these API keys are configured in a way that only grants trading permissions and not withdrawal permissions. This segregation of access minimizes the risk associated with potential unauthorized transactions, enhancing the overall security of user funds.

    TradeSanta's selection of exchange partners plays a vital role in fortifying its security stance. The platform's exclusive collaboration with exchanges that boast a proven track record of adhering to stringent security protocols bolsters user confidence. This strategic alignment ensures that users' funds remain beyond the reach of TradeSanta or its bots, with the platform emphasizing user control and ownership of assets.

    Further attesting to its commitment to user security, TradeSanta maintains a round-the-clock customer support system. This resource stands ready to address any extraordinary events that may transpire with user accounts or to provide clarifications on security-related queries. This responsive customer support element contributes to the overall sense of security that users seek in a trading platform.

    Trading Bots

    Even if you never had experience with crypto trading bots, you won't have problems with setting up your own first bot thanks to TradeSanta's clear and user-friendly interface. So what kind of bots does TradeSanta have?

    • DCA Bot
    • GRID Bot
    • Futures Bot (Binance, ByBit)
    • Smart Order Bot

    Custom bot (copy trading marketplace)

    Technical Indicators

    TradeSanta can offer a broad selection of technical indicators that you may utilize to create your own trading strategy. You can use these indicators to make wiser choices regarding when is the right moment for buying and selling cryptocurrency bitcoins. Among the available indications are:

    • TradingView custom signals, plus pre-built signals based on TradingView Screener
    • Bollinger Bands
    • MACD
    • RSI

    Supported Exchanges

    TradeSanta supports most of the major crypto exchanges, including Binance, Coinbase Pro, Kraken, HTX, ByBit, OKX, and HitBTC. The TradeSanta team constantly works on expanding its list of supported exchanges, so more of them can be expected to join in the near future.

    Usability and Interface

    TradeSanta's reputation as a platform catering to both newcomers and seasoned traders is closely tied to its usability and interface design. The platform's intuitive and user-friendly interface has garnered popularity, particularly among beginners and those with limited trading experience. The simplicity and ease of navigation offered by TradeSanta's interface contribute to its appeal as an accessible entry point into the world of crypto trading.

    However, TradeSanta goes beyond catering solely to novices. The platform recognizes the needs of experienced traders as well, providing them with a range of advanced tools to customize their trading bots. This inclusivity is noteworthy as it ensures that both newcomers and experts can find features tailored to their unique trading strategies and preferences. This flexibility in catering to a diverse user base sets TradeSanta apart from some of its counterparts in the trading platform landscape.

    A distinctive aspect that positions TradeSanta favorably is its offering of a free trial option for newcomers. This feature holds significant value, especially for prospective users who are considering adopting the platform. The availability of a trial period allows users to engage with the product, experiment with its functionalities, and ascertain its suitability for their trading needs before committing to a purchase. This transparent approach reflects TradeSanta's commitment to delivering value and addressing user apprehensions.

    TradeSanta's commitment to accessibility extends beyond its web-based interface. Recognizing the evolving nature of trading habits, the platform extends its reach through a dedicated mobile app available for both iOS and Android devices. This mobility empowers users to manage their automated trading activities seamlessly, regardless of their physical location. The provision of a mobile app aligns with the modern trader's preference for convenience and real-time control.

    Pricing and Fees

    TradeSanta doesn’t charge any trading fee: all you have to do is to purchase a subscription plan and you can start trading right away. Additionally, you have the option to use a free 3-Day Basic Package trial if you're unsure about whether you should buy yourself a plan in order to personally experience all the advantages of automatic trading.
    The plans can be purchased either with cryptocurrency or with card payments. Card payments are executed via TradeSanta’s payment provider, Paddle.

    TradeSanta provides three plans, each with a different number of bots and set of features:

    • Basic Plan: 49 bots, Unlimited Number of pairs, technical indicators. Starts at $15/month
    • Advanced Plan: 99 bots, benefits of the Basic plan, Trailing Take Profit, TradingView signals. Starts at $27/month
    • Maximum Plan: Unlimited number of bots, benefits of Advanced Plan, Futures Trading, TradingView signals, and Custom TradingView signals. Starts at $35/month

    TradeSanta Pros & Cons

    Just like any other program software, there are both pros and cons to using TradeSanta. Still, it looks like there are more pros than cons, but everything depends on your perspective.

    TradeSanta: Pros

    • Easy-to-use dashboard that makes it simple to track performance, make adjustments, and keep an eye on your portfolio
    • There is no need to always keep an eye on the markets since the program is automated
    • You have access to a variety of customization options, allowing you to modify the software to meet your specific requirements
    • Unlike some other platforms, TradeSanta has affordable subscription plans

    TradeSanta: Cons

    • TradeSanta does not guarantee you profit, so there is always a chance of loss
    • Free trial lasts only 3 days

    TradeSanta Review: Verdict

    The TradeSanta dashboard's appearance and functionality make it obvious that this platform was created with the idea to make sophisticated cryptocurrency trading as easy as possible for traders of every level of experience.

    Trading bots can be quite helpful in your daily trading if they are used appropriately, and they can be really helpful for time and mental health management. Moreover, TradeSanta has one of the most affordable subscription plans on the market.

    Simply follow the link to start using TradeSanta for free!

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