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Is the best cloud storage service in the market? Is safe? In this review, we'll go over all of's features, its background, its advantages, pricing, and whether or not it's worth your time.

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    Background and History was established in 2011 by Thomas Savundra, Suhan Shan, and Darius Antia, envisioning a pioneering concept: a cloud storage platform rooted in security and privacy safeguards, an idea that was ahead of its time. Initially focusing on crafting applications and infrastructure with end-to-end encryption tailored for individual users, the trio swiftly recognized the potential of Sync to offer substantial benefits to enterprises and teams entrusted with confidential data. This shift in perspective led to the evolution of Sync from a personal storage solution to a platform with capabilities that foster effective collaboration and data management within businesses and teams.

    Presently, Sync stands as a provider of a comprehensive suite of services encompassing secure document storage, file sharing, and collaboration tools, all working harmoniously to synchronize individuals, businesses, and teams. Impressively, the company boasts a user base exceeding 1.7 million worldwide, encompassing both individual users and businesses. These users have found value in the platform's ability to facilitate the exchange of significant ideas, the safekeeping of vital information, and the collaborative pursuit of transformative projects.

    One of Sync's distinguishing hallmarks is its commitment to pioneering privacy-centric features, bolstered by cutting-edge encryption technology. This steadfast dedication to privacy ensures that sensitive information remains shielded from unauthorized access, aligning with the company's overarching objective of providing a secure digital environment for its users. As a result, stands out not only for its user-friendly interface and collaborative capabilities but also for its robust security framework and the peace of mind it affords to individuals, businesses, and teams operating in an increasingly interconnected and data-driven world.

    Security and Privacy

    Sync unwavering commitment to privacy and security is evident in its comprehensive array of features tailored to protect your data at every step. At the forefront is its 100% private cloud approach, bolstered by end-to-end encryption. This encryption protocol operates as an impenetrable barrier, ensuring that your confidential data remains shielded from any unauthorized access, whether in transit or at rest. Crucially, this means that not even Sync has the capability to peruse the content of your files, and certainly, no third parties can breach this security wall.

    In the realm of data ownership, Sync takes a definitive stance – your personal data unequivocally belongs to you. The platform sets itself apart by adamantly refraining from collecting, selling, or sharing your personal data or application usage details with advertisers or any external entities. Additionally, Sync is resolute in not asserting ownership over your data, giving you full control over your digital assets.

    A noteworthy facet of Sync's commitment to privacy is its global data privacy compliance framework. This encompasses adherence to various regulations, including the USA, EU/UK GDPR, and Canadian compliance standards, thereby assuring users of its safety, regardless of their business's geographic location. The platform goes the extra mile by offering Canadian data residency options, further solidifying its dedication to safeguarding your data.

    Practicality meets security with Sync's automatic backup, sync, and restore functionalities. The platform not only backs up your files in real-time but also facilitates effortless retrieval of deleted files and previous versions of any document. This proactive approach ensures that you need never worry about losing important files.

    The bedrock of Sync's security infrastructure is its enterprise-grade foundation. With data replication across multiple SSAE 16 type 2 certified datacentre locations, SAS RAID storage, and automatic failover mechanisms, the platform guarantees data integrity and accessibility. The impressive 99.9% or better uptime SLA speaks to its reliability.

    Taking control of account security is intuitive with Sync's array of security controls. The inclusion of two-factor authentication, granular user permissions, remote wipe, customizable passwords, expiry dates, and notifications offers you a comprehensive toolkit to ensure your data's safety.'s user-friendly interface ensures a seamless experience for both newcomers to the cloud and those well-versed in its workings. This accessibility does not compromise security; on the contrary, it empowers users to effortlessly employ encryption measures, thus rendering their data completely secure and private. In sum, emerges as a robust and user-friendly solution that marries simplicity with cutting-edge security, providing a haven for your data in an increasingly interconnected digital landscape.

    File Sharing

    Sync's file sharing capabilities provide users with a versatile and secure means to manage their data, irrespective of their location. The platform's emphasis on privacy is particularly commendable, made possible by the implementation of end-to-end encryption, instilling a sense of confidence that one's cloud-stored data remains both impervious and confidential.

    What distinguishes Sync's file sharing functionality is its simplicity and inclusiveness. Sharing files of any size becomes effortless, even for recipients lacking a Sync account. Collaborative efforts are streamlined as multiple users collaborate within the same folder ecosystem. Notably, the inclusion of features like file requests, password protection, notifications, expiry dates, and granular permissions ensures users maintain full control over their shared content.

    Sync's adoption of shareable links ushers in a new dimension of convenience. By generating these links, users can distribute files and folders effortlessly, eliminating the need for recipients to have a Sync account. Critically, these links secure the original file from unauthorized edits, providing view-only access. This method circumvents the complications of cumbersome email attachments, granting a secure and efficient way to share files.

    This user-friendly experience is consistently upheld across various devices – from the web panel to desktop computers, as well as mobile phones and tablets. Setting access permissions while sharing links provides an added layer of control. Basic permissions such as custom passwords and the ability to revoke links ensure security. For advanced functionality, Sync Pro and Business subscribers can employ more intricate permissions, like download restrictions, expiry dates, and activity notifications.

    An innovative feature for Sync Pro and Business users is the ability to enable file uploads through shared links. This allows those receiving the link to upload files directly to a designated folder, without requiring a Sync account. Such seamless interaction facilitates the smooth exchange of files.

    Furthermore, when sharing links to folders housing multiple files, recipients gain the convenience of downloading all linked files simultaneously as a compressed Zip archive. This feature is advantageous for efficiency, enabling swift downloading of multiple files, particularly from folders up to 5 GB in size. Additionally, the flexibility to disable this option via link permissions affords users control over their shared content.

    Sync Vault

    Sync's Vault serves as a distinctive cloud-only storage extension within your Sync account, designed to cater to specific storage needs. Notably, Vault finds its niche in scenarios involving file backups and the liberation of space by accommodating files and folders located external to your primary Sync folder. It stands out as a storage option where automatic synchronization is bypassed, rendering it particularly suitable for backups or the efficient utilization of available space.

    In contrast, the Sync folder holds a distinct role as a specialized folder located on your computer. This folder is designed to synchronize seamlessly with the cloud, ensuring that modifications or additions to your files are mirrored across devices. This synchronization extends to all computers with the Sync desktop app installed, enabling easy accessibility to a consistent set of files from various devices.

    Vault, on the other hand, functions as an autonomous cloud storage area, operating independently from the automatic synchronization characteristic of the Sync folder. This autonomy empowers users to manually transfer files and folders from any location on their computer, including external drives, to the Vault for the creation of cloud-based backups.

    Files and folders residing within the Vault remain readily accessible through the web panel or mobile applications, providing the flexibility to retrieve these assets from the cloud and reinstate them on your computer as needed.

    For this purpose, the Sync desktop app is instrumental, as it facilitates the uploading of files and folders to Vault from virtually any location on your computer, including external drives. Notably, the organization of files in Vault mirrors their original file paths, preventing data conflicts that could arise from similar filenames sourced from diverse locations or devices.

    The utilitarian aspect of Vault extends beyond backups. By utilizing Vault, users can efficiently clear space on their devices, as files stored exclusively in the cloud do not occupy local storage. Once again, these cloud-only files remain accessible through the web panel and mobile apps, permitting effortless retrieval to your computer or devices as required.

    Sync Web Panel

    The Sync Web Panel serves as a secure online hub for managing your cloud storage and account preferences. This versatile interface empowers users with an array of essential capabilities, all easily accessible in one place.

    One of the key advantages of the Web Panel is its ability to provide effortless file access through any web browser. This means that you can retrieve your files conveniently, no matter where you are, ensuring seamless connectivity to your data.

    Additionally, the Web Panel facilitates streamlined file sharing. Whether it's utilizing shared links or team share folders, collaborating on files becomes a straightforward process. These features grant you the means to distribute content efficiently while retaining control over access permissions.

    Beyond file management, the Web Panel also equips you with the ability to delve into your file version history and recover deleted files. This functionality adds an extra layer of data security, allowing you to restore previous file iterations or retrieve inadvertently deleted content.

    Furthermore, the Web Panel acts as a centralized hub for managing your account's security settings. This ensures that you can tailor your security preferences to your needs, enhancing your control over your data's protection.

    Last but not least, the Web Panel is designed with compatibility in mind. It seamlessly operates on popular web browsers such as Internet Explorer 10+, Microsoft Edge, Safari 7+, Firefox, and Chrome. This cross-browser compatibility extends to both desktop computers and mobile devices, ensuring that you can access and manage your cloud storage seamlessly regardless of your preferred platform.

    Sync for Business

    Sync for Business emerges as a robust and secure cloud storage solution that has been thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of businesses operating across various jurisdictions. With built-in compliance for regulations such as the USA, EU / UK GDPR, and Canadian standards, Sync offers a steadfast commitment to security and data protection. The inclusion of priority in-house support further enhances the platform's appeal, positioning Sync Business as a standout option within the market.

    One of the standout features of Sync Business lies in its secure file exchange capabilities. The platform enables secure sharing of files and folders with both clients and colleagues. These exchanges are fortified by features like secure links, controlled access with customizable elements such as passwords, expiry dates, upload permissions, and email notifications. Moreover, the ability to facilitate unlimited data transfer and instant access for link recipients, sans the necessity of a Sync account, enhances the user experience.

    The platform also emphasizes collaboration and private sharing. By offering centralized folder access across multiple users, devices, and computers, Sync Business effectively negates the need for complex file servers or email-based exchanges. Customizable user permissions, ranging from read-only to read-write access, offer granular control over data access. A comprehensive activity log feature ensures oversight, keeping users informed of user and file actions on shared resources.

    Accessing files seamlessly from any location is a hallmark of Sync Business. The platform facilitates file synchronization and access across all devices, including seamless integration with productivity applications such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite on Windows and Mac systems. Mobile apps for popular platforms and web access provide further convenience, ensuring that files are within reach regardless of location.

    A unique feature is the ability to instantly preview documents, obviating the need for downloads. This is supplemented by the option to restrict downloads for previewable documents, aligning with data privacy compliance measures. The platform supports an array of document formats, including Microsoft Office, Adobe PDF, image formats, and more.

    Backup and recovery capabilities bolster data security, allowing for file rollback to previous dates or times. Real-time centralized backups and the dedicated Sync Vault cloud-only storage cater to seamless data recovery, even in the face of ransomware or hardware failures. The latter offers a practical solution to archive files, freeing up space on local drives.

    Multi-user administration tools further streamline management, with features enabling the addition and removal of user accounts, password resets, activity log viewing, and centralized billing. This consolidation of administrative tasks contributes to operational efficiency.

    Desktop Apps

    The Sync desktop application, available for both Windows and Mac operating systems, seamlessly integrates into your computing environment. Upon installation, this application establishes a dedicated Sync folder, which introduces a host of valuable functionalities to your file management experience.

    Functioning much like any other folder on your system, the Sync folder provides a range of notable features. Notably, it ensures automatic cloud backup of files housed within it, mitigating the risk of data loss due to local hardware issues. Additionally, the Sync folder incorporates version history and deleted file recovery capabilities, bolstering data security by allowing you to restore previous file states or retrieve accidentally deleted content.

    A central feature of the Sync folder lies in its support for seamless file sharing. This folder serves as a direct point for sharing files and folders, simplifying collaboration and content distribution. Furthermore, it acts as a consolidated repository, enabling easy access to files that others have shared with you.

    The Sync desktop application further emphasizes accessibility. Beyond your computer, the Sync folder can be accessed from your phone, tablet, and via web interfaces. This versatility ensures your files remain within reach, regardless of your location or the device at hand.

    The desktop app acts as a conduit, facilitating swift engagement with the Sync folder. It offers a convenient avenue to access the Sync folder on your computer, enabling rapid searches across both the Sync and the Vault. By providing insights into recent file activity, the desktop app ensures you stay current with modifications. Furthermore, it empowers you to effortlessly update your account password.

    Mobile Apps

    The Sync mobile apps, tailored for Android, iPhone, and iPad devices, present a seamless means of accessing your files directly from your mobile device. Available at no cost, these apps offer a comprehensive set of features designed to enhance your mobile file management experience.

    The primary advantage of the Sync mobile apps is their capacity to grant you access to your Sync files from virtually anywhere, empowering you to stay connected to your data while on the move. Additionally, the apps seamlessly integrate with third-party applications on your device, enabling you to effortlessly open and edit files stored within Sync using your preferred apps.

    The apps also capitalize on your device's camera functionality. With this integration, you can readily capture photos and videos, and have them automatically saved to your Sync storage. This feature not only streamlines the process but also ensures your visual content is safeguarded within the Sync ecosystem.

    Enhancing your mobile productivity, the Sync apps offer offline access to designated files. This functionality is particularly valuable when you find yourself in locations with limited or no internet connectivity. By making files available for offline access, the apps ensure your productivity remains unhindered even in such scenarios.

    Sharing files receives a significant boost through the mobile apps. You gain the ability to generate shareable links and seamlessly disseminate them through emails, text messages, and other compatible applications. This streamlined sharing process aligns with the modern demands of rapid and efficient communication.

    Moreover, the Sync mobile apps provide you with the means to manage team shared folders directly from your mobile device. This centralized control over shared resources ensures that you can monitor and contribute to collaborative efforts even while on the go.

    Best Dropbox Alternative?

    One pivotal concern regarding Dropbox is the accessibility of user files to their employees, a point that raises valid questions about data privacy. In this regard, Sync presents a notable contrast by offering end-to-end encryption, a crucial feature that guarantees exclusive access to your data in the cloud. This safeguards your files from prying eyes, as Sync's design ensures that neither the platform nor any other entity can access or decipher your stored data. This encrypted ecosystem stands in stark contrast to Dropbox's ability to access, scan, and share user files, which might understandably give rise to privacy concerns.

    A further testament to Sync's commitment to privacy lies in its file sharing dynamics. While Dropbox allows varying degrees of file access, Sync places the reins firmly in your hands. This means that only you possess access to your data, thereby assuring a heightened level of privacy protection. Additionally, the option to share folders of any size is extended even to free users, ensuring that collaboration remains seamless and unhindered.

    Functionality-wise, Sync successfully delivers the essential features expected of a file synchronization and sharing platform. Much like Dropbox, Sync facilitates effortless file access and sharing across devices, ensuring that files are just a click away, irrespective of the device at hand. With support for a range of operating systems including Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS, integration into your existing ecosystem is smooth and intuitive.

    The Sync folder, akin to Dropbox's signature folder, acts as a central repository, enabling access from any device. Desktop and mobile apps complement web browser access, ensuring a diverse range of options for engaging with your stored data. Additionally, features like offline access, secure file sharing, collaborative shared folder capabilities, and selective sync enrich the user experience.

    Ultimately, Sync's merit as a Dropbox alternative lies in its unwavering emphasis on data privacy and security. By incorporating end-to-end encryption and fostering a sense of control over data accessibility, Sync not only positions itself as a secure platform but also as a viable option for those who prioritize the safeguarding of their information. With its familiar features, intuitive interface, and a robust stance on user privacy, Sync presents itself as a compelling and reliable alternative in the realm of cloud storage solutions.

    Plans and Pricing


    Sync and share absolutely free

    Top features:

    5 GB of secure storage
    Share files up to 5 GB
    Sync Vault
    Solo Basic

    For individuals and sole practitioners

    Top features:

    2 TB of secure storage
    Advanced sharing & collaboration
    Sync Vault
    $8/mo per user
    Solo Professional

    For sole practitioners seeking more storage & custom branding

    Top features:

    New 6 TB of secure storage
    New Custom branding
    Advanced sharing & collaboration
    Sync Vault
    $20/mo per user
    Teams Standard

    For your small business or team

    Top features:

    1 TB of secure storage
    Advanced sharing & collaboration
    Administrator account
    Sync Vault
    $5/mo per user
    Teams Unlimited

    For teams of any size, and those seeking advanced storage options

    Top features:

     Unlimited storage
     Custom branding
     Phone support
    Advanced sharing & collaboration
    Administrator account
    Sync Vault
    $15/mo per user

    For companies that need enhanced org-wide controls with 100+ users.

    (Contact the sales team to get a custom price estimate)

    Top features:

    Minimum 100 users
    Custom requirements and pricing
    Dedicated account manager
    Training options
    Custom Pros & Cons Pros

    • Outstanding privacy features
    • A great option for businesses
    • File storing and sharing is very simple
    • Global data privacy compliance
    • Apps are very intuitive Cons

    • Doesn't offer lifetime plans
    • No Linux support Review: Verdict

    After our review, we found this cloud storage provider to be one of the very best solutions in the market.

    If you're still using Dropbox, you should definitely start looking for an alternative, Dropbox employees have access yo all your files stored on their servers, on top of that, they have been known to censor and ban users based on political motifs, Sync, on the other hand, does not have access to your files and respects your privacy while keeping all your data safe and secure.

    The mobile and desktop apps are very easy to use and well structured, the higher the plan you choose, the better the features, unfortunately, unlike some alternatives, Sync does not offer lifetime plans and there's no Linux support.

    If you'd like to try Sync for yourself, you can sign up for a account and get 5GB for free, to do so, simply follow the link below!

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