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The summer is a time to kick back and enjoy the sun, beaches, and all the activities you can get into. It's also a time to create great memories with your friends and family. Summer music can help you create those memories, it can be a powerful way to bring people together. Whether you're a professional video editor, a YouTuber, or an amateur cinematographer, the summer is also a great time to create some attention-grabbing content, for that, you'll need outstanding royalty-free music, that's where this article comes in, our selection of summer songs can be used both personally and professionally! Did we get your attention? Keep reading as we look at the best summer songs!

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    The Most Popular Time Of The Year?

    Summer is very possibly the most popular season. With warm weather, people can enjoy outdoor activities more easily, these include spending the day at the beach or at the lake, arranging cookouts with friends and family, and hiking.

    It is also a great time to travel to some travelers' favorites such as the Caribbean, or Sardinia, where the crystal-clear water feels like a dream during the summertime.

    During the summer it is also easier to get around without so many clothes, you just feel lighter! It's also great to sit outside while having a nice meal at your favorite restaurant, drinking a refreshing cocktail.

    The best parties of the year also take place during the summer, that's why having a great soundtrack to go along with it is so important!

    Summer Videos

    With so many memorable, interesting events taking place during the summer, it is no surprise that many videos are also recorded during this time.

    YouTubers take the opportunity to create engaging content outdoors, either at the beach, doing water sports, or hiking, this is one of the best times of the year to bring new ideas to life.

    If you're not a professional videographer, this is still a great time to capture some personal memories to remember later. Film your summer vacation, tape the fun summer times, and then edit them to the sound of some memorable summer tunes!

    Finding Summer Music

    Finding summer music isn't hard, you just need to head on over to platforms like Spotify, or even YouTube, and you play the greatest hits of the summer.

    But, if you own a bar or public venue, and you plan to play that music in it, then you will need to clear licensing rights.

    Also, if you want to create a video featuring a particular soundtrack, and you just post it online on platforms like YouTube or Facebook, your video will likely end up being taken down on copyright claims.

    That's where a royalty-free music platform such as Epidemic Sound comes in!

    Introducing Epidemic Sound

    Epidemic Sound is the perfect place for those looking to create outstanding content with engaging music and sound effects without having to worry about boring stuff like licensing.

    Epidemic Sound features a huge library of top-notch music and sound effects, carefully curated by the team behind the Swedish company.

    By paying a simple, affordable, subscription plan, you'll be able to use all of Epidemic Sound's songs and sound effects.

    So, whether you run a public venue such as a beach bar, or you're planning to create some great content this summer, you're bound to find some awesome songs on Epidemic Sound!

    But don't take our word for it, follow the link below and try Epidemic Sound for one month completely free of charge!

    Top 10 Best Summer Songs

    Finding the right kind of music to go along with your summer videos is no easy task, thankfully, Epidemic Sound makes the task much easier thanks to its user-friendly interface.

    In order to save you time, we have gathered and listed our favorite Epidemic Sound summer songs below! We you enjoy them!

    1. Spread the Word

    2. Back Bay

    3. Sahara Cowboy

    4. Monkey Throw Monkey

    5. Surf's Alright

    6. Cruising in Cali

    7. It Happens in Malibu

    8. You Are My Little Sun

    9. Eldorado

    10. Pinneaple Dance

    Now that you know where to get the best summer music, go outside, enjoy your summer, and create some memorable content!

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