StormGain Review: Is It Worth It?

In this StormGain review, we will give you everything you need to know about StormGain. Let's dig into their security, fees, customer support, and trading platform.

Disclaimer: We want to emphasize that this is not financial advice. Cryptocurrencies operate in a volatile market, where values can drastically fluctuate in a blink of an eye. It is imperative to conduct thorough research and seek guidance from a qualified financial advisor before investing.

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    StormGain Review

    Background and History

    StormGain stands as an accessible online platform tailored for cryptocurrency trading, accommodating a diverse user base. It presents a practical avenue for individuals seeking to engage with the cryptocurrency market dynamics, spanning potential gains and losses, as well as fostering prolonged engagement through the acquisition of crypto assets.

    Within its ambit, the platform extends support for trading across a spectrum of widely recognized and heavily capitalized digital currencies. This is facilitated through a multiplier feature that allows leveraged trading with an impressive upper limit of 300x. Such an approach caters to traders who wish to amplify their exposure and potential returns, albeit with a commensurate level of risk.

    Moreover, StormGain also offers a more conventional investment path through its provision for long-term holding strategies. For those inclined towards a measured and enduring approach to crypto participation, the platform furnishes an avenue for straightforward investment and retention of digital assets.

    Established in July of 2019, StormGain finds its headquarters in the financial hub of London, England. Despite its relatively short time in operation, the platform has garnered a notable presence across multiple global jurisdictions. Notably, this encompasses a diverse array of countries, ranging from economic powerhouses like China, Germany, and the United Kingdom to countries such as France, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Turkey, and Vietnam.

    This strategic outreach underscores the platform's commitment to providing its services to a geographically extensive user base. Despite its recent establishment, StormGain has successfully traversed national boundaries, offering its cryptocurrency trading and investment solutions to a diverse international clientele.

    Key Features

    The StormGain platform encompasses a range of order types and trading tools, designed to accommodate traders of varying experience levels. While other cryptocurrency trading platforms often impose strict KYC requirements, StormGain takes a different approach by offering a straightforward account opening process that allows traders to leverage the substantial multiple leverages it provides.

    Traders and investors engage with the cryptocurrency market through cryptocurrency futures contracts, forming the core of StormGain's operational framework.

    Key attributes define StormGain as a comprehensive trading solution:

    Crypto Cloud Miner: StormGain introduces the concept of Crypto Cloud mining, expanding opportunities for cryptocurrency acquisition.

    Deposit Bonuses: Deposits of $100 or more are incentivized with a 25 USDT bonus, fostering engagement.

    Interest on Deposits: StormGain enhances user involvement by offering 12% interest on the deposited amount.

    Crypto Wallet: An integrated and secure crypto wallet enhances usability and functionality.

    Crypto Exchange: The platform features an integrated crypto exchange, enabling seamless asset conversion and trading.

    Currency Pair Trading with High Multipliers: StormGain supports currency pair trading with leverage up to a substantial 300x.

    Educational Platform: Catering to empowerment, StormGain hosts an educational platform providing insights for informed decisions.

    Sports Sponsorship: As an official sponsor of Lazio Fútbol Club, StormGain extends its profile beyond trading.

    User-Friendly Interface: Designed for intuitive navigation, the interface accommodates users regardless of expertise.

    Continuous Client Support: StormGain ensures around-the-clock assistance, emphasizing client care.

    Favorable Day Trading Conditions: A 0% swap for day trading distinguishes the platform's offering.

    Loyalty Program: Encouraging long-term engagement, StormGain implements a rewarding loyalty program.

    Demo Account: A substantial demo account of 50,000 USDT aids users in familiarization and experimentation.

    Deposit and Withdrawal

    When addressing the aspects of deposit and withdrawal on the StormGain platform, a nuanced approach is essential. The withdrawal process primarily centers on cryptocurrencies, while the deposit mechanism offers a dual approach for investors and traders.

    Withdrawals within the StormGain framework remain confined to the realm of cryptocurrencies. For traders aiming to extract funds, the avenue encompasses transferring pre-existing cryptocurrencies to their designated and compatible StormGain wallets. Simultaneously, an option is available for traders to facilitate withdrawals by employing credit card purchases, thereby converting cryptocurrencies into tangible funds.

    On the reverse side, investors are presented with an avenue to execute withdrawals. This involves the transfer of cryptocurrencies from their StormGain wallets to alternative, compatible wallets, thereby allowing for the desired liquidity.

    It's imperative to note that StormGain's operational scope does not encompass the exchange of cryptocurrencies into fiat currencies. Thus, any exchange of digital assets remains within the confines of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, devoid of integration into traditional monetary systems.

    In instances where investors seek to withdraw Tether, a practical approach is presented. Here, the process involves trading the relevant cryptocurrency into USDT before initiating the withdrawal. This dynamic maneuver ensures a seamless transition from cryptocurrency holdings to the stablecoin USDT, facilitating subsequent withdrawal proceedings.

    This pragmatic depiction underscores the platform's dedication to navigating the cryptocurrency domain in a transparent and deliberate manner. The delineation of withdrawal and deposit dynamics is devoid of sensationalism, resting on clear-cut functional principles.

    Brokerage Services, Cryptocurrencies and Supported Payment Methods

    StormGain positions itself as a facilitator of cryptocurrency futures trading, providing a robust trading platform for users seeking exposure to this dynamic market segment.

    In terms of account initiation, StormGain takes a practical stance. While email verification is not a mandatory prerequisite, users can expect to receive a confirming email upon successful account creation. This confirms the establishment of the account, streamlining the onboarding process.

    Once this initial stage is complete, users are poised to engage more actively. To fully leverage the capabilities of the StormGain platform, an essential step is making a deposit. This deposit serves as the foundation for embarking on trading endeavors and capitalizing on the array of opportunities that the platform extends.

    It's important to be cognizant of the specifics surrounding credit card transactions on the platform. Credit card purchases are subject to a cap of €20,000 or an equivalent amount in other currencies. Additionally, a transaction fee is applicable, amounting to 5% of the transaction value or a minimum of $10, depending on which figure is higher. These practical stipulations shed light on the parameters governing credit card usage within the StormGain ecosystem.

    For those with Tether holdings, StormGain offers a streamlined process. To deposit Tether, users can select the "USDT Deposit" option. This action prompts the allocation of a USDT wallet address, ensuring a straightforward mechanism for integrating existing Tether holdings into the StormGain platform.

    Conversely, investors and traders who possess other cryptocurrencies aren't left out. The platform accommodates various cryptocurrencies beyond Tether. To deposit these alternative cryptocurrencies, users can select the corresponding deposit option, found on the right-hand side. Following this selection, users can follow a uniform procedure, akin to the Tether deposit process detailed earlier.

    With a funded StormGain wallet, the stage is set for trading activities. The platform's emphasis on a pragmatic, step-by-step approach underscores its dedication to operational clarity, fostering a seamless user experience.


    StormGain presents a cryptocurrency futures trading platform, catering to a diverse array of digital assets within its operational framework. The cryptocurrencies supported on the platform encompass a comprehensive spectrum, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Gold, Cardano's ADA, DASH, EOS, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, IOTA, Litecoin, Monero's XMR, NEM, NEO, OmiseGo, QTUM, Ripple's XRP, Stellar's Lumen, Tether, Tron's TRX, and Zcash.

    In recognition of the inherent volatility within the cryptocurrency domain, StormGain equips users with essential risk management tools. These tools are strategically integrated into the platform to empower both investors and traders with effective risk mitigation capabilities. Notable among these tools are "Stop Loss" and "Take Profit," mechanisms designed to provide precise control over potential gains and losses.

    Complementing the practical trading tools, StormGain augments its service with expert insights. The platform offers cryptocurrency forecasts delivered by their in-house specialists at regular intervals. This valuable feature serves to furnish users with updated analyses, aiding informed decision-making amidst a rapidly evolving market landscape.

    Technical indicators further bolster the analytical toolkit provided by the platform, enabling users to draw upon quantitative insights in addition to the qualitative expertise delivered through forecasts.

    Engaging with the StormGain platform requires an initial deposit of 50 USDT as a minimum threshold. Additionally, the platform enforces a trading floor of 10 USDT, underscoring accessibility. A distinctive facet of StormGain's approach lies in the application of leverage. With a deposit of 10 USDT, users can access a leverage multiple of up to 150x. This translates to a potential trade value of 1,500 USDT.

    The interplay of leverage demands a judicious approach. While leverage enhances profit prospects, it also heightens exposure to losses. This inherent duality underscores the importance of prudent risk management strategies. The platform takes the pragmatic stance of acknowledging that while profitability can be amplified through leverage, the potential for substantial losses necessitates the adoption of rigorous risk management protocols. This sober perspective underscores the platform's commitment to equipping users with the tools and knowledge essential for responsible trading within the cryptocurrency domain.

    Loyalty Program

    StormGain's loyalty program is curated to cater to both investors and traders, offering a multi-tiered structure that comes with varying benefits. The level attributed to an investor or trader is determined by the amalgamation of their account balance and trading volume.

    The tiers are categorized as follows:

    - Standard: This tier is designated for accounts with a balance lower than 499 USDT and no accompanying trading volume.
    - Gold: Accounts boasting a balance surpassing 499 USDT and a trading volume that exceeds 150,000 USDT qualify for this tier.
    - Platinum: This tier accommodates accounts holding a balance exceeding 1,499 USDT, coupled with a trading volume surpassing 750,000 USDT.
    - Diamond: Accounts with balances exceeding 4,999 USDT and trading volumes surpassing 2,250,000 USDT are granted this elevated tier.

    For the upper echelon of participants:

    - VIP: Reserved for accounts that exhibit balances surpassing 49,999 USDT, coupled with an impressive trading volume exceeding 7,500,000 USDT.

    Spanning the tiers are a range of privileges. These encompass diversified exchange fees and discounts on trading fees, each contingent on the tier level that a user occupies. Notably, the program introduces a deposit percentage bonus that scales from 5% to 15%, in accordance with the tiers extending from gold to diamond.

    For participants in the esteemed VIP tier, the program takes on a personalized approach. The exact benefits are tailored to each individual, yet the underlying principle remains steadfast: the program honors and recognizes the commitment and engagement of users who navigate the platform's upper echelons.

    In articulating the framework of this loyalty program, StormGain adopts a pragmatic and transparent approach. It eschews flamboyance, opting instead for a delineation grounded in logic and tailored to users' trading pathways and preferences.

    Interest on Crypto Deposits

    StormGain introduces a notable facet within its operational scope - the provision of interest on cryptocurrency deposits held in StormGain wallets. This initiative is designed to offer investors and traders an additional avenue for potential returns within the platform's ecosystem.

    The structure of this offering is defined by specific parameters. Deposits that fall within the range of 100 to 50,000 USDT are eligible to receive a notable benefit: an annual interest rate of 10%. This interest is extended to deposits that are maintained for a minimum period of 30 days.

    The operational dynamics of this interest mechanism are rooted in practicality. Interest calculation transpires on a daily basis, leveraging the account balance as of 21:00 GMT as the foundational metric. The application of interest adheres to the equity method, signifying that the calculated interest amount is appended using the equity metric at the time of computation. In essence, this encapsulates the cumulative remaining balance of all accounts, alongside any bonus funds, at the closure of the day.

    The introduction of interest on crypto deposits reflects StormGain's intention to align with users' financial objectives and augment their engagement experience. This initiative stands as a factual representation of the platform's approach, sans embellishment, presenting a clear avenue for potential returns within the confines of responsible cryptocurrency management.

    Crypto Trading Signals

    StormGain introduces a valuable resource into its suite of offerings - free trading signals. These signals manifest as strategic suggestions, devised by StormGain specialists to provide pragmatic assistance to traders and investors navigating the complexities of the market. At the core of this service is the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in conjunction with diverse analytical techniques, encompassing chart analysis, utilization of assorted indicators, technical analysis, and news assessment. The amalgamation of these elements culminates in the formulation of these trading signals.

    The delivery of these signals is a recurring process, occurring at intervals spanning several hours. From a risk management perspective, the provision of precise stop loss and take profit levels is of immense value. These metrics serve as pivotal parameters that aid users in optimizing their trading strategies and safeguarding their investments.

    The efficacy of StormGain's trading signals can be gauged from the fact that their specialists boast an impressive accuracy rate of 70% on their forecasts. This numerical underpinning lends credibility to the utility of the signals, underscoring their potential to facilitate informed trading decisions.

    StormGain's endeavor to provide trading signals is rooted in practicality, offering users a tool that aligns with the realities of market dynamics. The factual portrayal of this service refrains from embellishment, showcasing its intrinsic worth within the framework of the cryptocurrency trading landscape.

    Trading Platform

    StormGain's trading platform unfolds as a dynamic web-based interface, adaptable to diverse trading needs and strategies.

    Within this platform, users encounter distinct interfaces catering to various aspects of trading. Notably, the "Trade with Multiplier" interface facilitates cryptocurrency trading through the application of multipliers provided by the platform. User experience is further enriched by sub-categories, encompassing divisions such as "Popular," "Favorites," "All Instruments," "Top Winners," and "Top Losers."

    The execution process offers two fundamental options:

    - Immediate Trade based on Market Price: This permits real-time trading at the prevailing market rate.

    - 'At Price' Option: This empowers traders to preset their desired buy or sell price.

    In both scenarios, users input the transaction amount and multiplier. Additionally, the platform allows for active risk management by enabling the selection of preferred profit or loss thresholds, thereby refining trading strategies.

    For traders and investors unphased by the inherent volatility characterizing cryptocurrency markets, StormGain presents the "Auto Increase" option. This strategic tool serves as a reload mechanism, extending a trade's duration if it experiences a 50% loss. In such instances, StormGain automatically injects an additional 50% of the trade amount, directly deducted from the respective wallet.

    This exposition of StormGain's trading platform is underpinned by objectivity, avoiding embellishments and providing an impartial overview of its functionalities. The presentation adheres to practicality, offering insights to informed traders seeking a comprehensive understanding of the platform's features.


    The StormGain exchange serves as a versatile platform encompassing trading, purchasing, and retaining cryptocurrencies through an array of available pairings.

    Once more, the interface is thoughtfully categorized into sub-sections, which include Popular, Favorites, All Instruments, Top Winners, and Top Losers.

    Executing a market order is a straightforward process. Users input the desired amount for conversion and choose between buying or selling. Notably, StormGain accommodates both buy and sell transactions, contributing to trading flexibility.

    For those seeking to place a Limit or Stop order, the procedure remains streamlined. Inputting the limit or stop price, alongside the desired conversion amount, is followed by the choice to buy or sell. This decision hinges on whether one is opting for a long or short position.

    The pertinent commission is transparently displayed at the bottom of the order screen. This depiction refrains from embellishment, presenting factual information that aids users in comprehending the associated costs.

    This articulation of StormGain's exchange operations emphasizes clarity and practicality, devoid of hyperbole, while providing a concise overview of its functions for users seeking a pragmatic understanding.

    Instant Exchange

    StormGain's instant exchange feature offers a seamless mechanism for immediate cryptocurrency swaps among those supported within the platform.

    The process entails straightforward steps. Users begin by choosing the relevant wallets for both the source and destination of the exchange. Following this, they input the desired exchange amount and proceed by clicking the 'Exchange' button.

    For example, if opting to convert USDT to Bitcoin, the transaction follows this pattern: The USDT wallet is debited while the Bitcoin wallet is credited, factoring in the applicable fee.

    This depiction remains rooted in clarity, abstaining from exaggeration while furnishing essential insights about the function of StormGain's instant exchange.

    Cloud Miner

    Effective from December 1, the StormGain Cloud Miner program unveils enhanced advantages, specifically tailored for participants within the loyalty program. A pivotal element distinguishing this iteration is the correlation between the velocity of cryptocurrency mining and the participant's loyalty program tier. This symbiotic relationship manifests as a cloud mining speed coefficient that commences at x0.5 for standard users and advances incrementally for Gold (x1), Platinum (x3), and Diamond (x12) members. At the apogee of this hierarchy, VIP members gain access to an impressive x530 coefficient, exemplifying the potency of their involvement.

    Functioning as a hosted solution on remote StormGain cloud servers, the Cloud Miner framework is meticulously designed to circumvent resource drain on users' devices. This discerning approach ensures that neither processing power, battery life, nor regular device operations are compromised. A notable facet, particularly for users seeking a seamless experience.

    Of paramount importance is the absence of fees associated with the StormGain Cloud Miner. This crucial distinction effectively mitigates the apprehension linked to the ambiguity of return on investment. StormGain's unique stance centers on the correlation between user gains and their trading activity. Concomitant with this ethos, each StormGain user is empowered to participate in cloud mining without incurring any costs, reiterating the platform's dedication to user-centric value enhancement.

    This presentation of the StormGain Cloud Miner adheres to transparency, avoiding embellishments, while providing a thorough overview of its functionality and benefits for users seeking a practical understanding.


    The fee structure within StormGain exhibits a level of variation contingent upon the specific cryptocurrency pairing undergoing trading. Across individual positions, this span encompasses a range from 0.15% to 0.5%.

    The operational metrics defining the platform's dynamics include instantaneous exchange rates and stipulated minimum exchange sizes, each tailored to facilitate seamless transactions.

    Further examination of the fee landscape involves crypto trading commissions, accompanied by parameters such as minimum and maximum multiples, as well as the swap buy and swap sell daily rates. These variables are subject to distinctions grounded in asset class categorization. This classification extends to averages of commissions, maximum multiples, and daily swap sale rates, each calibrated to harmonize with the distinct attributes of different asset categories.

    Capitalizing on the complete multiplier of 300x is facilitated through the trading of BTC/USDT, affording traders the comprehensive spectrum of leverage. This trading pair further stands out by offering some of the most modest average commission figures per trade.

    On the axis of deposits and withdrawals, the elucidation is as follows: Noteworthy is the absence of deposit fees, albeit the existence of minimum deposit prerequisites. In contrast, the withdrawal fee is a fixed 0.1%, independent of cryptocurrency type. However, the platform mandates a minimum withdrawal threshold that varies according to the specific cryptocurrency.

    This exposition of StormGain's fee structure underscores transparency and precision, steering clear of embellishments while presenting pertinent information that informs users of the associated costs and requirements.


    Within the confines of StormGain, portfolios emerge as an uncomplicated solution, affording both investors and traders a straightforward mechanism to safeguard, oversee, and interchange funds.

    A total of six crypto wallets are seamlessly integrated into the platform's framework, and these cater to the extensive array of cryptocurrencies that StormGain comprehensively supports. This multiplicity of wallets underscores StormGain's commitment to streamlining asset management by enabling users to consolidate their diverse crypto holdings within a singular repository.

    Inaugurating the journey towards trading on the StormGain platform necessitates traversing the registration process and making an asset deposit. This foundational step grants users the access they need to engage in the platform's activities.

    Meticulous security enhancement is a cornerstone of StormGain's approach. The platform diligently deploys industry-leading security protocols, coupled with robust encryption mechanisms, to shield users from the pervasive threat of cyber fraud. In this vein, the application of 2-factor authentication and cold wallets fortifies the security infrastructure, assuring users of the stringent measures in place.

    It's pertinent to acknowledge that the embedded wallets within the StormGain ecosystem are offered without any associated costs. This point adds an additional layer of practicality, aligning with StormGain's overarching objective of providing user-centric value without unnecessary frills.

    This presentation of StormGain's wallet functionality abstains from undue promotion, focusing instead on the provision of factual insights. It serves as an objective overview that empowers users to comprehend the utility of StormGain's wallet infrastructure in a balanced and pragmatic manner.

    Privacy and Security

    StormGain presents a trading platform tailored for traders and investors that places substantial emphasis on privacy and security considerations.

    Central to this commitment is the provision of robust wallet security measures. StormGain adopts the utilization of cold wallets, effectively safeguarding the crypto assets held by traders and investors against the looming threat of theft. The offline nature of these cold wallets acts as a formidable deterrent, rendering them impervious to cyber intrusions facilitated via the internet.

    An additional layer of security, 2 Factor Authentication (2FA), serves as a pivotal cornerstone. This mechanism bolsters the security paradigm by introducing a vital layer of verification. For users of the StormGain platform, the integration of Google's Android or iPhone app to establish a one-time password ("TOTP") two-factor authentication becomes indispensable. This confirmation step applies to each instance of logging in or initiating a withdrawal, acting as a robust gatekeeper against unauthorized access.

    This exposition maintains a balanced perspective, refraining from unnecessary embellishments. The portrayal of StormGain's privacy and security measures aligns with the platform's commitment to transparency, offering an objective insight into the strategies implemented to fortify user experiences within the trading ecosystem.

    Customer Support

    StormGain boasts an around-the-clock customer helpline, underscoring the platform's commitment to maintaining a responsive channel for user assistance.

    Complementing this direct support avenue are video tutorials, thoughtfully designed to offer supplementary guidance. These resources aim to address common inquiries comprehensively. However, recognizing the potential scope of user queries, StormGain extends its customer service framework with a dedicated telephone line and email address. This ensures that users encountering issues or seeking clarifications can access assistance 24/7.

    The fusion of an ever-available helpline, coupled with video tutorials and traditional contact methods, constitutes StormGain's approach to facilitating user support. This articulation abstains from embellishments, offering a clear portrayal of the mechanisms in place to assist users within the platform.

    Accepted Countries

    StormGain extends its services to a global audience, embracing clients from various regions. However, there are specific countries for which StormGain's offerings are not available. Notably, the platform is not accessible to individuals from the United States, Canada, Japan, Guyana, Lao PDR, Vanuatu, Uganda, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Korea, Syrian Arab Republic (Syria), Burundi, Lebanon, Central African Republic, Libya, Yemen, Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mali, Zimbabwe, Egypt, Myanmar, Guinea, Nicaragua, Guinea-Bissau, Serbia, Haiti, Somalia, Iran (Islamic Republic of), and South Sudan.

    This account offers a factual depiction of StormGain's reach and its exceptions, adhering to an objective representation without resorting to embellishments.

    StormGain Pros & Cons

    StormGain: Pros

    • Customizable layouts
    • Free indicators
    • Leverage options up to 300x
    • Professional charts
    • 24/7 support
    • Crypto Cloud Miner
    • Interest on deposits
    • Educational platform
    • 0% swap for day trading
    • Loyalty program
    • 50,000 USDT Demo account

    StormGain: Cons

    • Unregulated platform
    • Doesn't support crypto to fiat exchange
    • Doesn't accept clients from two of the largest crypto markets (U.S. and Canada)

    StormGain Review: Verdict

    After our StormGain review, we've concluded that, although relatively new, StormGain is a very promising platform.

    StormGain offers a lot of features, including a Cloud Miner which has attracted a lot of clients, the platform is very intuitive, and has a helpful 24/7 customer support.

    It also offers one of the highest leverage options in the market (300x) which as you should know, can ber extremely profitable, but also extremely dangerous.

    After signing up for StormGain you'll get access to free indicatos, professional charts, education material, and a 50,000 USDT Demo account which is great to get used to trading without losing any real funds.

    You can also enjoy a profitable loyalty program and earn interest on your deposits.

    On the downside, StormGain is unregulated in most countries and it's unavailable for users from various countries, including the U.S. and Canada.

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