StableHost Review: Is It Worth It?

In this StableHost review, we will take a look at the company, their service, features, advantages and then give you our verdict on whether or not we think they are right for you,  let's get to it.

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    StableHost Review

    Background And History

    Established in 2009 in Arizona, StableHost distinguishes itself from larger corporate entities by maintaining a modest team of approximately 15 dedicated professionals. This deliberate choice allows for a personalized approach, wherein each customer encounter is characterized by a deep sense of respect and individualized attention, in stark contrast to the impersonal treatment often associated with industry giants.

    A significant milestone in StableHost's trajectory occurred in 2018 when the company joined the ranks of Miss Group, a swiftly emerging presence within the hosting sector. Miss Group's rapid ascent is underscored by its ever-expanding portfolio of hosting-centric brands, solidifying its position as a noteworthy player in the marketplace.

    Web Hosting

    StableHost's exclusive server clusters are comprised of tens of high-quality dedicated servers.

    StableHost's clustered technology monitors the health of all of their SSD drives every 60 seconds. Every time you add or change a file on your website, it moves it to the best available server at that point in time.

    In the event it detects an issue such as overload or having a hardware problem. It automatically moves you off to another drive giving you the best performance available.

    The problem with traditional web hosting is that your website is placed on a single computer server. Just like your car, computers will fail. It's not a matter of if, but when. Sometimes providers can detect failures and migrate clients before it completely fails, however, most of the time it fails without notice.

    Depending on what failed, your website could be down for days while the provider is restoring your website on another server. Can your website handle such an outage? StableHost's clustered technology will automatically detect failed nodes and re-route your website to another node within 60 seconds.

    Website Builder

    StableHost's array of hosting plans seamlessly integrates an in-house website builder, catering to diverse website development needs.

    Explore an extensive selection of over a hundred layouts spanning a multitude of themes, ranging from Business and Portfolio to Staff, Restaurant, Store, and Blog orientations. Noteworthy is the fact that each layout is meticulously crafted in HTML5 by seasoned designers, attesting to the platform's commitment to quality.

    The flexibility offered by StableHost is exemplified by the freedom to modify your chosen design at your convenience, allowing for dynamic alterations to align with your evolving vision and requirements.


    With an unwavering focus on your digital reputation and the cloak of trust bestowed by SiteLock, customers are empowered to traverse a secure online haven. This isn't merely symbolic reassurance; it's a tangible shield against the unseen perils lurking in the virtual expanse.

    Fueling this bastion of security is SiteLock's ceaseless scanning prowess. It navigates the intricate digital tapestry with unflagging diligence, unveiling lurking pitfalls. From the ominous depths of malware to the intricate choreography of SQL injections and the tangled web of cross-site scripting, SiteLock maneuvers these treacherous waters with resolute determination. Its protective mantle extends to the intricate landscapes of content management systems (CMS) and the dynamic arena of eCommerce applications.

    Yet, should the unfortunate breach materialize and malicious forces encroach upon your digital sanctum, SiteLock leaps into action. It wages a surgical battle to obliterate the malevolent code, restoring the integrity of your virtual dwelling. Like a masterful surgeon, automatic patches are deftly deployed, fortifying the heart of CMS, plugins, and eCommerce solutions, effectively thwarting the nefarious designs of cyber adversaries.

    In the face of the deluge of cyber threats, the Web Application Firewall (WAF) stands resolute, a vigilant sentinel actively shielding your virtual domain. It raises an unyielding barrier against malicious surges, obstructing malevolent traffic and resolutely foiling even the most insidious assailants. The notorious top 10 threats flagged by OWASP, which plague websites worldwide, are met with unwavering resistance from SiteLock's relentless WAF.

    Further enhancing this formidable defense, StableHost's CDN in Secure Web Plus emerges as a dynamic reinforcement, elevating your website's performance to new heights. Elevated SEO rankings, turbocharged website speeds, and optimal bandwidth utilization combine in a symphony that transcends the ordinary, crafting an exceptional digital experience.

    Domain Names

    When considering the acquisition of a domain through StableHost, an array of enticing benefits is poised to enhance your digital journey.

    One such advantage is the integration of Email services. Through this offering, you have the opportunity to cultivate a professional persona by creating a customized email address. This address can seamlessly forward communications to your preferred platforms like Gmail or Outlook. This not only streamlines your communication but also lends a sophisticated touch to your online interactions.

    In the realm of DNS-Editor, StableHost raises the bar by endowing you with the power to manipulate Name Servers or DNS configurations for every domain procured from them. This utility, thoughtfully included at no additional cost, hands you the reins to tailor your domain's online presence as per your evolving needs.

    Delving further into the realm of privacy, StableHost elevates your online security with complimentary WHOIS Protection. This translates to concealed WHOIS details, effectively safeguarding your identity from prying eyes. Unlike many counterparts who expose your information unabashedly to anyone who inquires about domain ownership, StableHost prioritizes your privacy. This stance is underscored by their decision to provide WHOIS Protection free of charge, driven by the belief that your personal information should remain beyond the reach of those simply seeking to ascertain domain ownership.

    Security Audits

    Distinguishing itself from conventional security audits prevalent on the internet, StableHost introduces a markedly different approach that stems from their direct access to your servers. This privileged position allows their team to delve into a more comprehensive and rigorous testing regimen.

    At the heart of their strategy lies the ability to conduct exhaustive examinations, enabled by this direct server access. Their security audits encompass both the standard and extended penetration testing that you might expect from other security firms.

    A highlight is StableHost's Advanced Security audit, which orchestrates a multidisciplinary assessment. The formidable trio of a Network Security Engineer, an Application Security Engineer (proficient in platforms like ColdFusion, WordPress, etc.), and a Database Engineer (well-versed in SQL, MySQL) form the vanguard of this comprehensive scrutiny.

    The approach kicks off by strategically curtailing access points, effectively minimizing the attack surface to its most elemental form. With precision, the focus shifts to pinpoint vulnerabilities, all while deploying a deceptive layer, making the susceptible point appear distant and disconnected (CDN integration). This masterful strategy mitigates risk by making potential threats divert away from critical areas.

    StableHost extends the robustness of this process by extending the option to include Web Application Firewall (WAF) services. Further, a local server is fortified before being integrated with the CDN, amplifying security at multiple levels. A second phase of penetration testing follows, ensuring the closure of all ports, the cessation of unnecessary services, and the optimization of TLS/SSL encryption to its pinnacle.

    However, their security sweep doesn't halt here. It encompasses a meticulous examination of operating system updates, application patches, backups, antivirus software, and more. The thoroughness extends to the realm of logs and event viewer history, ensuring a comprehensive and well-documented trajectory of events.


    StableHost stands behind its commitment to an impressive 99.9% uptime guarantee, assuring a dependable online presence for its users. While its speeds may be classified as average within the realm of hosting providers, its strategic advantage lies in offering six distinct hosting locations for your website.

    In today's digital landscape, website speed is a paramount consideration. The geographical proximity of your hosting server to your intended audience plays a pivotal role in this equation. The farther your website is hosted from your target demographic, the slower its performance tends to be. This latency can translate into tangible losses, in terms of both potential sales and visitors.

    StableHost addresses this critical concern by furnishing you with the option to select from six diverse hosting locations. This strategic approach ensures that your website's speed is optimized, catering to the contemporary expectation of seamless and swift online experiences. By minimizing the distance between your hosting server and your intended audience, StableHost aims to mitigate the risks of lost opportunities and diminished engagement.

    Customer Support

    Navigating the terrain of support, there are two prominent avenues for seekers of guidance:

    Email communication emerges as a reliable conduit. Tailored to your specific needs, you can direct your inquiries to the appropriate departments. Need insights on sales? Reach out to sales[@] Billing concerns? Billing[@] is the destination. For technical support, there's support[@] And for addressing issues of abuse, there's the avenue of abuse[@]

    Adding a contemporary twist to the support panorama is the Conversation Window. This dynamic option beckons you to the client area, where it nestles in the bottom right corner. The entryway to swift solutions, it is your gateway to the Knowledge Base, a wellspring of instant answers that often saves you precious time. When launching a new conversation is your prerogative, a large green button bears the label "New Conversation". With a click, a message box unfurls, enabling you to articulate your query. The response is swift, with the team aiming for a 20-minute average reply time.

    And then, there's the 24/7 lifeline of phone support. An ever-present resource, it provides a direct line of communication for immediate assistance, underscoring StableHost's commitment to round-the-clock care.

    Plans And Pricing

    StableHost offers four different hosting subscription plans, let's take a look at their features and pricing.

    StableHost Starter - $3.50/mo

    StableHost Pro - $9.12/mo

    StableHost Reseller - $9.05/mo

    StableHost Pros & Cons

    StableHost Pros:

    • Unique Clustered Hosting
    • Fast servers
    • Excellent uptime
    • Free domain
    • Unlimited email accounts
    • Free SSL & CDN
    • Free WHOIS protection

    StableHost Cons:

    • No daily backup
    • Customer support isn't great
    • Other alternatives are much cheaper
    • They run an old version of cPanel

    StableHost Review: Verdict

    After our StableHost review, we found this hosting provider to be a very trustworthy option.

    The StableHost team is small but passionate and dedicated, the company has been around since 2009 and has been growing ever since.

    One of StableHost's strongest assets is its clustered technology, it also offers a very interesting website builder, strong security features, free SSL, a free CDN, unlimited emails, a free domain, and a helpful 24/7 customer service accessible via phone, chat, or email.

    Unlike most hosting providers, Stablehost also offers free WHOIS protection.

    On the downside, StableHost could be cheaper when compared to other alternatives, it also does not offer free daily backups on your site.

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