Soundstripe Review: Is It Worth It?

In this Soundstripe review, we will be examining whether the Soundstripe subscriptions are worth your money.

Soundstripe is a music, sound effects, and stock footage licensing platform offering three main content subscription plans, including both yearly and monthly options, as well as different pricing for individuals, and teams.

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    Background And History

    Soundstripe, a distinguished American enterprise, stands as a reliable source for an array of creative assets, encompassing stock music, sound effects, and stock footage. These resources are extended to subscribers with the invaluable advantage of perpetual utilization within their projects.

    The user-centric ethos of Soundstripe is immediately evident through its meticulously crafted web interface. The website's design harmonizes intuitive navigation with seamless browsing, establishing an environment conducive to effortless exploration. Equipped with an array of discerning filters, the platform grants users the capacity to pinpoint their desired content with commendable precision. This commitment to user experience ensures that the process of content discovery remains as uncomplicated as it is fruitful.

    At its inception, Soundstripe emerged from the collective vision of three accomplished musicians, each driven by a singular objective: to nurture and sustain the creative endeavors of artists. This ethos underpins the entirety of the company's operations, steering their approach and decisions. An unwavering dedication to exceptional quality is reflected in the content they curate and release. Furthermore, their licensing framework, characterized by its simplicity and reasonable pricing structure, mirrors this commitment to accessibility. In the realm of Soundstripe, the principle stands firm: access to superior creative resources should be unhampered, enabling individuals to unlock the full potential of their artistic concepts.

    A defining hallmark of Soundstripe is its provision of limitless licenses, coupled with an arsenal of potent search utilities. These tools collectively expedite the process of sourcing the appropriate music, sound effects, and videos with notable efficiency. It's an embodiment of their acknowledgment of the modern creator's need for swift, uncomplicated access to assets that resonate with their artistic visions.

    The broad spectrum of beneficiaries speaks to the inclusivity of Soundstripe's offerings. From dynamic YouTubers to innovative advertisers, from visionary filmmakers to engaging streamers, from emotive wedding videographers to dedicated nonprofits, and from resonant podcasters to a plethora of media creators — Soundstripe stands as an ally to all. It recognizes the diverse tapestry of creative pursuits and ensures its resources cater to this expansive panorama.


    Achieve sonic excellence with precision as you immerse yourself in the expansive realm of Soundstripe's music collection. Comprising over 5,000 meticulously curated songs, this library is an embodiment of musical craftsmanship, boasting contributions from esteemed Grammy-winning artists. The essence of authenticity and quality resonates throughout this assortment.

    Seamlessly intertwined with this auditory treasure trove is the unparalleled advantage of unlimited licensing. This vital facet ensures that your creative journey remains unrestricted, as you weave these harmonies into your projects without apprehension. Moreover, the promise of continuous enrichment unfolds through the regular infusion of fresh compositions, enriching the repository with new soundscapes on a weekly basis.

    The provision of stem files, accompanying every track, stands as a testament to Soundstripe's commitment to catering to the nuanced demands of the modern creator. This provision bestows upon you the power to manipulate and customize the auditory elements, crafting a symphony that aligns perfectly with your artistic vision.

    For those seeking to infuse their narratives with an extra layer of emotional depth, the assortment of copyright-free background music stands as a dependable ally. Empowering storytellers to elevate their tales, this music selection is a result of careful curation, capturing the essence of authenticity from both emerging talents and established Grammy laureates.

    Navigating this extensive collection is made effortless through a repertoire of filters, each calibrated to assist you in pinpointing the optimal composition that aligns with your narrative's mood and tempo. The innovative fusion of technology and creative sensibility grants you the privilege of seamless content discovery.

    Unshackled from the complexities of intricate contracts, Soundstripe extends the safeguard of perpetual licenses. This cornerstone of assurance ensures that your creative endeavors remain perpetually protected, affording you peace of mind as you bring your projects to life. The commitment to transparency and user-friendly agreements resonates with modern creators who seek clarity in their creative pursuits.


    Elevate your storytelling prowess through meticulously crafted soundscapes within the expansive realm of Soundstripe's sound effects collection. This auditory reservoir serves as a dynamic arsenal, empowering creators to imbue their narratives with heightened realism and engagement.

    In the realm of action sequences, these sound effects assume a transformative role. By integrating these auditory enhancements, you have the capacity to infuse your scenes with an intensified sense of dynamism and impact. The symphony of sounds seamlessly accentuates each movement, propelling the audience into the very heart of the action.

    The urban landscapes of your narratives can come alive with a newfound vibrancy through these sound effects. With precision and artistry, these audio elements evoke the bustling energy of city life, enveloping your audience in an auditory panorama that mirrors the very essence of urban existence.

    In the domain of suspense and horror, the prowess of these sound effects is palpable. The tension and unease inherent in your narratives can be elevated to remarkable heights. The judicious incorporation of spine-chilling audio nuances adds layers of psychological depth, ensuring that your horror sequences are imbued with an authentic sense of dread.

    Central to Soundstripe's offering is an expansive library of studio-grade sound effects. This assortment is a culmination of meticulous craftsmanship, encompassing an array of auditory dimensions that cater to diverse creative narratives. The sounds have been meticulously curated to not only meet but exceed industry standards, assuring creators of their quality and authenticity.

    It is pertinent to acknowledge that these sound effects are not merely supplemental embellishments, but rather integral components that can reshape and redefine your creative vision. Whether it's the pulse-pounding rhythm of action, the symphony of urban existence, or the unsettling crescendo of suspense, Soundstripe's sound effects library stands as a repository of possibilities.


    In the realm of visual storytelling, the significance of transitions and establishing shots is unequivocal. These nuanced elements contribute profoundly to the seamless flow and contextual grounding of narratives. However, the logistical challenges associated with capturing certain shots, such as scaling skyscrapers or orchestrating private plane journeys across the Grand Canyon, are often formidable. This is precisely where the Soundstripe video library steps in, offering a viable solution for creators seeking to augment their projects with refined visuals.

    The crux of the matter lies in ensuring a harmonious synthesis between the stock footage and the shot footage within your production. Maintaining a consistent level of quality across both realms is pivotal, and this is where the Soundstripe video library assumes a critical role. By providing access to a diverse catalog of royalty-free videos, creators are granted the means to secure stock footage that seamlessly aligns with the visual standards set by their original footage.

    This video library serves as a curated repository, encompassing an array of themes, moods, and scenarios. The availability of such a spectrum ensures that creators possess the tools needed to enhance the coherence and visual allure of their narratives. Whether it's the sweeping vistas of nature or the bustling dynamism of urban landscapes, the collection caters to the varied demands of contemporary storytelling.

    The utility of the Soundstripe video library becomes particularly evident in scenarios where practicality and feasibility limit on-site shooting. Capturing intricate shots involving towering skyscrapers or traversing vast geographical expanses can be logistically complex and financially burdensome. In such instances, the video library emerges as a pragmatic recourse, bridging the gap between conceptual vision and practical execution.

    The assurance of royalty-free content within this repository is yet another advantage, liberating creators from the intricacies of licensing intricacies. This facet significantly streamlines the creative process, ensuring that legalities do not impede the seamless incorporation of visuals into the narrative canvas.

    Subscription Plans

    Soundstripe offers two content subscriptions, let's take a look at which one of them has to offer.

    Soundstripe Creator Plan

    • Unlimited access to Music & SFX, including Curated Playlists
    • Soundstripe mobile app
    • New Music Released Weekly
    • Unlimited Personal Use
    • Clear & Monetize 1 YouTube channel

    Soundstripe Pro Plan

    • Unlimited access to Music & SFX, including Curated Playlists
    • Soundstripe mobile app
    • New Music Released Weekly
    • Unlimited Personal Use
    • Unlimited Commercial and Client Use
    • Clear & Monetize up to 5 YouTube channels
    • Stems for all songs
    • Unlimited video clearance by YouTube URLs and codes
    • Adobe Premiere Pro & extensions


    Soundstripe Creator Plan - Monthly

    Use Soundstripe Coupon Code for a 20% discount

    $14.99 $11.99
    Soundstripe Creator Plan - Yearly

    Choose the yearly plan and save 33%
    Use the Soundstripe Coupon Code for an extra 20%

    $179.88 $95.20
    Soundstripe Pro Plan - Monthly

    Use Soundstripe Coupon Code for a 20% discount

    $29.99 $23.99
    Soundstripe Pro Plan - Yearly

    Choose the yearly plan and save 33%
    Use the Soundstripe Coupon Code for an extra 20%

    $359.88 $191.20

    Soundstripe Pros & Cons

    Soundstripe: Pros

    • Very intuitive
    • Original and uncommon songs
    • Ability to download songs with stems
    • Lifetime license for media used during the subscription
    • 8K footage
    • Adobe Premiere, Twitch & extensions

    Soundstripe: Cons

    • The library is limited

    Soundstripe Review: Verdict

    After our Soundstripe Review, we definitely think Soundstripe is a fantastic platform, the music, and the sound effects are excellent and uncommon, the interface is very intuitive and the pricing is reasonable, the recent addition of stock footage makes Soundstripe an even better platform.

    The download speeds are fast and you will have a lot of music, sound effects, and footage to choose from.

    Soundstripe greatest advantage when compared to other similar services is the fact that you're able to download songs with stems, the songs are also more uncommon and unique, on top of all that, the pricing is unbeatable.

    Soundstripe's biggest drawback is the fact that its library is considerably smaller when compared to other similar services.

    We believe that the Soundstripe Pro yearly subscription plan is definitely the best value for your money!

    If you decide to buy a Soundstripe subscription plan, make sure to use the Soundstripe Discount Code!


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