Semrush Review: Is It Worth It?

In this Semrush review, we will be going through all its features and we'll examine whether or not Semrush is worth your money.

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    Semrush Review

    Background and History

    Semrush, established in 2008, stands as a significant player in the realm of online visibility management and content marketing. With a focus on facilitating fair and transparent online competition, the platform originated from a dedicated consortium of SEO and IT experts. Their shared aspiration: leveling the digital playing field by providing equal opportunities to all.

    In the present day, Semrush boasts a user base exceeding 7 million marketers globally, a testament to its efficacy in enhancing professional endeavors and yielding commendable outcomes. This journey from its modest beginnings highlights the platform's evolution into a reputable international entity.

    The crux of Semrush's functionality lies in assisting businesses, irrespective of their magnitude or industry, in optimizing their online presence across critical channels. Beyond mere optimization, Semrush enables the creation of captivating and relevant content that resonates with users. This, in turn, paves the way for uncovering substantial avenues for growth.

    One of the platform's notable features is its rich repository of data, a treasure trove that empowers users with insights into online behavior. This reservoir of information has garnered recognition and trust, as it finds its way into the arsenals of major global media outlets. Consequently, Semrush's data becomes a cornerstone for informed decision-making, aiding marketers, analysts, and journalists alike.

    The pragmatic utility of Semrush extends to encompass workflow enhancements and precision in result assessment. The platform's integrated tracking solutions facilitate the seamless execution of experiments, enabling users to iterate with agility. Such continuous refinement of strategies is underpinned by accurate measurement mechanisms, ensuring insights are not only gained but tangibly quantified.

    A remarkable facet of Semrush's evolution is its unwavering commitment to core values that have underpinned its ascent. An adaptable approach to change takes precedence over rigid adherence to predetermined plans. Additionally, Semrush places the individual at the forefront, acknowledging that success emerges from people-centric practices rather than being confined by processes.

    Keyword Research

    The Keyword Overview feature within Semrush provides instantaneous insights into the value of any given keyword. It allows users to promptly assess both estimated value and competition level associated with the keyword. Additionally, this feature aids in aligning keyword choices with specific goals, ensuring a strategic fit for optimization efforts.

    Delving into Organic Research, Semrush equips users with the ability to comprehensively examine their competitors' organic keyword rankings and corresponding pages. By doing so, one can unearth the top-performing organic keywords pertinent to their niche. This functionality serves as a compass for identifying novel approaches to attain a prominent standing in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

    The resourceful Keyword Magic Tool emerges as an invaluable asset within Semrush's repertoire. Boasting a vast database of over 20 billion keywords, this tool is seamlessly navigated through a user-friendly interface. Its streamlined nature enhances the efficiency of keyword research, aiding users in uncovering optimal keyword choices.

    The Keyword Gap feature introduces a novel dimension to the user's analytical toolkit. By comparing one's own keyword profile with that of competitors, a realm of untapped possibilities for launching effective SEO campaigns comes to the fore. This functionality acts as a gateway to identifying unexplored territories and optimizing strategies for maximum impact.

    Facilitating large-scale analysis, the Keyword Manager enables the simultaneous evaluation of up to 1,000 keywords. Real-time insights are garnered regarding changes within SERP Features or the performance of top competitors in relation to a specific keyword. This dynamic vantage point equips users with up-to-the-minute information critical for informed decision-making.

    In the realm of Organic Traffic Insights, Semrush presents a solution to a common challenge: the "not-provided" keywords within Google Analytics. By cross-referencing data, users gain a deeper understanding of their website's performance in organic search. This functionality dismantles the opacity surrounding elusive keywords, empowering users to make strategic adjustments.

    On-Page SEO

    Semrush's Site Audit feature introduces an expedited process that swiftly processes website pages through a high-speed crawler. The outcome is a collection of actionable solutions geared towards rectifying prevalent issues on your website. This functionality is underscored by the application of adaptable crawling settings, complemented by an exhaustive suite of on-page and technical SEO checks that delve into intricate aspects.

    The On-Page SEO Checker within Semrush extends a comprehensive array of suggestions, all aimed at elevating the rankings of specific website pages. This encompasses insights into various facets, including link building strategies, content refinement approaches, targeting of SERP features, and more. By harmonizing these tactics, users can augment the visibility and prominence of their web pages within search engine rankings.

    With the Log File Analyzer, Semrush delivers an advanced tool for deciphering the intricacies of interactions between your website and Google's crawler. Access logs undergo meticulous scrutiny to unveil a clear visualization of this interaction, shedding light on how search engine bots navigate your website. This intelligence proves invaluable in pinpointing structural and navigational glitches. Moreover, it paves the way for innovative strategies in managing bot activity and optimizing the allocation of crawl budget.

    Competitor Analysis

    Incorporating Traffic Analytics, Semrush furnishes a dynamic benchmarking mechanism for assessing your website's traffic metrics against those of competitors. This facet not only validates your marketing strategies' effectiveness but also offers a blueprint for resurgence after experiencing temporary downturns. By gleaning insights from website competitor analysis, this functionality serves as a compass for strategic shifts, ensuring your approach remains informed and adaptive.

    Organic Research, a cornerstone of Semrush's offerings, unfurls a treasure trove of insights. It allows users to unearth their organic search rivals, unveiling windows of opportunity for competitive engagement. This feature extends beyond surface-level analysis by quantifying the value associated with specific keywords where competitors hold prominence. In doing so, it draws attention to gaps that often elude even the most vigilant rivals.

    The Advertising Research tool leverages the robust Semrush software to spotlight your advantages in the realm of paid search vis-à-vis the competition. Armed with an in-depth comprehension of the advertising landscape, users can leverage detailed analyses of competitors' advertisements. This strategic intelligence empowers savvy decision-making, aligning paid search endeavors with a nuanced understanding of market dynamics.

    Navigating the territory of brand management, Semrush introduces Brand Monitoring—a vital asset for both brand managers and PR teams. This tool facilitates the tracking of online mentions, encompassing both your brand and your competitors'. Maintaining a vigilant eye on online competitor analysis empowers you to proactively manage your reputation and glean insights from the digital discourse surrounding brands and products.

    The Social Media Tracker function facilitates a panoramic analysis of your competitors' social media endeavors. By comprehensively addressing their social media strategies, you are better equipped to understand audience preferences and identify novel pathways for augmenting engagement. This feature resonates with the broader theme of Semrush's versatility in offering multifaceted insights for comprehensive digital strategy development.

    Content Marketing

    Embarking on Topic Research, Semrush furnishes a veritable trove of content ideas tailored to resonate with your target audience. This tool aids in the identification of trending topics, compelling headlines, and prevalent online queries, all of which serve as building blocks for devising a traffic-generating editorial plan.

    The Marketing Calendar feature assumes the role of a pivotal orchestrator, enabling seamless content strategy management and editorial calendar planning. Collaborative capabilities empower teams to synchronize efforts, ensuring alignment at various levels of content marketing activities—be it overarching campaigns or the granular tasks undertaken by colleagues.

    Driving SEO-friendly content creation, the SEO Content Template simplifies the process of generating a customized brief. This brief, formulated with the intention of channeling organic traffic, is a product of insights garnered from the top 10 competitors in Google rankings. Actionable recommendations are derived from this analysis, creating a roadmap for crafting high-impact content.

    Serving as a seasoned writing companion, the SEO Writing Assistant aids in refining your content. Beyond merely assessing your SEO score and originality, it delves into readability enhancement and fine-tuning of the tone of voice. The added convenience of receiving actionable tips within Google Docs or WordPress facilitates real-time improvements, even while on the move.

    Semrush's Brand Monitoring tool transcends content creation to encompass content distribution dynamics. By identifying optimal platforms for content dissemination and spotting influential figures within your industry, it lays the groundwork for a comprehensive outreach strategy. In tandem, it facilitates meticulous tracking of brand mentions across diverse online forums and social networks.

    In the realm of Post Tracking, Semrush extends the capacity to gauge the performance of external publications, as well as competitors' articles. Metrics ranging from social engagement and backlink count to referral traffic and daily keyword rankings offer a multifaceted view of content impact, affording invaluable insights for strategic refinement.

    The Content Audit feature caps this array of capabilities with an introspective lens on your existing content assets. By discerning top-performing articles and flagging those in need of updates, it facilitates an iterative content improvement cycle. Tailoring the audit process with real-time data from Semrush, Google Analytics, and Search Console underlines the precision and relevancy inherent in this functionality.

    Local SEO

    Encompassing Listing Management, Semrush facilitates the seamless distribution of your business data across authoritative directories. Through automated processes, your information achieves optimal visibility across key platforms. Concurrently, the tool provides real-time monitoring of local ranking progress on a granular ZIP code level, while also affording the ability to oversee reviews spanning multiple directories.

    Position Tracking, a cornerstone of Semrush's arsenal, offers a daily performance barometer for your online presence. This tool enables the monitoring of selected keywords across various device types. It extends its purview to include competitor domains, while also enabling scrutiny of your search engine performance within specific ZIP codes and local packs.

    The On-Page SEO Checker equips you with the means to refine your search rankings. By dissecting competitor strategies and industry trends, this tool surfaces actionable insights. This aids in the prioritization of comprehensive to-dos, ensuring impactful optimizations are executed swiftly.

    Empowering an enhanced social media performance, Semrush's Social Media Toolkit stands as a comprehensive solution. From a unified platform, you can post and schedule updates across your online channels, including platforms like Google My Business. This consolidation streamlines your social media endeavors, fostering efficiency and cohesiveness in your digital engagement.

    Rank Tracking

    At the heart of Semrush's capabilities lies Position Tracking, a tool designed to empower the tracking of keywords, domains, and competitors on Google. This functionality simplifies the process of monitoring campaign progress, identifying and addressing cannibalization issues, and fine-tuning targeting strategies using meticulously updated and highly accurate data, available on a daily basis.

    Complementing this, Sensor augments your awareness of the dynamic shifts within Google's and Baidu's SERPs. By gauging the daily fluctuations in rankings, it provides insights into the volatility of search engine results. This enables the identification of potential signals indicating updates to Google's algorithm. Furthermore, Sensor offers a window into industries experiencing significant changes, affording a macroscopic view of digital landscape shifts.

    The Ranks feature delves into the realm of organic visibility across diverse global markets. With a focus on domain research, this tool illuminates the domains with the highest organic visibility. Moreover, it offers insights into domains commanding substantial paid keywords, paid traffic, and estimated paid traffic budget. These data-driven insights are effortlessly extractable from Semrush's extensive regional databases.

    Collectively, these tools within Semrush's arsenal—Position Tracking, Sensor, and Ranks—function synergistically to offer users a multifaceted perspective on keyword and domain tracking, algorithmic volatility assessment, and competitive landscape analysis. In the ever-evolving digital realm, these insights equip users with the intelligence needed to navigate complexities and make informed strategic decisions.

    Social Media Management

    Semrush's Social Media Poster presents a streamlined solution for scheduling posts across prominent platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google My Business. With swift scheduling capabilities, this tool empowers users to efficiently plan their social media content dissemination. Moreover, it offers the added advantage of performance tracking, enabling insights into post engagement and resonance.

    The Social Media Ads tool extends the scope to encompass the creation, launch, management, and optimization of ads within the Facebook family of platforms. By offering insights into ad performance, including identification of low-performing ads, this tool arms users with actionable recommendations to enhance their ad campaigns. This comprehensive suite simplifies the often intricate landscape of social media advertising, paving the way for effective and refined strategies.

    Incorporating these tools within Semrush's repertoire, the platform enables users to not only streamline their social media scheduling and advertising endeavors but also gain insights into the performance of their efforts. This synergy between planning and performance analysis lays the foundation for a comprehensive and data-driven approach to social media engagement and advertising.

    Link Building

    The Backlink Audit Tool within Semrush offers an exhaustive examination of your backlink profile's quality, meticulously unveiling insights for detoxification and enhancement. This streamlined workflow not only identifies areas requiring improvement but also empowers you to fortify your backlink portfolio for optimal performance.

    Complementing this, Backlink Analytics presents an encompassing view of your backlink landscape. With the ability to create, manage, launch, and optimize ads across the Facebook family of platforms, this tool enhances the efficacy of your backlink strategies. Additionally, it facilitates the identification of underperforming links, accompanied by actionable recommendations for improvement.

    The Backlink Gap tool introduces a visualized perspective on competing backlink profiles. This functionality offers actionable insights, shedding light on link building and outreach strategies. By comparing your profile with competitors', you're positioned to harness opportunities that bolster your backlink standing effectively.

    Incorporating Bulk Backlink Analysis, Semrush empowers a comprehensive assessment of your backlink progress vis-à-vis a diverse array of competitors. This broadened perspective amplifies the potential for identifying backlink opportunities, ultimately contributing to an expanded niche presence.

    Lastly, the Link Building Tool ushers in a dimension of automation, consistency, and expansion in your outreach endeavors. Through this tool, you can execute outreach campaigns with efficiency and automation, cultivating an increased influx of valuable backlinks to bolster your online presence.

    Competitor SEO Analysis

    The Organic Research feature within Semrush simplifies competitor analysis by requiring only your competitor's domain name for insights to flow. Equipped with user-friendly filters and seamless report navigation, this tool delivers a comprehensive view of your competitor's organic search rankings and the fluctuations in their positions. This intuitive process enables you to extract valuable insights effortlessly.

    By utilizing Keyword Gap, you can juxtapose the strategies of up to five competitors. This tool illuminates gaps in keyword targeting between your site and your competitors'. Armed with this intelligence, you can refine your keyword strategy and capitalize on untapped opportunities.

    Backlink Analytics empowers you to delve into your competitor's backlink universe. By inputting your competitor's site, you gain visibility into their backlinks. This includes top referring domains, aided by filters for precision, as well as the identification of recently acquired and lost backlinks. This plethora of information equips you with a multitude of avenues for sourcing new backlink prospects.

    Further enhancing backlink insights, Backlink Gap allows you to assess the backlink profiles of up to five competitors simultaneously. This comparison unveils domains linking to your competitors but not to you. In essence, it serves as a rapid mechanism for discovering pertinent link-building prospects within your niche.

    My Reports epitomizes the culmination of insights gained from competitive analysis. This tool facilitates the seamless assembly of PDF reports. With drag-and-drop Semrush widgets and robust formatting features, it empowers the creation of visually engaging reports that encapsulate your competitive analysis. These polished PDFs serve as a valuable asset for sharing insights with your team or clients.

    Content Creation and Distribution

    Topic Research, a central facet of Semrush, streamlines content ideation. With just a rough topic and your geographical context, the tool generates an array of content ideas at the click of a button. This offering goes beyond mere ideation by unveiling the headlines of your top rivals and spotlighting the questions your audience is asking. This intelligent approach ensures the creation of quality content tailored to resonate with your target readership.

    Within Semrush's Content Marketplace, the process of acquiring traffic-driving blog posts is simplified. By indicating a topic, professional authors are matched to your specific needs. These authors craft unique content tailored to your requirements. If desired, content optimization is also available on request, offering a comprehensive solution for content generation and refinement.

    The Social Media Poster serves as a potent tool for amplifying your content's reach. It empowers you to seamlessly share content across various social media channels, schedule posts, and analyze their performance. Visual engagement is further enhanced through the integration of gifs, emojis, and other visuals that captivate your audience.

    Content Optimization

    Semrush's Topic Research stands as a pivotal element, streamlining the process of generating content ideas. With minimal effort—merely providing a basic topic and considering your geographic context—the tool instantly generates a diverse array of content concepts. It transcends traditional ideation by not only suggesting ideas but also revealing the headlines used by your top competitors. Furthermore, it unveils the questions your audience is actively seeking answers to. This methodical approach ensures the development of top-tier content that resonates effectively with your intended readership.

    Moving on to Semrush's Content Marketplace, the pathway to acquiring blog posts that drive traffic is notably simplified. By indicating your chosen topic, the platform matches you with seasoned professional authors who are aligned with your specific requirements. These authors then craft content that is meticulously tailored to your needs. Should you desire it, the option for content optimization is readily available upon request, presenting a comprehensive solution for content creation and refinement.

    Facilitating content dissemination, the Social Media Poster emerges as a powerful tool. It empowers effortless sharing across multiple social media platforms, accompanied by the flexibility to schedule posts and scrutinize their performance. To enhance visual engagement, the tool integrates elements like gifs, emojis, and other captivating visuals that are designed to resonate with your audience.

    ontent Marketing Analytics

    The Content Audit tool provided by Semrush extends a structured approach to auditing your content assets. This feature automates the segmentation of your content for targeted enhancements. By leveraging data from Google Analytics, Search Console, and Semrush, you can identify content that necessitates updates, rewriting, or deletion. This intelligent analysis ensures that your content remains relevant, accurate, and aligned with your goals.

    On another front, Post Tracking offers a comprehensive lens into content performance. Whether it's your own external publications or articles by competitors, this tool facilitates an in-depth assessment. Parameters like social engagement, backlink count, referral traffic directed to your website, and daily keyword rankings are meticulously tracked. This dynamic perspective empowers the refinement of your content strategy based on real-time insights.

    These two tools within Semrush's suite function in tandem to refine and optimize your content landscape. Through a structured content audit and a comprehensive tracking mechanism, the platform nurtures a cycle of iterative improvement, ensuring your content maintains its impact and resonance within the digital realm.

    Market Analysis

    Semrush's Market Explorer feature assumes a pivotal role in establishing your market positioning. Through the innovative Semrush Growth Quadrant, this tool provides valuable insights into your market's landscape. It unveils essential aspects such as market size, potential, and the prominent players within it. Furthermore, the tool dissects these players' online market share and their strategies for generating traffic, all encapsulated within the comprehensive Semrush Market Explorer reports.

    Parallel to this, Traffic Analytics serves as a vital conduit for conducting a comparative analysis of market players' online performance and trends. This functionality empowers you to delve into your target market customers' behaviors, demands, and interests. By understanding their geographical distribution and mapping their journey through various online platforms, you can refine your communication and media strategies with precision.

    Paid Advertising

    Within Semrush, the Keyword Magic Tool offers unparalleled access to the most expansive keyword database available. This tool enables you to unearth billions of related terms and phrases, identify niche topics, and pinpoint question-based keywords. These insights form the foundation for constructing an optimized keyword list tailored to elevate the effectiveness of your PPC campaign.

    Advertising Research introduces a strategic dimension by enabling a meticulous analysis of your competitors' advertising strategies. This encompasses an exploration of the keywords they are bidding on, providing crucial insights into their targeting approach. Furthermore, this tool offers a window into ad copy examples from industry leaders, offering a timeline of their ad campaigns throughout the year. Additionally, it aids in discovering new advertisers within the Google Ads landscape.

    The Display Advertising tool elevates the capacity to comprehend your competitors' strategies within the Google Display Network (GDN). By scrutinizing their ad texts and banners, you gain a comprehensive view of their visual communication. This tool also empowers the identification of high-performing placements for your own ads by uncovering new publishers. Additionally, it provides insights into the audiences your competitors are targeting, fostering strategic alignment.

    In the realm of PLA Advertising, Semrush facilitates a granular analysis of Google Shopping advertisers' performance. By unveiling search queries that trigger their Product Listing Ads (PLAs), you gain insights into their positioning. Further insights are derived from a detailed exploration of your competitors' successful PLA ads, providing valuable intelligence for your own campaigns.

    Competitor PR Monitoring

    Semrush's repertoire features the Keyword Magic Tool, granting unrivaled access to an expansive keyword database. Here, the exploration spans billions of related terms, uncovering intricate phrases and pinpointing question-based keywords. This treasure trove lays the groundwork for crafting a finely tuned keyword list, meticulously curated to enhance the efficacy of your PPC campaign.

    The introduction of Advertising Research adds a strategic layer to the equation. It facilitates an in-depth dissection of your competitors' advertising strategies. By delving into the keywords they're actively bidding on, you gain vital insights into their targeting tactics. Moreover, this tool extends its utility by presenting examples of ad copy from industry leaders, effectively offering a chronological journey through their annual ad campaigns. It further aids in the identification of new entrants within the dynamic Google Ads realm.

    Moving on to the Display Advertising tool, the focus shifts to comprehending competitors' tactics within the Google Display Network (GDN). Scrutinizing ad texts and banners offers a comprehensive window into their visual communication. The tool's capabilities extend to identifying prime placements for your own ads by revealing untapped publishers. Additionally, it demystifies the audiences that your competitors are engaging, fostering strategic alignment.

    Within the realm of PLA Advertising, Semrush assumes the role of a refined analyst of Google Shopping advertisers' performance. It illuminates the search queries triggering their Product Listing Ads (PLAs), imparting insights into their positioning. Moreover, a thorough exploration of your competitors' triumphant PLA ads offers actionable intelligence for the optimization of your own campaigns.

    PPC Keyword Research

    The Keyword Magic Tool, a cornerstone of Semrush's capabilities, offers access to the industry's most extensive keyword database. Within this expansive repository, you can uncover niche topics, identify semantically related long-tail keywords, and meticulously curate a paid keyword list specifically tailored for your PPC campaign.

    Further amplifying your keyword management, the Keyword Manager tool enables a profound analysis of a substantial volume—up to 1,000 keywords simultaneously. Through this tool, you gain access to real-time metrics, enabling you to curate insightful findings. Additionally, the ability to seamlessly transfer preferred keywords to other Semrush tools enhances the efficiency of your workflow.

    Keyword Gap introduces an insightful perspective by delving into your competitors' keyword strategies. Through a side-by-side comparison of up to five domains, this tool uncovers shared paid keywords that both you and your rivals are ranking for. Moreover, it facilitates the examination of websites' positions in search results for each term, offering a comprehensive competitive landscape.

    Catering to the realm of pay-per-click advertising, the PPC Keyword Tool plays a pivotal role in campaign optimization. This tool streamlines your keyword organization at both the campaign and ad group levels. It enables the inclusion of negative keywords, provides local volume and cost-per-click (CPC) data down to a city-level granularity, and empowers the creation of a master keyword list tailored to elevate the effectiveness of your PPC endeavors.

    Website Monetization

    The Display Advertising reports within Semrush usher in a comprehensive analysis of your thriving competitors. This encompassing view dissects various aspects, including ad placements, the predominant interests of their audience, the devices that drive their traffic, and a wealth of additional insights that contribute to a 360-degree understanding of their strategies.

    Moving on, the On-Page SEO Checker emerges as a strategic ally. It delivers precise action points meticulously tailored for enhancing your website's performance. These recommendations are meticulously derived from a dual analysis: an examination of your competitors ranking within Google's Top 10 results and an evaluation of your own website. This approach ensures that your optimization efforts are aligned with the most impactful strategies in the domain.

    The SEO Writing Assistant offers an intuitive avenue for optimization as you craft your content. Seamlessly integrated into your creative process, this tool subtly provides optimization suggestions. These encompass facets like readability, recommended vocabulary, title refinement, word count considerations, and even guidance on tone of voice. This real-time assistance elevates the quality and impact of your content from the inception.

    Subscription Plans

    Semrush Pro caters to freelancers, startups, and in-house marketers working within constrained budgets. This package empowers you to steer your SEO, PPC, and SMM projects with over 40 advanced tools, fostering comprehensive campaign management. Notably, you gain insights into your competitors' diverse traffic sources, rankings, social media performance, and more. Additionally, it offers read-only sharing access to facilitate collaboration.

    Stepping up, Semrush Guru addresses the needs of SMBs and burgeoning marketing agencies. This tier encompasses all the Pro features while extending your capabilities. A notable addition is the Content Marketing Platform, which enhances your content strategies. Historical data provides a retrospective dimension, enriching your insights. Extended limits grant more room for maneuver, while Google Data Studio Integration harmonizes your reporting efforts.

    For enterprises, agencies, e-commerce ventures, and extensive online entities, Semrush Business assumes the mantle. Building upon Guru, this tier encompasses advanced capabilities. Noteworthy inclusions are API access, amplifying integration potential, and enabling tailored solutions. Extended limits and sharing options offer heightened flexibility. The integration with Google Data Studio persists, empowering seamless reporting. Additionally, the Share of Voice metric augments your understanding of your digital presence's impact.


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    Semrush Pros & Cons

    Semrush: Pros

    • Ton of tools
    • Well-established
    • Used by major brands
    • Outstanding customer support
    • Various plans

    Semrush: Cons

    • Confusing at times if you have no SEO experience
    • Pricing can be expensive for some
    • Only provides results for one search engine (Google)

    Semrush Review: Verdict

    Semrush is an absolute wonder for anyone wanting to work on a website's SEO.

    The set of tools available is truly remarkable, Semrush has been improving as each year goes by and there's no reason to believe the improvements will stop anytime soon.

    Founded in 2008, Semrush has become the go-to for SEO specialists and beginners alike, that being said, we must point out that if you're a complete beginner you should probably familiarize yourself with SEO before getting a Semrush subscription as all the features may become overwhelming for those who have no previous knowledge of SEO.

    The pricing is great for everything that you get with your subscription, however, it would be great to see a cheaper subscription with fewer features for beginners to familiarize themselves with SEO before diving into all the available features.

    We must point out that you can always sign up for a Semrush free trial and try it before committing to signing up for a paid subscription.

    After our Semrush review, we can say with certainty that Semrush is very likely the best available option for SEO management.

    If you'd like to get a Semrush free trial or save 16% on your subscription, follow the link below!


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