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About RawFilm

At RawFilm, the group prides itself on supplying the most remarkable stock video footage. The difficulty is, most stock footage looks like, well, stock footage.

What if you could find stock footage that was so great, no one would see the difference? RawFilm is the world's very first subscription-based stock footage platform with premium 8K content shot on RED. All video files are readily available for instant download in R3D RAW format.

RawFilm provides you much more than just random clips. RawFilm's stock video collections allow you to tell thorough stories.

RawFilm completely prepares and produces its clips in the same way motion pictures and television commercials are developed.

Each clip is created to supplement each other, offering you complete imaginative flexibility in crafting the desired narrative.

Can you picture finishing up the set and beginning the editing of your job with access to several camera angles and different actions? It's precisely what you get at RawFilm. With one click, you can download all the preview files simultaneously.

At RawFilm, all the video is ready to use and under a single, intuitive license that covers whatever from YouTube videos to Hollywood productions. No requirement to go through complex bureaucracy!

RawFilm provides 2 subscription tiers based on just how much video footage you need. Unused clips roll over to the next membership duration. Cancel anytime. Just require a couple of clips? No problem! You can buy individual clips, too. The very same license applies to all of them.

RawFilm is fully insured. If you receive a legal claim made against the media you have actually licensed from RawFilm, RawFilm will stand between you and the plaintiff and cover legal expenses in safeguarding the claim.

RawFilm gives you much more than just random clips. RawFilm thoroughly prepares and produces its clips in the same way motion pictures and Television commercials are created.

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