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    RawFilm Discount

    About RawFilm

    At RawFilm, excellence in stock video footage is not just a claim; it's a commitment. Acknowledging the inherent shortcomings of typical stock footage, RawFilm takes a groundbreaking step to redefine the norm.

    Imagine encountering stock footage so impeccable that it defies the conventions of its kind. RawFilm, the trailblazing platform, presents the world's premiere subscription-based stock footage hub enriched with premium 8K content captured on RED cameras. Each video file, adorned with the coveted R3D RAW format, stands poised for instant download.

    RawFilm is more than an assemblage of clips; it's a symphony of storytelling. With curated stock video collections, RawFilm empowers you to weave intricate narratives, elevating your creative projects.

    Unlike ordinary stock footage, RawFilm crafts each clip with meticulous precision, mirroring the meticulous production standards of movies and television commercials. The unity among the clips nurtures boundless creative freedom, permitting you to shape your desired narrative with ease.

    Imagine entering the editing phase armed with an array of camera angles and dynamic sequences. RawFilm turns this vision into reality. A single click grants you access to a multitude of preview files, streamlining your creative process.

    At RawFilm, simplicity meets comprehensive licensing. Irrespective of your project's scale, whether it's a YouTube video or a Hollywood production, RawFilm's single, intuitive license envelops it all. Bid adieu to convoluted bureaucracy.

    RawFilm extends two subscription tiers, accommodating your varying footage needs. What's more, unused clips gracefully transition to the subsequent subscription period, and cancellations are seamless. For those seeking specific clips, RawFilm offers individual purchases, all unified under the same license umbrella.

    In an industry plagued by uncertainties, RawFilm stands fortified. With comprehensive insurance coverage, RawFilm serves as your guardian against legal claims associated with licensed media. Should such a situation arise, RawFilm acts as a shield, shouldering legal expenses in defense.

    RawFilm's dedication echoes beyond claims. It is a commitment to redefine the possibilities of stock footage. To embark on this transformative journey, unveil a world of creative potential, and revel in a 15% exclusive discount, simply activate the Promo link.

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    Stock media is a crucial tool for every content creator, if you'd like to get RawFilm and use all the stock footage included with your RawFilm subscription plan on all your audiovisual projects, you can do this by using our RawFilm discount in order to get 15% OFF your subscription plan!

    Other alternatives include services like ArtgridDepositphotosAlamy, Pond5, DreamstimeiStock, ShutterstockStoryblocks, Videvo, Motion Array, and Envato.

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