PrivadoVPN Review: Is It Worth It?

Is PrivadoVPN fast, private, and secure? Does it fit your needs? In this PrivadoVPN review, we will be examining whether or not PrivadoVPN is worth your money.

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    PrivadoVPN Review

    Background and History

    PrivadoVPN was founded to meet the growing need for personal privacy on an Internet constantly expanding into our daily lives. The PrivadoVPN team thinks that everyone should have an easy, secure, and affordable way to browse the Internet.

    Although PrivadoVPN is young, as a Switzerland-based company it is able to operate protected by the world's best privacy laws, and its team is composed of security experts and passionate programmers who believe in a free and open Internet. The PrivadoVPN founders have been fighting for almost 20 years against Big Brother and "free" online services that lure you in just to monetize your online activity.


    Key Privacy Facts

    • PrivadoVPN does not store any data about what any specific user browsed or accessed through a PrivadoVPN connection.
    • PrivadoVPN is not able to connect activity originating from an IP address from its VPN servers to activity conducted by an individual user.
    • PrivadoVPN encrypts all data over its VPN connections, and it does not inspect or record the contents of what you are viewing, browsing, or doing through the PrivadoVPN connections.
    • PrivadoVPN ensures that it will never log browsing history, traffic destination, data content, IP addresses, or DNS queries.
    • PrivadoVPN will never sell your data to any third parties.


    The results we got with PrivadoVPN were very decent, below you can compare how PrivadoVPN impacted our internet connection.

    Results without PrivadoVPN:

    • Ping: 38 ms
    • Download: 50.61 Mbps
    • Upload: 17.96 Mbs

    Results with PrivadoVPN:

    • Ping: 48 ms
    • Download: 44.54 Mbps
    • Upload: 24.26 Mbps

    In our test, Ping had a slight raise, the download speed decreased slightly, and the upload speed actually increased, which is great.

    Streaming and Torrenting


    We've gone ahead and tried to access some of the most popular streaming services while connected to one of PrivadoVPN's U.S. servers, below you can check which services worked, and which didn't.

    • Netflix: Yes
    • Hulu: Yes
    • Amazon Prime: Yes
    • HBO Max: Yes
    • Disney Plus: Yes
    • FuboTV: No

    From what streaming is concerned, we got some really good results, the only service which we were unable to watch was FuboTV.


    You can get very fast speeds for P2P transfers using PrivadoVPN’s SOCKS5 proxy. This feature secures your activity at the application level by skipping the encryption step, but still hiding your IP address so your online identity remains anonymous. It only applies to data on the software you connect it to, so you can get the fastest possible P2P speeds while your banking information remains fully encrypted.

    At the time of writing, PrivadoVPN currently has 49 SOCKS5 Proxy Servers to instantly connect to.


    PrivadoVPN: Security and Encryption

    With PrivadoVPN you can choose the VPN protocol that best fits your needs. Choose between leading VPN protocols like OpenVPN and IKEv2 to find the perfect balance of speed and security for how you use the Internet.

    PrivadoVPN owns a self-built and managed global network with data centers worldwide. PrivadoVPN also manages its own premium traffic routes. This means they have control over not only the speed and quality of their VPN network but also the security of their network. With PrivadoVPN you can have peace of mind knowing that no third parties are operating the network delivering your VPN traffic.

    All data sent through the PrivadoVPN network is encrypted at the point of origin, transferred through an encrypted tunnel, and not decrypted until it reaches the destination computer. This prevents IP leaking, sniffing, and other ways of spying on your communications in transit. The PrivadoVPN network utilizes the safest, most trusted VPN protocols in existence so you can be sure 100% of your traffic is secure.

    PrivadoVPN: Extra Features

    • Kill Switch
    • Connect 10 devices simultaneously

    Usability and App

    PrivadoVPN includes simple-to-install-and-use apps for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. These apps are highly intuitive and provide instant access to the PrivadoVPN network. Advanced built-in features like Internet Kill Switch, the ability to change VPN protocols, and a wide range of connection options are also available inside the app.

    Unfortunately, the app doesn't offer an option for favoriting certain servers and it doesn't display an estimated connection speed.


    The PrivadoVPN network is composed of hundreds of servers physically located in 45 countries and 58 cities around the world. In other words, PrivadoVPN has servers located exactly where they say they are located. You can connect anywhere in seconds and no matter what server you choose, you’ll get very fast speeds every time you connect. Unlike other VPNs, PrivadoVPN also does not cut corners by using virtual servers, which tend to be slower and overcrowded with users, in order to deliver faster and more stable connections.

    Customer Support

    PrivadoVPN offers 24/7 email support, from our experience, we got responses significantly fast, replies were helpful and insightful.

    It would be great to see PrivadoVPN add a live chat support solution in the future, that would save its users time and make the whole process more convenient.

    Payment Methods

    Below you can see which payment methods you can use when subscribing to PrivadoVPN.

    • Credit Card: Yes
    • PayPal: Yes
    • Google Pay: No
    • Apple Pay: No
    • Cryptocurrencies: Yes

    Plans and Pricing

    PrivadoVPN offers three different subscription plans, one of them is free, the other two are paid, if you choose to subscribe for a yearly plan you can save 38% of what you'd pay on a monthly plan.

    PrivadoVPN Free: $0/mo

    • 10GB Monthly Data
    • 12 Server Locations
    • 1 Device
    • P2P Support
    • 24/7 Customer Service
    • Zero-Log

    PrivadoVPN Monthly: $10.99/mo

    • Unlimited Monthly Data
    • Hundreds of Server Locations
    • 10 Devices
    • SOCKS5 Proxy
    • P2P Support
    • 24/7 Customer Service
    • Zero-Log

    PrivadoVPN Yearly: $2.50/mo (77% OFF)

    • Unlimited Monthly Data
    • Hundreds of Server Locations
    • 10 Devices
    • SOCKS5 Proxy
    • P2P Support
    • 24/7 Customer Service
    • Zero-Log

    PrivadoVPN Pros & Cons

    PrivadoVPN: Pros

    • Located in Switzerland
    • Zero logs policy
    • Fast connections
    • SOCKS5 Proxy for torrenting
    • Encrypted data
    • Strong security
    • It offers the WireGuard® protocol
    • It accepts cryptocurrencies as a payment method

    PrivadoVPN: Cons

    • Doesn't have a lot of servers

    PrivadoVPN Review: Verdict

    After reviewing PrivadoVPN, we found it to be one of the most solid, transparent, and efficient options in the market.

    Speeds are very decent, privacy is very solid, security is one of the best, streaming worked in almost every service we tried, and torrenting is great thanks to the fact that PrivadoVPN offers SOCKS5 Proxy.

    Unlike most VPNs, PrivadoVPN has servers located exactly where they say they are located, this avoids your connection getting blocked by certain services like what usually happens with other VPNs.

    Pricing is decent, especially if you choose an annual subscription, in this case, you'll save 77% of what you'd pay for a monthly subscription.

    Another great feature of PrivadoVPN is the fact that it accepts cryptocurrencies as a payment method!

    On the other hand, PrivadoVPN could see some improvements such as adding the ability to favoriting certain servers and previewing connection speeds for each server.

    If you'd like to get our unique PrivadoVPN discount, simply follow the link below!

    • Overall Score

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