Nexo Review: Is It Worth It?

Nexo Review

In this Nexo Review, we will be looking into all of Nexo's features and figuring out whether or not this is a good option for you to grow your cryptocurrency assets.

Do you need a loan? Nexo is the world's first instant crypto-backed loans company that offers loans in more than 100 fiat currencies. Find out if Nexo is right for your needs!

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Nexo Review

Background And History

Nexo was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic, it was founded by Credissimo, a leading European FinTech company providing loans and deposit products.

The Nexo Group has legal entities in various locations throughout the world, in order to service 200+ jurisdictions in the most efficient manner and is in compliance with all applicable global and local regulations.

Please rest assured that Nexo is compliant everywhere it provides services and retains top-tier legal counsels in the jurisdictions of its operation. All aspects of Nexo’s activities are vetted before execution by the relevant legal and compliance teams.

Nexo is the first instant crypto-backed lending platform to offer fiat currency loans in more than 100 countries around the world without requiring credit checks or collateral for cryptocurrency holders. Nexo accepts Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) among others as collateral.

Nexo is one of the most advanced platforms for instant crypto loans, and the only blockchain company to provide its services in 100+ fiat currencies in more than 200 jurisdictions.

Nexo gives digital asset holders the best of both worlds - instant access to cash and retaining ownership of their assets.

Nexo’s instant lending platform combines a seamless user experience with military-grade security and with 256-bit encryption. Clients' funds are held in individually assigned multi-signature wallets in cold storage, held with the only qualified audited and Goldman Sachs-backed custodian BitGo.


At Nexo, there are strict security policies in place to keep your cryptocurrency and your information safe. As a part of its security practices, the team also asks its clients to take a series of precautions to ensure that no one else has access to their account.

At Nexo, your personal information is contained behind secured networks and is only accessible by a limited number of persons who have special access rights to such systems and are required to keep the information confidential. In addition, all sensitive/credit information you supply is encrypted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.

To maintain the safety of your personal information, Nexo has implemented a variety of security measures when a user enters, submits, or accesses their information.

Loan-to-Value (LTV)

The Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio is a financial term used by lenders to express the ratio of a loan to the value of the collateral. Otherwise said, the measurement of the balance of the loan relative to the value of the collateral asset is represented as Loan-to-Value (LTV).

Traditional lenders (e.g. banks) use your credit score, as reported by third-party credit agencies, to determine your creditworthiness. The higher your credit score, the lower the risk for the lender. To remove the credit score from the equation you can apply for an asset-backed loan like the one offered by Nexo.

LTV is calculated as the loan amount in USD divided by the value of the collateral in USD, expressed as a percentage.


Loan amount: 5.000 USD;
Value of collateral: 10.000 USD;
Loan-to-Value = ($5.000/$10.000)*100% = 50.0%

How Loan-to-Value fluctuates and what it means for you?

As the value of the collateral goes down, the Loan-to-Value goes up. In the case of a crypto asset-backed loan, the value of Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Bitcoincash, etc. is trending down.

Monitoring your account is very important during market drops. If the price of the crypto asset falls too low, the Loan-to-Value will continue to increase and the Nexo blockchain oracle will automatically request, via SMS and email, that you repay your loan or add extra collateral in your Credit Line Wallet.

Unless you do so as prompted, there is a threshold where assets from the Savings Wallet (if any) will be automatically moved to your Credit Line Wallet and if they are insufficient to cover the required Loan-to-Value, the collateralized asset will start being sold by the fully automated Nexo blockchain oracle to pay back part of the loan in order to rebalance the Loan-to-Value. This threshold at Nexo is set at 83.3%.

Before that happens you will be notified via SMS and email.


Loan amount: 5000 USD;
Value of collateral:
6 000 USD;
= ($5000/$6000)*100% = 83.3%

As a borrower, you always have the option to transfer more collateral at any time.

To summarize:

The price of crypto assets fluctuates strongly - it can move up or down. When the price moves up, the Loan-to-Value goes down. When the price moves down, the Loan-to-Value goes up.


In order to obtain a loan, the client should register a Nexo account at and deposit collateral into the Nexo account.

There are no credit checks. Nexo accepts loan requests globally.

Please note that if you want to take a loan in fiat currency, you will have to pass Basic and Advance verification. Please log in to your Nexo account and go to the My Profile section.

EARN Product

Follow these simple steps or watch the video below and start earning up to 12% compounding interest on your idle crypto:

1. Log in to your secure Nexo account.

2. Transfer assets into your Nexo Wallet or purchase crypto directly on the Nexo Exchange.

Earn on Crypto is available for BTC, ETHLTC, XRP, EOS, XLM, BCH, USDT, USDC, TUSD, DAI, PAX, HUSD, LINK, TRX, PAXG, BNB, DOT, DOGE, ADA and NEXO with more assets coming soon!

Important! Please note that Nexo does not support wrapped coins that are pegged to (i.e., represent) coins from another blockchain. Тransferring such assets to your Nexo account will result in permanent loss. Make sure to always transfer BTC/BCH native as well as ETH, NEXO, USDT, USDC, TUSD, DAI, PAX, LINK, PAXG, and HUSD created on the Etherium blockchain.

 3. Earn! You will start earning compounding interest after a minimum of 24 hours of your transfer. All interest is paid out daily.

Your interest is automatically paid into your Savings Wallet so that the next day you begin earning interest on it too.

4. Enjoy your high-yield passive income.

Please note that assets held in your Credit Line Wallet (used as collateral) will not earn interest.

What are the interest rates (APY)?

Your interest rate is determined by:

1. Your Loyalty tier.

2. The type of interest payout.

- if the interest earned is paid in kind (the same cryptocurrency), then there is no additional bonus

- if the interest earned is paid in NEXO Tokens*, then you receive a +2% bonus on interest on all your holdings

* Please be aware that Earn in NEXO is currently not available to US citizens and residents due to regulatory restrictions.

3. The type of saving term: Flex or Fixed.

How is your interest calculated?

Your interest is credited into your Savings Wallet daily and is then calculated in your upcoming interest transactions.

Daily Interest = Principal amount (in original cryptocurrency) x (APY/365)


Calculations based on 1000 XRP deposit.

1. If you are in the Platinum tier and have created a Fixed saving term & you have chosen to earn interest in NEXO Tokens, your annual interest will be 8% (5% + 1% + 2%) and your daily interest will be calculated as follows:

1000 XRP x 0.02108743% =  0.2108743 XRP (which will be converted to USD and then to NEXO Tokens)

2. If you are in the Platinum tier and have created a Fixed saving term & you have chosen to earn interest in kind (same cryptocurrency), then your annual interest will be 6% (5% + 1%), and your daily interest will be calculated as follows:

1000 XRP x 0.01596535% = 0.1596535 XRP

3. If you are in the Base tier and have created a Fixed saving term& you have chosen to earn interest in NEXO Tokens, your annual interest will be 7% (4% + 1% + 2%) and your daily interest will be calculated as follows:

1000 XRP x 0.01853833% = 0.1853833 XRP (which will be converted to USD and then to NEXO Tokens)

4. If you are in the Base tier and have created a Fixed saving term and you have chosen to earn interest in kind (same cryptocurrency), then your annual interest will be 5% (4% + 1%) and your daily interest will be calculated as follows:

1000 XRP x 0.01336806% = 0.1336806 XRP

Important: Your interest rate (APY) will be adapted according to your current Loyalty tier which may vary depending on your Nexo-to-Portfolio ratio. Kindly note that the latter is influenced by the current market price of your assets including the NEXO Token.

How can I calculate the Nexo token staking required for higher interest rates?

You will need to stake NEXO Tokens worth 10% of the total value of assets to be eligible for higher interest rates. In other words, you have to be in the Platinum tier of our Loyalty Program.

The exact amount of NEXO Tokens required for the bonus interest rates at any given moment will depend on the token price and will be displayed in the Total Interest Earned section.


If the total portfolio balance in your Nexo account equals 10 000 USD, you will have to stake 1000 USD worth of NEXO Tokens. As the price of the crypto assets fluctuates, it is advisable to add more NEXO Tokens to ensure that you will not miss out on our bonus interest rates.

What currency will the interest be paid out in?

The interest will be paid out in the same currency as your deposit currency (e.g. if you top up LTC, you will earn interest in LTC) or in NEXO Tokens (giving you +2% bonus).

How can I activate earning interest in NEXO Tokens for higher interest rates?

Please follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Nexo account.

2. Then click on "My Profile".

3. Clink on "Settings."

4. Choose "Interest payout in NEXO tokens."

5. Congratulations you activated a +2% interest bonus on all assets held in your Savings Wallet.

Where can I see the interest I have earned from my active deposit(s)?

You can see the daily interest from active deposits accumulated in the Account section under ‘Total Interest Earned’.

After clicking on the Total Earned button, you can access detailed information about all the crypto assets and the interest you have earned so far.

Nexo will also send a weekly email to all its clients with active deposits that are earning interest. The email will contain information about the accumulated interest for the past 7 days, per asset.

The email will include only those assets for which at least one interest transaction was credited during the past week. Тhe total amount earned will be presented in the email in US dollars for comparison. Keep in mind that you will still receive your interest payments in kind, not in USD.

How is Nexo able to pay interest on my assets?

Nexo is committed to protecting your assets by lending them to institutions on an overcollateralized basis only, that's the way Nexo's crypto-backed loans work. Nexo's rates are kept stable over time, because of Nexo’s risk policy to never lend without collateral, which results in lower yields but basically no risk.

The main benefits of Nexo’s “Earn Interest”:

  • High-yield savings with a compounding interest rate of up to 12%
  • A unique daily payout
  • Full flexibility: use or withdraw funds at any time
  • #ZeroFees — No fees, no minimum contribution requirements
  • $375 million insurance on custodial assets through Lloyd’s of London
  • Cold storage in bank-grade Class III vaults through the SOC 2 Type 2 certified crypto custodian BitGo
  • All funds are asset-backed by Nexo’s portfolio of 200–500% overcollateralized crypto credit lines

More details concerning “Earn Interest” for specific assets:

  • EUR, GBP and USD
  • Stablecoins and crypto


As a further step towards offering Nexo clients a 360-degree banking service, the Nexo Exchange is equipped with features and benefits that give you an edge over other investors.

To cater to the trading needs of various crypto communities, the Nexo Exchange enables instant exchanges between all currencies supported by Nexo. With the tap of a finger and without wasting time on withdrawal confirmations, you can trade fiat for cryptocurrencies and make conversions from one cryptocurrency to another.

Notably, the Nexo Exchange lets you buy, sell, and convert your crypto and fiat all from within the comfort of the Nexo Wallet App or Nexo platform. For the first time ever, Nexo clients can natively trade NEXO Tokens* on the go, without having to leave the platform. Overall, Nexo's swap feature will allow immediate exchange between 75 crypto and fiat pairs.

Instant Trading at Your Fingertips

To discover the brand new exchange, simply open your Nexo Wallet App or log in to the web platform, click on the Exchange icon in the middle, and start trading.

1. Make sure you run the latest version of the Nexo Wallet App.
2. Open your Nexo Wallet App or web platform and go to the Exchange tab.
3. Select the currencies and the amount you want to trade.
4. Click Exchange to confirm your trade instantly.

What currencies does the Nexo exchange support?

The Nexo exchange currently allows exchanges of all digital and fiat currencies supported by Nexo. Users can natively swap more than 75+ digital and fiat currencies, including NEXO Token* pairs NEXO/BTC, NEXO/ETH, NEXO/USDT, NEXO/USD, NEXO/EUR, and NEXO/GBP.

Can I exchange assets that are used as collateral?

Yes, you can.

How can Nexo guarantee the best market price currently available?

Thanks to the in-house Smart Routing system, the Nexo exchange simultaneously connects to multiple exchanges to identify the best price and split the orders depending on the price per volume. The system guarantees best-price swaps and no price fluctuation between order submission and order fulfillment.

The Nexo Exchange provides more utility for the Nexo native NEXO Token. The exchange gives you the opportunity to trade, as well as borrow against, and earn in NEXO.

*Trading NEXO Tokens on the Nexo Exchange requires Advanced Verification and is currently not available for US citizens and US residents.

NEXO Token

The NEXO Token is the world’s first compliant, interest-bearing token, featuring the following benefits:

  1. Interest Discount
  2. Bonus Yields
  3. Free withdrawals
  4. You can also earn up to 12% annual interest on your NEXO (including the collateralized tokens) paid out daily.

If you want to be a part of the Nexo enterprise and earn along with the company, buying NEXO via the Nexo Exchange is as easy as purchasing any other crypto asset.

The NEXO Token is a means of giving investors the opportunity to participate in the Nexo financial project as a whole.

Nexo Pros & Cons

Nexo: Pros

  • 100% automated platform
  • There are no fees
  • Fully regulated
  • Military-grade security
  • $375 000 000.00 insurance

Nexo: Cons

  • Some features are not available in the U.S.
  • Interest rates could be better
  • Many users have had their accounts closed for no apparent reason

Nexo Review: Verdict

After our Nexo review, we found this crypto lending platform to have some good features, but also some alarming problems.

Nexo has seen impressive growth since its inception, it is fully regulated and compliant across many countries and it offers loans in more than 100 fiat currencies.

Nexo offers its users very strong security features, your personal information is contained behind secured networks and is only accessible by a limited number of persons who have special access rights to such systems, Nexo also offers $375 000 000.00 digital assets coverage.

Interest rates are decent, and there are no fees, on the other hand, interest rates could be better compared to some of its competition.

Also, it would be great if some of Nexo's features could be made available for the U.S. market in the near future.

But the biggest problem with Nexo is the sheer number of people who've had their accounts suspended for no apparent reason.

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Nexo Review 2


  1. Maksim on March, 2022 at 5:53 PM

    They are scammers!!
    There are no words out of anger, I loaded 1000 euros from an account not Russian or Belarusian, I myself not a resident of these countries. However, the money never arrived, they have been holding it under the pretext of sanctions for 2 weeks now, they have not been loaded into the account and are not returned back to bank (!!!), when I ask whan they are going to solve this, they either ignore or write bot answers. Have submit proof of Israeli residency. No changes! It seems that they have a chance to steal money from all Russian speakers and they
    took advantage of this. If you don’t want to lose money, don’t use this company!

    • Dalton Rush on March, 2022 at 7:27 PM

      Hi Maksim,
      Sorry to hear that, what’s being done against the Russian people is unbelievable, the Russian people are at no fault for their governments’ actions. Let us know if you’re able to solve the issue.

  2. Seth on February, 2022 at 5:31 PM

    Nexo is a dishonest crypto provider. I bought nexo tokens using grab virtual card and nexo restricted my account saying that I need to provide a statement which I gave and they rejected it saying that email statement is not accepted. My virtual card provider Grab only provides email statement so I was not able to get any of the assets that I had just transferred into Nexo back. Also, they did not give me any of the referral fees even though I fulfilled their criteria. Deal with them at your own risk.

    • Dalton Rush on February, 2022 at 5:33 PM

      Hi Seth,
      That’s very unfortunate, please keep us updated on this!