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Namecheap Promo Code

About Namecheap

Namecheap began in 2000 with a mission to deliver the best domains at the best prices with the best service. Since then Namecheap has added hosting, security, managed WordPress, and a whole range of innovations to the platform. The online plans, ideas, and ambitions of people like you, have grown too. Namecheap has simply grown to bring you everything you need.

Every day the Namecheap team makes sure it’s their customers — not shareholders or profit models — that is the reason for everything they do. Namecheap feels putting people first isn’t just the right way to do business, it’s the right thing.

Integrity sits at the heart of Namecheap's culture. All their interactions are honest, action-oriented, and decisive, whether they’re with a customer or a co-worker. You’ll always get authenticity and transparency in Namecheap's promotions, and no unwanted upsells. Namecheap will never stop searching for the best ways to grow from its successes and learn from its failures.

If it doesn’t provide you with a better Internet experience, Namecheap simply doesn’t offer it. Offering you both value and quality is paramount to Namecheap's business. They believe in creating and finding the best products at prices that won’t break your budget. Giving businesses and ventures of every size a great start, or a bigger boost up the ladder.

You’ll always be backed by a Support Team that’s renowned for being one of the most knowledgeable, friendly, and professional in the business — consistently getting rave reviews. Real people are ready to assist you with any issue, 24/7.

Should you ever have a problem or question, Namecheap guarantees that one of its service professionals will investigate and respond within 24 hours, seven days a week.

Just to show how much Namecheap gets behind your ideas, they'll give you the chance to have everything a new website needs FREE for a year. Domain, hosting, etc. Discover how to get Powered by Namecheap in just a few easy steps.

Your right to safety and privacy online should never be bought or compromised. That’s why Namecheap is committed to defending that right. Whether it’s by publicly advocating for online privacy or partnering with digital rights organizations, Namecheap stands strong to protect its customers.

Securing your online privacy is as important to Namecheap as it is to you. This includes your Whois data, your customer account information, and other information about the services you may use. Namecheap keeps it safe from advertisers, spammers, and anyone else who shouldn’t have it.

Namecheap only keeps data for legal reasons, or to give you a better experience. Think account and payment info — contractually needed for purchases. Or legal records — like if you get locked out of your account. Namecheap also uses cookies and some third-party services, but always asks you first.

Namecheap won’t disclose any of your personal information unless required by law. Namecheap also holds true to all data laws, such as the GDPR, that protect your rights. In fact, Namecheap goes further. They will also fight against requests for information that is overly broad or intrusive to their customers.

Your ideas should have a level playing field online. A free and open internet means treating data equally, and stopping a two-tier system where the big Internet players get more control and power. Namecheap fights to keep the game fair.

Namecheap sees itself as your frontline defender of net neutrality, privacy, freedom of speech, and due process. This means that you can also be assured that it will protect its customers’ right to freedom of speech.

Every product on Namecheap is researched and tested to meet or exceed industry safety standards. Namecheap only works with partners and affiliates that share their highest expectations regarding Internet privacy and security.

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Namecheap Promo Code FAQs

Is a Namecheap Coupon Code the same as a Promo Code?

Yes, both are the same thing and will work on Namecheap.

Should I use a Namecheap Promo Code?

Yes, by using a promo code for Namecheap you will get additional savings on your Namecheap purchase.

How can I find Namecheap Coupon Codes?

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