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[Valid on February 2024]

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    About N26

    N26, a digital banking pioneer headquartered in Berlin, Germany, extends a bouquet of advantages to its clients.

    At N26, the ethos revolves around crafting a bank that mirrors your lifestyle—fluid, mobile, and adaptable. This ethos takes shape in a fully digital banking experience, engineered for simplicity and transparency. The heart of N26 beats within an app, seamlessly weaving the tapestry of innovation to facilitate a life that's both convenient and dynamic. This amalgamation of technology and intuition empowers you to navigate life and finances on your terms.

    N26 views technology as the compass to declutter your existence. This empowerment allows them to extend unparalleled choice, heightened financial security, and a banking process that's both streamlined and swift. N26's philosophy is rooted in the belief that managing finances should be an experience devoid of complexity—a modern banking paradigm that resonates with the pulse of this century.

    Picture your bank in your pocket, a world where card management and inquiries are a mere tap away. Troublesome paperwork and concealed charges find no place here. Instead, N26 opens the curtain to a stage illuminated by transparency and user empowerment.

    Founded in 2013 by Max and Valentin, N26 emerged as a response to the status quo—a financial industry perceived as entrenched and ineffectual. With the aspiration to redefine money management, they harnessed cutting-edge technology and global expertise to herald a banking transformation.

    Today, N26 stands as a testament to their vision, embracing a diverse team of over 1,500 individuals representing 80 nationalities, spread across global hubs such as Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Vienna, New York, and São Paulo.

    Seize the opportunity to experience N26's modern banking paradigm through our exclusive N26 Referral Link / Referral Code. Upon completing your registration, acquiring your N26 Card, and concluding a minimum purchase of €5, you'll unlock a €5 bonus in your N26 bank account. Step into a world where banking seamlessly melds with life's rhythm, offering a symphony of convenience and empowerment.

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    Having digital bank accounts is a great, fast, and convenient option that you could add to your setup. It'll usually save you a lot of money in fees and it's a great choice for using while traveling abroad, if you'd like to sign up for N26, you can do so using our N26 Promo Code!

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