The Best Music For Cats

The Best Music For Cats

Are you wondering where you can find the very best music for cats? You're in the right place! We're going to introduce you to a platform that has the best music you'll ever need, and, on top of that, we are offering you one free month of their service! Grab your Epidemic Sound free month today!

Music For Cats

The Popularity Of Cats

Cats and dogs are by far the most popular pets, if we go by the number of owners, cats are actually more popular than dogs! According to data obtained in the US census, approximately 86.4 million cats are kept as pets. Every third American household is home to at least one of these animals. On average, the number of felines living with cat-loving American families is two.

On the other hand, there are 78.2 million dogs that are kept as pets in American homes. This number was recorded in the US census. Almost 40% of American households have a dog. The average number of dogs per family is one.

The popularity of cats as pets is very old, and they have long been appreciated for their cleanliness, independence, elegance, and hunting abilities, which have also made them excellent help in the task of pest control, hunting down insects and mice that would otherwise destroy property and crops.

Do Cats Like Music?

Humans can hear up to 20,000 hertz, but cats can hear up to 64,000 hertz, this means they can hear much higher frequencies than we can.

In the journal Applied Animal Behaviour Science, researchers concluded that cats do in fact enjoy music, as long as it's the kind of music they like.

The researchers found that species-specific music actually got the most reactions from cats, this is music that is composed specifically for cats, with composers mixing in purring and bird chirps, among other cat-pleasing sounds.

While cats do react more to these species-specific sounds, this doesn't mean that you should avoid playing human music for them, what you should focus on, is the type of music you choose.

A study in which classical, pop, and rock music was played for 12 cats during spay procedures, found that cats reacted most positively to classical music, followed by pop. On the other hand, heavy metal raised their heart rate and increased their pupil size; in other words, rock music stressed the cats.

Finding Music For Cats

There are many reasons why you may want to find music for cats! Maybe you want to play some soothing music for your cat, maybe you are a veterinarian and you want to play something that will help cats get through the uncomfortable experience, or maybe you run a YouTube channel dedicated to cats and cat-owners.

Whatever your reason is, finding the right music may turn out to be a difficult task. Thankfully, we're introducing you to a service that will help you find any type of music for both personal and commercial use.

Introducing Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sound is an incredible service where you will be able to find music and sound effects for anything you may imagine.

From music for weddings to music for YouTube or Twitch, if you want it, Epidemic Sound has it!

Epidemic Sound is a solid, well-established company within the content creating community, with a simple subscription, you can use all their music and sound effects for, not only personal use, but also commercial use.

This is great if you're a video editor, a streamer, or a musician, but it's also fantastic if you have a bar or a restaurant, if you own a store, a veterinarian's office, and need some background music, if you teach meditation, if you run a spa, a gym, or any other type of location where you interact with the public.

If you would like to learn more about Epidemic Sound, you can read our in-depth review of their service. 

If you want, you can start exploring the huge Epidemic Sound catalog of music and sound effects with our exclusive 30-day free trial.

Top 10 Best Songs For Cats

Finding the right kind of music for your picky feline friend can be a hard task, thankfully, we believe you will find the perfect set of songs on Epidemic Sound.

In order to save you time, we have gathered and listed our favorite songs for cats below! We hope our friends enjoy them!

1. Gently Whispering

2. Weightless Moments

3. Garden of Night

4. Ankomst

5. You're Right

6. The Promising

7. Seconds and Breaths Away

8. Aviary Birds 3

9. Birds Starlings 1

10. Morning Birds 15

Now that you know where to get the best music for cats, go ahead, hit the play button, and give your cat a treat!

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