The Best Motion Templates for Content Creators

Have you wondered how some content creators get their channels to look so sleek and polished? It must surely cost a lot of time, money, and effort to create animated intros, transitions, and overlays that give that professional edge, right? Well, we are going to share a content creator secret with you: Motion Templates. These creative assets are basically pre-rendered, easy-to-customize assets that include logo animations, intros and outros, animated text and titles, overlays, and transitions to name a few.
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    Motion Templates

    Why Use Motion Templates?

    As a content creator, you probably already use one of the major video editors: Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve, or even Adobe After Effects if you’ve already got a bit of experience with Motion Graphics. Our friends at offer a great selection of Templates, which are especially excellent if you are starting your content channel and want to create professional-looking content from day one. Here we round up some of the top templates that we recommend for the two most popular video editing software out there: Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro. Each download includes detailed instructions, so you will be adding great effects to your editing process in no time!

    The Best Premiere Pro Templates

    Once you have a logo for your channel, a quick fade-in fade-out of the logo won’t do it justice. Start your videos by making the logo appear in an animated manner like with this clean, sleek logo reveal template. All you need to do is replace the placeholder logo with yours, and the template will take care of the rest. Make sure to always open your videos in the same way to give your channel a trademark, recognizable look.

    The next template pack that we recommend to any content creator is a good set of animated titles. These are very versatile and will help you give on-screen text appear in an attractive, engaging manner. Even a “subscribe” call-to-action will look much more appealing if you present it with one of these animated title templates!

    This one is for any creator with footage-heavy content, including travel and food vloggers who need to make their videos stand out. Don’t just upload and present your footage as captured. Just imagine how cinematic city shots will look with these focus effects, which allow you to turn the viewer’s attention towards the main focus points that you want to highlight.

    This is a set that should not be missing from your creative arsenal if you present content that requires on-site text. It allows you to add a sidebar with a checklist that reveals itself point-by-point. This is perfect if you offer recipes on your channel and want to highlight the ingredients needed, or if you offer any sort of advice that also needs to appear on-screen in a numbered, memorable way.

    It goes without saying that multi-platform promotion is necessary to create a community across social platforms. This template pack helps you put together Instagram stories quickly and easily. It’s perfect if you want to inform your community of a new episode on your YouTube channel, or if you have an online shop and want to announce a new drop or sales.

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    The Best Final Cut Pro Templates

    This one is also for those content creators whose channels rely heavily on the footage. While you can always color-correct your videos manually, these templates will instantly elevate them to crisp, vibrant, professional-looking footage. It’s virtually an Instagram filter for your channel.

    Here’s a pack for anyone who needs to present a lot of visual elements at once. If you’re a beauty vlogger, you will certainly want to showcase your favorite products side-by-side. If you have a real-estate channel, you will likely want to show an overview of a property to cause a jaw-dropping first impression. This template kit offers you 36 separate animated frames so you will never lack reveal styles!

    Infographics are a very organized way to summarize the information presented to your audience. This pack contains 7 animated infographic styles that allow you to easily add your own statistics and information.Its ideal for anyone with an information-heavy channel who wants to break the tedium and add some engaging visuals to complement their content.

    Like the template pack above, these animated quote graphics are a great way to present text within your video in an original way. It includes 6 classic quote titles and 4 colorful and original styles. You simply need to replace the placeholder text with the quotes you want to present. It’s ideal for movie or video game reviewers who want to present on-screen reviews or quotes from the directors while voicing their own thoughts.

    This last pack is great for anyone looking to grow their community beyond their main channel. Sometimes simply saying “follow me on my social media” is not compelling enough, and that’s where this pack comes in. It allows you to present a snapshot of your different platforms (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube) so your viewers can see your handles and a preview of what your other social channels look like. It’s ideal to cause a great impression of your overall presence and get your community more engaged with all your content!

    Final Cut Pro Templates 3


    This wraps it up for our selection of must-have Template packs from Videvo. If you didn’t know Videvo already, we highly recommend you also visit their Footage, Motion Graphics, Music, and Sound Effect libraries. Thousands of these assets are offered absolutely free of cost, and their Premium Plans (under which Templates are included) come at some of the most affordable prices out there. Check out our Videvo review here, or browse their amazing content directly on

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