Motion Array Review: Is It Worth It?

In this Motion Array review, we will be examining whether the Motion Array subscriptions are worth your money.

Motion Array is an all-in-one professional filmmaker platform, with unlimited asset downloads, exclusive Premiere Pro plugins, real-time video collaboration and approvals, and a video website builder, all these come included in one single Motion Array membership.

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    Motion Array Review

    Background and History

    Founded in 2013, Motion Array has established itself as a prominent player in the creative marketplace, boasting a team of more than 40 employees. Their innovative approach revolves around a comprehensive subscription-based model, aiming to provide video creators with a diverse range of digital media resources at an accessible price point. Branded as the "all-in-one video & filmmakers platform," Motion Array positions itself as a one-stop solution for content creators, offering an array of features designed to usher projects from conception to finalization within the confines of a single membership.

    One of the standout features of Motion Array's offering is the promise of "unlimited asset downloads," which encompasses a wide variety of resources like exclusive plugins, video collaboration tools, review functionalities, and even a portfolio website builder. This comprehensive suite of tools aims to empower video creators by facilitating various stages of the production process within a unified ecosystem.

    A pivotal moment in Motion Array's journey took place on December 15, 2020, when it was acquired by Artlist, an Israeli startup renowned for its prowess in digital content licensing. The acquisition carried a price tag of $65 million, signifying the significance that Artlist attributed to Motion Array's capabilities. Artlist's strategic interest lay in harnessing Motion Array's video-oriented technologies and versatile template options, which aligned with Artlist's overarching mission.

    Founded in 2016 by Co-CEOs Itzik Elbaz and Ira Belsky, Artlist carved its niche as a digital content licensing company with a distinct focus on filmmakers and video creators. The core proposition offered by Artlist revolves around an extensive collection of music, sound effects (SFX), and footage catalogs. These resources are crafted by a global community of independent contributors including musicians, producers, sound designers, filmmakers, and cinematographers. Artlist positions itself as a streamlined platform that grants subscribers unrestricted access to its creative arsenal, effectively eliminating barriers and fostering a vibrant collaborative environment.

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    Main Features

    Upon reviewing the main features offered with a Motion Array paid subscription, it becomes evident that the platform has strived to create a comprehensive ecosystem tailored to the needs of video creators. A standout feature is the promise of unlimited downloads, a factor that can significantly enhance a creator's workflow efficiency by ensuring unrestricted access to a diverse range of digital assets.

    The inclusion of a "Request Custom Assets" feature further amplifies the platform's appeal. This functionality not only speaks to Motion Array's commitment to user satisfaction but also hints at its responsiveness to the evolving demands of content creators. By allowing users to make bespoke requests for specific assets, the platform fosters a sense of collaboration and customization that can greatly enrich the creative process.

    The availability of plugins is another noteworthy addition to Motion Array's feature set. These plugins hold the potential to streamline intricate tasks and augment the capabilities of popular editing software, potentially saving creators valuable time and effort in their work. This integration of third-party tools reflects Motion Array's recognition of the broader digital creative landscape and its intent to empower users with seamless solutions.

    A "Video Review Platform" further illustrates the platform's ambition to cater to the entire lifecycle of content creation. This feature acknowledges the collaborative nature of video production, providing a structured environment for teams to share, review, and refine their work. Such functionality aligns with contemporary industry dynamics where remote collaboration and efficient feedback mechanisms are paramount.

    The inclusion of a "Portfolio Site Builder" serves to underscore Motion Array's understanding of creators' desire to showcase their work in a professional and accessible manner. This feature bridges the gap between content creation and its presentation, giving users a platform to exhibit their projects and potentially attract new opportunities.

    Notably, Motion Array also provides "250GB Review & Upload Storage," a crucial resource for managing the influx of media files that come with content creation. This allocation recognizes the inherent challenges in storing and managing large video files and contributes to a more organized and seamless production process.

    Licensing and Downloads

    The Motion Array license notably permits the use of the majority of its assets for commercial purposes. This inclusive approach aligns well with the diverse needs of content creators, offering them the freedom to incorporate these assets into projects intended for various commercial applications. The platform's commitment to enabling such broad usage of its assets positions it favorably within the creative ecosystem.

    A salient aspect of Motion Array's licensing structure is the differentiation between assets that are completely cleared for commercial use and a smaller subset marked as "Editorial use only." This differentiation showcases a nuanced understanding of the varied nature of content and the potential restrictions that might apply in certain contexts. This transparent labeling system helps users navigate the legal implications associated with their asset choices.

    Paid members benefit from the advantage of utilizing unlimited assets from the Motion Array Marketplace across multiple projects. This provision underscores the platform's intent to facilitate uninhibited creativity and productivity. However, it's crucial to note that the ability to use downloaded assets in new projects is contingent upon maintaining an active paid membership. Cancellation of the membership entails the loss of this privilege, reflecting the platform's adherence to its subscription-based model.

    Furthermore, the platform's stance on asset usage extends to the number of downloads allowed. While users can download assets as needed, it's important to bear in mind that memberships are intended for single users. The prohibition of automatic downloading tools serves as a safeguard against misuse and reinforces the principle of responsible and authorized usage.

    A notable aspect of the licensing framework pertains to the immunity granted to videos created and published during an active subscription period from third-party copyright claims. This provision underscores the platform's commitment to providing users with a secure environment for content creation. This assurance could alleviate concerns around potential legal entanglements, providing creators with the confidence to explore their creative boundaries.


    If you get a Motion Array paid plan you'll get access to 49 plugins for Adobe Premiere Pro, with these plugins you can quickly & easily enhance your videos with unique transitions and effects.

    If you're on a Motion Array free plan you'll still get access to 7 free plugins.

    Video Review Platform

    The Personalized Video Review & Collaboration platform offered by Motion Array presents a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline the often intricate process of client feedback and collaboration. The inclusion of a generous 250GB storage allocation underscores the platform's recognition of the substantial storage needs associated with video projects. This provision serves as a testament to Motion Array's commitment to facilitating the seamless exchange of project files and related resources.

    The platform's approach to collaboration is notably inclusive, as it allows users to invite unlimited collaborators to participate in the feedback and review process. The option to implement password protection signifies an understanding of the sensitivity of project materials and the importance of maintaining a controlled and secure collaborative environment. This feature aligns well with industry best practices for safeguarding creative work.

    A distinctive feature of Motion Array's Review platform is the emphasis on version control. The capability to manage different iterations of a project with ease is a critical asset for creators working on evolving projects. This functionality acknowledges the iterative nature of creative work and empowers users to maintain organized and structured workflows.

    Central to the effectiveness of the platform is its ability to facilitate frame-accurate feedback in real-time, complete with on-screen notations. This feature holds significant value in enhancing the precision of feedback and reducing miscommunication. Real-time collaboration is further enhanced by the platform's compatibility across various devices, from desktops to mobile devices. The integration of on-screen notations empowers collaborators to pinpoint specific aspects of the content, fostering a more detailed and constructive feedback process.

    Customizability is a notable facet of Motion Array's Review platform. The ability to add one's own logo contributes to brand consistency and reinforces a professional image. Moreover, the option to host the platform on one's domain enhances the sense of ownership and provides a seamless experience for collaborators.

    The platform's integration with Motion Array's Portfolio platform is a strategic move that enhances the visibility and dissemination of completed projects. This integration showcases Motion Array's intent to provide a holistic ecosystem that encompasses project creation, review, and presentation.

    Portfolio Site Builder

    The platform's functionality allows users to establish video portfolio websites that exude a sense of professionalism. The flexibility to utilize one's own web domain or Motion Array's URL is a valuable feature, granting users the choice to align the website with their branding strategy.

    Notably, the Portfolio website builder offers an array of customization options that contribute to the visual appeal of the website. The ability to edit the cover headline with different fonts, colors, and size controls empowers users to tailor the presentation to their preferences. The inclusion of parallax background images or videos further enhances the visual impact of the website. Integration with Motion Array's Unsplash streamlines the process of incorporating images, reflecting the platform's intent to simplify content sourcing.

    One of the standout aspects of the platform is its streamlined video gallery management. Uploading videos and reordering them according to one's requirements is a seamless process. The platform's video hosting capabilities offer a user-friendly solution for populating videos shortly after they are uploaded. This integrated approach eliminates the need for complicated third-party video hosting platforms, potentially saving users both time and resources.

    The Layout & Style menu on the editor introduces a layer of versatility by enabling users to fine-tune the appearance and color scheme of various elements. This level of control extends to every section of the portfolio website. The platform's commitment to user customization is reinforced by the straightforward "save and publish" functionality, allowing users to see their changes go live with ease.

    Stock Media and Content

    Motion Array has taken significant strides in curating a comprehensive collection to cater to the diverse needs of content creators.

    The inclusion of templates across a range of software platforms such as Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Premiere Rush, DaVinci Resolve, and Final Cut Pro is a noteworthy aspect. This breadth of compatibility underscores Motion Array's commitment to accommodating the preferences of a wide user base. Templates serve as valuable starting points for creators, enabling them to streamline their workflow and achieve consistent results.

    The incorporation of presets, particularly for Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, and DaVinci Resolve Macros, further enhances the platform's utility for creators seeking efficient solutions. Presets can significantly expedite the editing process, offering predefined settings that align with specific visual styles or effects. This consideration for automation and time-saving measures is indicative of Motion Array's recognition of the practical demands of content creation.

    A standout feature of Motion Array's offering is its extensive audio library. With over 100,000 royalty-free songs and more than 11,000 sound effects, the platform acknowledges the pivotal role of audio in enhancing the quality of visual content. This diverse selection of audio resources empowers creators to find the perfect soundscapes and effects to complement their projects.

    In the realm of video, Motion Array boasts a comprehensive video library containing over 100,000 video clips. This rich collection caters to a broad spectrum of themes and genres, potentially serving as a go-to resource for creators seeking visual elements to enhance their projects. The inclusion of over 17,000 motion graphics is another valuable addition, offering creators a range of dynamic visual assets to elevate their content.

    The platform's photo library, comprising over 100,000 photos, reflects Motion Array's recognition of the importance of still imagery in content creation. These photos provide creators with a repository of visual elements that can be seamlessly integrated into various projects, enhancing their visual appeal.

    Become a Producer

    Motion Array is a non-exclusive membership site with recurring revenue, instead of paying its producers a percentage of each item's sale price like other marketplaces, Motion Array pays its producers a profit share of the money the entire site generates each month. And because Motion Array is non-exclusive, you are free to sell your products on all other marketplaces.

    Plans and Pricing

    Motion Array offers two subscription plans: the free plan and the paid plan.

    If you choose the paid plan, you can either pay on a monthly basis or a yearly basis, if you opt for the yearly plan, you will save more than $100 were you to choose a monthly plan.

    Motion Array Free: $0

    • Single User
    • Free Downloads Only
    • Requests Not Included
    • Shifter Plugin Only
    • Video Review 1 Month Trial
    • Portfolio Site Builder 1 Month Trial
    • Free Account Only
    • Limited Customer Support
    • 1GB Review & Upload Storage

    Motion Array Monthly: $29.99/mo

    • Single User
    • Unlimited Downloads
    • Request Custom Assets
    • All Plugins Included
    • Video Review Platform Included
    • Portfolio Site Builder Included
    • Plus Plan Included
    • Standard Customer Support
    • 250GB Review & Upload Storage

    Motion Array Annual: $249.99/yr (Save over $100)

    • Single User
    • Unlimited Downloads
    • Request Custom Assets
    • All Plugins Included
    • Video Review Platform Included
    • Portfolio Site Builder Included
    • Plus Plan Included
    • Standard Customer Support
    • 250GB Review & Upload Storage

    Motion Array Pros & Cons

    Motion Array: Pros

    • All-in-one subscription
    • Many features and perks
    • Lifetime use
    • Universal license
    • Unlimited projects
    • Decent discount on the annual subscription
    • A free subscription plan is available
    • Music, sound effects, and video libraries are likely to grow in size since it was acquired by Artlist

    Motion Array: Cons

    • It could have more assets
    • Plugins are only available for Adobe Premiere Pro
    • The website's layout, design, and usability could be better

    Motion Array Review: Verdict

    After our Motion Array review, we found this to be an excellent solution for most video creators and marketers.

    Motion Array is a one-stop platform for basically everything a video creator would need, with it you get access to a huge library of footage, motion graphics, music, sound effects, templates, and presets.

    You also get access to a video review platform, a portfolio site builder, and a Plus plan. Motion Array's license allows you to use most of its assets for commercial use, as a paid member you can use unlimited assets from the Marketplace in as many projects as you'd like, all videos created and published during an active subscription are cleared from 3rd party's copyright claims forever.

    In December 2020, Artlist acquired Motion Array, since Artlist is one of the best companies in regards to music, sound effects, and stock footage, we believe this merge will be great for Motion Array.

    Motion Array could have more assets, plugins are only available for Adobe Premiere Pro, and the website's layout, design, and usability could be better.

    If you'd like to get started on Motion Array with a free account, simply follow the link below!

    • Overall Score

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