Monese Invite Code: £50 + £15 Bonus

Monese Invite Code

Are you looking for a Monese Invite Code?
Get a £50 bonus on your Monese account!

Get the Monese Invite Code below and get a £50 bonus after you've completed all the required steps listed below.


(If you are outside of the UK the bonus is in € instead of £)

+ Get an additional £15 Monese Bonus for each friend you invite to join Monese after he also completes the required steps!


Complete the following steps in order to receive the £50 Monese bonus

1. Sign up using the Monese invite code

2. Verify your ID and order a physical Monese card

3. Make a purchase of at least £1 using your Monese Card to get a £25 bonus

4. Spend £500 using your Monese card and get an extra £25 (this can be achieved in multiple transactions)

Monese Invite Code

About Monese

Monese is a digital banking option that provides mobile-only, multi-currency accounts in countries across the European Economic Area.

Monese's story starts when its Founder and CEO Norris Koppel moved to the UK. The first thing on his to-do list was to open a bank account so that he could receive his salary, rent a place to stay, set up his utility bills, and manage his day-to-day spending. The task was anything but simple. To open a bank account he needed proof of his address, local credit history, utility bills, and countless other documents – but he couldn’t get any of these without having a bank account.

After being stuck in this frustrating loop, he vowed to fix it so that no one would ever have to go through the same painful experience again. He came up with the idea for Monese: an account that’s not just for those with perfect credit scores or the right set of utility bills. An account you can open instantly and use on your mobile, so you don’t lose access to your money every time you cross a border on a map. Monese launched in September 2015 as the UK’s first mobile app alternative to banks.

Fast forward to the present day and Monese has signed up millions of people from across 31 countries. With 70% of incoming customer money coming from salary payments, Monese has one of the most popular and trusted financial services across Europe. Monese is incredibly proud that its product improves the lives of so many customers that traditional banks fail to help.

Sign up for Monese, use our Monese invite code, and follow all the required steps in order to claim your £50 bonus!

🏆 Monese Bonus  £50
🎁 Refer and Earn  £15

Monese Invite Code FAQs

Is there a Monese Invite Code?

Yes, Monese has a referral program and an affiliate program and there are multiple invite codes available for Monese.

How do I find a Monese Invite Code?

You can find an invite code for Monese on RushRadar.

How do I apply the Monese Invite Code?

You can apply the invite code in the appropriate field during the sign-up process.

Do I get a sign-up bonus on Monese if I use an invite code?

Yes, by using an invite code when signing up for Monese you will earn a sign-up bonus.

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Having digital bank accounts is a great, fast, and convenient option that you could add to your setup. It'll usually save you a lot of money in fees and it's a great choice for using while traveling abroad, if you'd like to sign up for Monese, you can do so using our Monese Invite Code!

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