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    About Moda Operandi

    Moda Operandi stands as an exceptional online shopping haven tailored for those with a penchant for high-fashion investments.

    Originating in 2010, the brainchild of Lauren Santo Domingo, a former Vogue editor with a fusion of fashion acumen and business insight, filled a void that bridged the gap between runway elegance and in-store accessibility.

    Moda Operandi presents an expansive spectrum of collections, curated from both eminent and burgeoning global fashion luminaries. The platform's portfolio seamlessly collaborates with numerous brands and designers, spanning across 125 countries, and boasts a diverse team of over 400 professionals worldwide.

    Periodically, Moda Operandi unfolds its digital runway through exclusive designer trunkshows, each separated by a span of two to four weeks. During these engaging events, fashion enthusiasts have the unique privilege to pre-order the latest couture straight off the runway.

    In the pursuit of acquiring these coveted items, an initial deposit is required upon purchase. Upon the arrival of the trunkshow at Moda Operandi's quarters, a prompt notification is dispatched to the buyer, indicating the remaining balance, which is subsequently billed in full. Upon settling the dues, the order embarks on its journey, direct to the buyer's doorstep.

    Alternatively, for those who prefer an immediate boutique experience, Moda Operandi grants the option of full payment for available items ready for immediate dispatch. For pre-orders, a deposit suffices at the time of purchase, with the remaining sum due upon the item's readiness for shipping.

    For those who aspire to elevate their style through the lavish offerings of Moda Operandi, a prudent step is to capitalize on a Moda Operandi promo code, ensuring a more budget-friendly indulgence in luxury.

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