MEXC Exchange Review: Is It Worth It?

In this MEXC Exchange Review, we will be looking into all of MEXC's features and assess whether or not the MEXC Exchange is a good choice.

Disclaimer: We want to emphasize that this is not financial advice. Cryptocurrencies operate in a volatile market, where values can drastically fluctuate in a blink of an eye. It is imperative to conduct thorough research and seek guidance from a qualified financial advisor before investing.

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    Background and History

    Established in May 2018, the inception of MEXC Exchange marked the emergence of a prominent player in the realm of digital asset trading platforms. The bedrock of this platform is formed by a cohort of core members whose professional trajectories have intertwined with world-class enterprises and financial institutions, thus imbuing them with a wealth of experience within the blockchain and financial sectors.

    The ethos of MEXC Exchange revolves around providing an all-encompassing trading experience for digital assets. This inclusive approach is epitomized by the spectrum of services available to users, encompassing spot, margin, leveraged ETF, and futures trading. When it comes to safeguarding the assets of users, MEXC has assembled an accomplished security cadre, augmented by collaborations with renowned security enterprises, collectively fortified to ensure the impregnability of users' holdings.

    As its journey unfolded, MEXC embarked on a trajectory of regulatory compliance. This pilgrimage culminated in the attainment of compliance licenses in four discerning countries, a testament to its dedication to adherence. The global footprint of MEXC users is extensive, spanning linguistic and geographical boundaries. Users are seamlessly integrated from English, Russian, Korean, Portuguese, Turkish, Vietnamese, Hindi, Malay, India, Africa, and various other linguistic enclaves and countries.

    The annals of 2019 witnessed MEXC's meteoric ascent, a year during which it solidified its presence by capturing 5% of the global digital asset market. Acknowledgment ensued from blockchain media aficionados, who hailed it as one of the "Most Popular Trading Platforms" and bestowed upon it the laurel of being one of the "Best Trading Platforms."

    For those enticed to partake in the MEXC journey, a seamless process awaits. Interested individuals can embark on this voyage by utilizing the MEXC Referral Code—a conduit to a platform that encapsulates expertise without pretension.


    Within the echelons of MEXC, a sophisticated cold storage wallet infrastructure reigns supreme, effectively stewarding an impressive repository of approximately $500 million in cryptocurrency deposits. Notably, the annals of MEXC remain untarnished by any security breaches, a testament to the robustness of its security architecture.

    In line with the conventions upheld by reputable exchanges, MEXC extends to its users an array of commonplace security features. Among these, the inclusion of 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) stands as a formidable barrier, complemented by the multifaceted layers of protection offered through email and phone verification codes.

    A marked emphasis on bolstering the fortifications of user accounts materializes in MEXC's upgraded security system. Under this paradigm, an obligatory tethering of a cellphone number or Google Authenticator has been instituted, substantiating the platform's unwavering commitment to safeguarding user interests. To fortify this proactive stance, the MEXC team extends prudent counsel to its user base:

    - Adoption of distinct login passwords and withdrawal codes across disparate exchange platforms, coupled with periodic alterations.
    - Diligent scrutiny to ascertain the authenticity of the website during the process of accessing the MEXC official domain, thereby preempting potential phishing endeavors.
    - A prudent endeavor to tether one's IP when utilizing API for trading, thereby augmenting the bedrock of security.

    In a landscape rife with intricacies, MEXC stands as a beacon of judicious security measures, poised to facilitate trading endeavors within a secure and dependable milieu.


    MEXC distinguishes itself with its economical transaction fee structure, wherein a nominal 0.2% fee is levied on transactions, excluding the assets received. Notably, the avenue of deposits remains free from any accompanying fees, fostering an environment conducive to seamless fund placement.

    The landscape of withdrawal fees is characterized by dynamic adaptation, a feature emblematic of MEXC's responsiveness to the prevailing blockchain conditions. With a finger on the pulse of evolving scenarios, withdrawal fees undergo periodic adjustments, aligning with the exigencies of the block's actual circumstances.

    To maintain transparency and provide real-time insights, MEXC extends the facility to review the prevailing withdrawal fees. Interested individuals can avail themselves of this information by navigating to the provided link. This ethos of openness further cements MEXC's commitment to facilitating an informed trading experience for its user community.

    MX Token

    At the heart of MEXC's digital ecosystem lies the MX Token (MX), a decentralized digital asset conceived and nurtured within the confines of the MEXC exchange, leveraging the Ethereum blockchain infrastructure. Beyond its technical attributes, MX epitomizes a tangible manifestation of the MEXC community's collective interests, constituting a testament to the symbiotic relationship between the exchange and its user base.

    The role assumed by the MX token is pivotal, serving as a linchpin that fosters connectivity across communities, teams, and partners within the MEXC ecosystem. Its multifaceted utility is underscored by a range of strategic initiatives meticulously devised by MEXC, underpinning the commitment to accentuate the token's intrinsic value. These encompass the deduction of fees, innovative undertakings within the SpaceM realm, exclusive privileges during M-Day events, and active participation in project voting within the Assessment Zone.

    In an earnest endeavor to elevate the stature of the MX Token, MEXC's resolve finds embodiment in a comprehensive vision. This vision is succinctly encapsulated in the "Growth Plan for Everything," an ambitious blueprint that has seen the MX Token assume a pioneering role as a cross-chain asset, transgressing the realms of both Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Huobi Eco Chain (HECO). This strategic pivot has precipitated the establishment of a diverse ecosystem, encompassing on-chain lending, mining operations, and decentralized exchange (DEX) trading, collectively enhancing the token's economic resilience and broadening its sphere of utility.


    This M-Day initiative introduces an innovative channel through which users can benefit. By holding mainstream cryptocurrencies, participants gain privileged access to discounted acquisition of event tokens, thereby capitalizing on an exclusive avenue for value appreciation. The distribution of these event tokens is thoughtfully tailored, with allocation proportions contingent upon the quantity of each participating asset held.

    MEXC's visionary approach converges upon fostering a mutually rewarding dynamic with its user base, characterized by both engagement and tangible benefits. Through the intersection of enhanced trading mechanisms and novel initiatives such as M-Day, the MEXC platform redefines the contours of user-centric digital asset trading.


    SpaceM emerges as an innovative avenue for ushering in high-quality projects, offering an alternative listing channel that stands apart. This distinctive platform serves as a conduit for project listings, catering to diverse communities and enabling users to partake in the acquisition of project tokens. However, a significant differentiator is manifested in the preferential treatment extended to MX Token holders, endowing them with a privileged vantage point in the realm of new listing activities.

    Beyond its role as a listing medium, SpaceM exerts a transformative influence on projects that demonstrate inherent promise. The fusion of MEXC's expansive user base, traffic influx, and comprehensive eco-services bestows these high-potential blockchain projects with a formidable impetus. Through this synergy, SpaceM becomes an enabler, propelling these projects toward their zenith by facilitating visibility, engagement, and ultimately, sustainable growth.

    The inception of SpaceM bespeaks MEXC's acumen in curating an ecosystem that transcends conventional paradigms, epitomizing an ethos that champions both innovation and inclusivity. This pioneering endeavor not only reshapes project listings but also exemplifies MEXC's dedication to nurturing the evolution of the blockchain landscape.

    MEXC Exchange Pros & Cons

    MEXC Exchange: Pros

    • Multi-tier, multi-cluster system architecture
    • High-performance matching engine technology
    • Abundant resources and various partners providing liquidity
    • Provides support for multiple languages
    • A good amount of cryptocurrencies are supported
    • Low fees

    MEXC Exchange: Cons

    • Customer support could see some improvements
    • Lacks some features such as staking

    MEXC Exchange Review: Verdict

    After our MEXC Exchange Review, we found it to be a reliable exchange with a solid foundation, safe and secure features, and a decent amount of features.

    The MEXC Exchange offers many crypto assets that aren't found in many other exchanges.

    Since its establishment, MEXC has successively applied for compliance licenses in 4 countries including Estonia, Canada, and the United States.

    The team is determined to grow the exchange with new improvements and the future looks very promising for MEXC.

    The exchange still lacks some features such as staking, and customer support could be better and faster.

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    • Overall Score

    MEXC Exchange Review 5
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