Martin Scorsese MasterClass Review

In this Martin Scorsese MasterClass Review, we will be examining whether or not the Martin Scorsese MasterClass (Martin Scorsese Teaches Filmmaking) is worth your money.

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Table Of Contents
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    Background And History

    Martin Scorsese stands as an iconic American filmmaker celebrated for his profound portrayals of American culture. Emerging in the 1970s, Scorsese has meticulously crafted an impressive and daring cinematic portfolio. However, it's noteworthy that even within the realm of his most lauded creations, he has chosen the path of intricate narratives, often resulting in modest commercial triumphs. This has contributed to Scorsese's well-earned status as a revered cult auteur, seamlessly navigating substantial budgets and collaborating with the crème de la crème of Hollywood's coveted stars. In the grand tapestry of acclaim, he undeniably emerges as one of the most pivotal luminaries among American directors in the latter part of the 20th century and the early expanse of the 21st century.


    1. Introduction
    Meet your new instructor: Oscar-winning director Martin Scorsese. Martin explains the goals of his MasterClass and talks about the importance of staying true to yourself on your filmmaking journey.

    2. Beginnings
    Martin explains how he realized that filmmaking was his true calling in life. He also talks about the importance of watching the old masters of cinema, from Orson Welles to Max Ophüls.

    3. Martin's Education
    Martin teaches you to appreciate the value of every shot using the lessons he learned from his tough—but inspirational—professor at NYU.

    4. Discovering Your Process
    There is no set process for filmmaking, but in this lesson, Martin offers you a glimpse of what his own process looks like. Learn to let your film take on its own life and always remain open to unexpected changes that could add value to a scene.

    5. Channeling Your Influences
    Martin encourages you to take inspiration from the work of other directors and discusses the significance of referencing other films in your own work.

    6. Developing Your Style
    Martin teaches the tenets of visual literacy and elaborates on the hallmarks of his style, including previsualization with storyboards, the use of voice-over, and the influence of documentary on his feature films.

    7. Directing & Technology
    Martin connects the atmosphere in which he first started making movies to the current climate of filmmaking, teaching you how technological advances can both help and hinder your creative process as a director.

    8. Finding the Story
    Martin teaches you how to see the inherently cinematic elements of your daily life and how to identify the themes and stories you are most drawn to.

    9. Working With The Script
    Martin shows you his process for reading scripts and how he goes about forming ideas. He also teaches you important lessons regarding research and explains how to further develop your script in rehearsal.

    10. Casting Actors
    Martin explains the significance of casting and offers his wisdom on how to interact with your potential actors, both individually and as part of a group. He also shares which performances he uses as models and what he looks for in an actor.

    11. Directing Actors
    Martin teaches you the importance of getting in front of the camera as a director. You'll also learn how to build a trusting relationship with your actors, how to make time for them to experiment, and when to stop talking and start shooting.

    12. Locations
    Martin shows you what you should look for when scouting locations and how to turn your location limitations into advantages.

    13. Production Design
    Martin teaches you how to reflect the themes of a story through production design. Learn how to bring the world of your film to life and when to take artistic license when depicting historical periods.

    14. Costume Design
    Learn how to let character dictate costume and how to collaborate with actors to find the perfect clothing for roles.

    15. Understanding Cinematography
    Martin teaches you how to work with your cinematographer and tells you the best way to learn—by asking your DP questions.

    16. Shooting Low-Budget Films
    Discover Martin's experience with low-budget filmmaking collaborating with cinematographer Michael Ballhaus. Learn how to creatively get the shots you need, even under tight budget and schedule constraints.

    17. Working With Crew
    Learn the differences between working with a small, core crew and a big one, and how to empower individual members of your crew.

    18. Editing: Part 1
    Martin reveals the magic of the editing room, and shares the qualities you should look for in an editor. He also prepares you for the continuous evolution that is intrinsic to the editing process.

    19. Editing: Part 2
    Martin teaches the importance of being in sync with your editor and expounds on a valuable lesson: You may have to cut the scenes you love.

    20. Color
    Martin gives you a lesson on the historic use of color in cinema and explains his use of color in his own films.

    21. Choosing Black and White
    Martin discusses the evolution of black and white film and how he arrived at the decision to make Raging Bull in black and white.

    22. The Importance of Sound Design
    Martin teaches you his approach to sound design: enter the editing room with the intention of cutting away sound instead of adding it. Learn how to create an atmosphere with sound design, as well as how to use sound to solve editing problems.

    23. The Power of Music
    Martin shows how music serves as part of the spiritual lives of his characters and talks about the films whose music influenced him, from director Kenneth Anger's independents to the traditional scores of Hollywood films.

    24. Promoting Your Film
    Martin recommends promotional strategies and teaches you how to identify and target your film's potential audience.

    25. Scene Discussion: Barry Lyndon
    Martin analyzes the first scene of Stanley Kubrick's Barry Lyndon. Watch and learn as Martin breaks down the use of natural lighting and voice-over. Discover how every image in the scene embodies the structure of an entire historical moment.

    26. Scene Discussion: Out of the Past
    Martin analyzes the visual language of this scene from Jacques Tourneur's Out of the Past, explaining the director's use of light and shadow. Martin discusses camera tilts and Robert Mitchum's performance in this scene.

    27. Scene Discussion: Jules and Jim
    Martin dissects the voice-over in François Truffaut's film, explaining how it pushes the story forward and gives the audience copious information about the characters. Martin also analyzes the composition of frames and the effect of the music.

    28. Scene Discussion: Vertigo
    Martin discusses color and background action in this scene from Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo. Learn how point-of-view shots and specific angles contribute to the emotional power of the scene.

    29. Scene Discussion: 8 1/2
    Martin analyzes Federico Fellini's choices in composition and lighting in this scene from 8 1/2, and shows how these impact our understanding of the protagonist. Watch and learn as Martin breaks down camera movement and the blocking of actors.

    30. Finding Your Way
    In his parting words of wisdom, Martin encourages you to find your own way and never lose sight of the creative spark that inspires you on each film.

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    MasterClass: Cons

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    Martin Scorsese Masterclass Review: Verdict

    MasterClass is definitely one of the best Education platforms available right now, whatever skills you're trying to learn, whichever knowledge you want to acquire, you're bound to find something that suits your needs.

    The Martin Scorsese Masterclass is great if you want to learn and get useful advice from a master filmmaker, that being said, if you're looking for a more practical masterclass, we'd suggest the Werner Herzog masterclass.

    Knowing as many skills as possible is crucial, it's essential for you to grow as an individual acquired knowledge in one field will help you in other fields too.

    By offering a one-time payment of $180, MasterClass allows you to access a vast number of masterclasses for an extremely low price for the duration of an entire year, during that period you'll have more than enough time to watch every available masterclass and therefore greatly expand your skills and knowledge.

    If you do the math and divide $180 by the roughly 100 available masterclasses, it means you'll only have to pay less than $2 per each of those masterclasses!

    If you'd like to get the MasterClass Annual Membership, follow the link below and check if the 2 for 1 MasterClass discount is available!


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