Malwarebytes Review

Malwarebytes Review

Malwarebytes Review:

In this Malwarebytes review, we will be examining whether or not Malwarebytes is worth your money.

Malwarebytes Review 3

Malwarebytes Review: Background

Malwarebytes is an American company based in California. Malwarebytes has been developing malware-hunting products for more than 15 years.

Malwarebytes believes that when you’re free from threats, you’re free to thrive. It all started with one person who needed help with a malware infection, and a community coming together to find solutions. At that moment in time, a product was born for all people, with a mission to rid the world of malware.

The product has since grown and evolved. From removing malware to protecting devices, to ever-changing prevention.

Now Malwarebytes is doing so much more than just malware remediation. The team has forged ahead into the world of cyber protection, privacy, and beyond.

Malwarebytes' products are robust, and tech-effective, across devices and the cloud. Malwarebytes is trusted by businesses large and small, and institutions like schools, hospitals, and governments. Malwarebytes is powered by AI, and behavioral-based technology, and driven by hundreds of researchers, hunters, and innovators. All are committed to delivering the best cyber protection available anywhere.

Malwarebytes is intuitive to use, and accessible to more people from all walks of life, from grandparents to geeks.

Malwarebytes is at home in the home, on the go, and in the corporate conference room. Made for individuals, public organizations, private entities, and everything in between.

This is what the team lives for, and they're relentlessly committed to bringing effective, intuitive, and inclusive solutions to people, families, and businesses of all kinds.

Malwarebytes Review: Malwarebytes Premium Personal

Malwarebytes protects all your devices and personal info from threats, so you can shop, play, and connect without a second thought.

Finds threats

Traditional antivirus is losing the battle against malware. Malwarebyte's cybersecurity technology finds malware on 39 percent of devices that already have antivirus installed. Malwarebytes Premium removes malware, viruses, and other threats from your device in seconds, and stops future infections with Real-Time Protection that works 24/7.

Stays out of your way

Many cybersecurity products work to protect you, but Malwarebytes does it without hogging your system's resources or spamming you with annoying notifications. Put safety first without putting performance last.

Enhances your privacy at home and on the go

Every time you go online hackers, ad companies, and your Internet service provider are trying to look over your shoulder. Malwarebytes Privacy is a next-gen VPN that helps protect your privacy and secures your WiFi connection, delivering speeds way faster than older VPNs.

Malwarebytes Review: Plans & Pricing

Malwarebytes offers various plans, that being said, we'll only be focusing on the Malwarebytes Premium plans for personal use.

Here is what Malwarebytes Premium offers:

  • Detects and removes malware and other advanced threats
  • Stops malware in real-time
  • Shields vulnerable systems and software from exploit attacks
  • Stops ransomware attacks before your data is held hostage
  • Prevents access to and from known malicious websites

Malwarebytes Personal Premium (1 Device) 1-Year Plan

Protect 1 device for 1 year

$29.99 ($10 OFF)

Malwarebytes Personal Premium (1 Device) 2-Year Plan

Protect 1 device for 2 years

$59.98 ($20 OFF)

If you'd like to add more devices, you'll only have to pay an additional $10 per device.

Malwarebytes Review: Pros & Cons

Malwarebytes: Pros

  • Great pricing
  • Quick scans
  • Blocks hazardous websites
  • Easy to install and use

Malwarebytes: Cons

  • Detection rates are below-average

Malwarebytes Review: Verdict

Malwarebytes Premium is a very good, cost-friendly antivirus, however, when compared to some other options, it isn't nearly as powerful, its detection rates are below average.

Malwarebytes is very easy to install and use, if you don't want to invest in a more advanced antivirus solution, Malwarebytes should be enough to keep you safe.

We suggest you try the Malwarebytes free version and decide if you like it.

If you'd like to get the latest Malwarebytes discount, simply follow the link below!


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