Linkedin Learning Review: Is It Worth It?

In this Linkedin Learning review, we will be examining whether or not Linkedin Learning is a good Education option.

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    Background And History

    LinkedIn Learning, formerly known as, has solidified its position as a noteworthy e-learning platform since its inception in 1995. This American company's evolution took a significant turn in 2015 when it was acquired by LinkedIn, subsequently undergoing a rebranding to its current nomenclature. Following this transition, LinkedIn Learning found itself under the umbrella of Microsoft in the subsequent year, marking another pivotal chapter in its trajectory.

    The essence of LinkedIn Learning lies in its fusion of's acclaimed educational resources with the extensive professional insights and connections offered by LinkedIn. This union creates a distinctive synergy wherein the platform draws from a vast repository of over 450 million member profiles and a multitude of interactions that measure in billions. Such a voluminous wellspring affords LinkedIn a rare vantage point from which to observe the organic metamorphosis of jobs, industries, organizations, and competencies across time.

    Harnessing this panoramic perspective, LinkedIn Learning orchestrates an astute orchestration of learning pathways tailored to your requirements. By discerning emerging skills within a dynamic professional landscape, the platform endeavors to eliminate the conjectural aspect of skill acquisition. What sets LinkedIn Learning apart is its unwavering commitment to precision. It meticulously identifies the precise proficiencies that warrant cultivation and subsequently dispenses meticulously curated courses helmed by domain experts. In a world that often hinges on trial-and-error learning, LinkedIn Learning's approach is a calculated departure—crafted to empower learners with the skills they truly need, sans the guesswork.

    As such, LinkedIn Learning strides forward as an unassuming yet invaluable mentor, deftly leveraging its unique amalgamation of historical professional insights and forward-looking expertise. The platform's unpretentious approach fosters a learning experience that is profoundly effective, enabling individuals to evolve in tandem with the ever-shifting demands of their chosen fields.

    Linkedin Learning Hub

    Introducing the LinkedIn Learning Hub, a dynamic Learning Experience Platform (LXP) that transcends traditional paradigms. This innovative hub fosters a vibrant community, seamlessly blending personalized content and insightful engagements from diverse content sources, thereby forging an engaging learning journey. More than a mere LXP, the LinkedIn Learning Hub is a catalyst for employee empowerment, equipping them with the precise skills required for growth.

    At the core of this hub lies an intricate web of personalized content meticulously tailored to bridge learners' skill gaps and align with their professional aspirations. This sophisticated approach recommends courses based on multifaceted criteria: roles, learning pursuits, existing skills, and beyond. This inclusive stance extends to third-party content, learning management systems, and proprietary organization resources, spanning domains such as onboarding and training documents. Leveraging this diversity, customized Learning Paths unravel, designed to cater to distinct groups of learners and thereby magnify the efficacy of the learning endeavor.

    One of the hallmark features of the LinkedIn Learning Hub is its creation of an interactive community, interlinking learners with peers and seasoned experts. This interconnectivity breathes life into the learning experience as learners can partake in learning groups, share course recommendations, and engage in collective viewing. Avenues for active participation unfurl in the form of interactive Q&A on course pages, enabling learners to initiate discussions, seek insights from instructors, and exchange ideas with colleagues and fellow course-takers. Furthermore, the access to content authored by familiar faces within one's own professional sphere—experts, peers, and managers—adds a layer of authenticity and relevance.

    The impact of the LinkedIn Learning Hub extends beyond individual growth, encompassing organizational strides as well. By discerning the skills learners are cultivating and aligning them with the organization's needs, this platform serves as a strategic tool for leaders. Its role amplifies as it becomes a conduit for evaluating learning's influence, tracking the organization's advancement in skill gap closure. This analytical prowess dovetails with the ability to refine learning journeys by curating content bespoke to specific learner cohorts, thereby achieving a harmonious blend of precision and personalization.

    LinkedIn Learning's versatility finds resonance across diverse sectors:

    - In the business landscape, it propels employee career growth and fuels organizational expansion.
    - In higher education, it catalyzes the evolution of teaching methods and administrative practices.
    - In government spheres, it equips public service employees with pertinent skills to enhance performance within agencies.


    LinkedIn Learning offers a comprehensive platform designed to foster skill development through a diverse range of online courses, boasting a staggering count of 16,000+ expertly-crafted offerings. These courses are meticulously curated by a team of industry experts who maintain an unwavering focus on generating content that seamlessly aligns with the needs of your workforce while simultaneously driving tangible impacts on your organization.

    An essential facet of LinkedIn Learning's methodology is the strategic utilization of content production techniques that engender sustained learner engagement. By adopting an approach that ensures the material remains consistently appealing, this platform actively nurtures a cycle of continuous learning. Such a strategy manifests in the team's dexterous leveraging of data emanating from the largest professional network globally. This invaluable data trove empowers them to not only construct courses but also proactively recommend modules that effectively equip your employees to navigate the ever-evolving terrain of both hard and soft skills, a demand perpetually in flux.

    In the realm of visual and auditory immersion, LinkedIn Learning excels. By harnessing the prowess of cutting-edge graphics, immersive soundscapes, and captivating visuals, the courses become immersive havens of education, fostering enthusiasm and sustained commitment to the learning journey.

    Moreover, the platform boasts a remarkably extensive course library, available in seven languages, encompassing an array of topics with both breadth and depth. This dynamic repository is further enriched by a prolific output of over 60 new courses each week, ensuring that the content remains perpetually current and in sync with the swift transformations characteristic of modern industries.

    A cornerstone of LinkedIn Learning's pedagogical approach rests on the unequivocal expertise of its instructors, who are carefully curated to reflect real-world practitioners in their respective domains. The rigorous vetting process guarantees that the instructors embody the fusion of theoretical knowledge and pragmatic insights. This amalgamation of academic understanding and hands-on experience ensures that learners are exposed to the most pertinent and reliable information, which can readily be translated into actionable skills in their professional spheres. In essence, the learning experience is not just about theoretical learning; it's about seamlessly bridging the gap between knowledge acquisition and practical application.


    LinkedIn Learning provides a vast array of courses spanning numerous categories and sub-categories, offering an extensive reservoir of knowledge and skills tailored to a diverse spectrum of interests and professional pursuits.

    Within its expansive course catalog, LinkedIn Learning encompasses a wide spectrum of Business Topics, delving into areas such as Business Analysis, Business Intelligence, and Business Strategy, essential for navigating the complex corporate landscape. The platform also addresses the nuances of Crisis Management, Data Analysis, and Accounting Software, crucial in fostering a resilient and informed business environment.

    The realm of Career Management and Personal Branding is meticulously explored, aiding learners in refining their job-searching skills and cultivating a distinctive professional identity. In tandem, LinkedIn Learning equips individuals with the prowess to navigate the intricate terrain of Customer Service Management, Accounting Skills, Corporate Finance, and the burgeoning domain of Cryptocurrency.

    The platform's offerings further encompass topics like Communication, Decision-Making, Advertising and Promotion, Agile Project Management, and Sales Skills, reflecting a holistic approach to honing a wide array of essential skills for effective engagement and leadership.

    The Creative Topics category caters to the artistic inclinations of learners, offering insights into disciplines like 2D and 3D Design, Animation, Photography, and Music Business. This diverse array of courses empowers creative minds with the tools and knowledge necessary to flourish in their chosen creative endeavors.

    In the realm of Technology Topics, LinkedIn Learning doesn't falter, providing resources for a plethora of technological subjects. Cloud Administration, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, and Cryptocurrency are meticulously elucidated, serving as cornerstones for mastering cutting-edge technologies. Software Development, IT Automation, and Database Management receive comprehensive coverage, aptly catering to the ever-evolving demands of the technology landscape.

    Ultimately, LinkedIn Learning's extensive and diverse curriculum underscores its commitment to fostering continuous learning and professional growth across an array of disciplines, providing an avenue for learners to cultivate both practical skills and innovative insights that resonate with today's dynamic professional landscape.


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    Linkedin Learning Pros & Cons

    Linkedin Learning: Pros

    • Well established company
    • Great pricing
    • Many subjects

    Linkedin Learning: Cons

    • Some courses are very basic
    • It has so many courses that it sometimes becomes overwhelming

    Linkedin Learning Review: Verdict

    Linkedin Learning is an outstanding e-Learning platform, the annual subscription is extremely accessible with at only $120/yr and the number of subjects and courses available on the platform will keep you learning new skills for a long time.

    Having so many courses is awesome but, at times, it becomes overwhelming to go through so many different courses, especially when considering that some of them are a bit basic, it would be great to have some sort of an AI that would sort out the best courses for the user and hide the ones that aren't as appropriate.

    It would also be a great addition to have some courses in which you could have some sort of interaction with the instructors.

    We suggest you sign up for a Linkedin Learning Free Trial and try it for yourself.

    Alternatively, if you'd like to get a Linkedin Learning annual membership with a 33% discount, simply follow the link below!


    Linkedin Learning Review 4
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