Linkedin Learning Discount: 33% OFF

Linkedin Learning Discount

Are you looking for a Linkedin Learning Discount?
Get a 33% discount on your Linkedin Learning Subscription!
Save $120 on Linkedin Learning today!

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What is Linkedin Learning?

LinkedIn Learning was originally known as, the American company was founded in 1995 and quickly became one of the most important e-learning platforms. In 2015 it was bought by Linkedin and its name was changed to Linkedin Learning. A year later, Microsoft acquired Linkedin. Linkedin Learning is a combination of industry-leading content from with LinkedIn’s professional data and network. With more than 450 million member profiles and billions of engagements, Linkedin has a unique view of how jobs, industries, organizations, and skills evolve over time. With that in mind, Linkedin can identify the skills you need and deliver expert-led courses to help you obtain those skills. Linkedin is basically trying to take the guesswork out of learning.

Use our Linkedin Learning Discount and start saving!

Linkedin Learning: Pricing

If you want to sign up for Linkedin Learning, you have two different subscription options, you can choose to pay on a monthly basis or on an annual basis, if you choose a Linkedin Learning annual subscription, you'll save 33% OFF its monthly price.

Linkedin Learning (Monthly)

No Discount

Linkedin Learning (Annually)

33% Discount
Save $120

$29.99/mo $19.99/mo

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Education is the best way for you to expand your skills and knowledge, it's more convenient, cheaper, and more efficient than any other learning method, Linkedin Learning offers some of the best courses available taught by great instructors, use our Linkedin Learning Discount and start saving.

Other Education alternatives include services like Udemy, Scribd, and MasterClass, fortunately, we have available discounts for all these platforms.

If you'd like to read our Linkedin Learning Review, follow the link below.

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