InVideo Review: Is It Worth It?

In this InVideo review, we will be examining whether or not InVideo is a solid choice as an online video creation platform.

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    InVideo Review

    Background and History

    InVideo emerges as a transformative solution for content metamorphosis, seamlessly converting your ideas into captivating videos. With a proven track record, InVideo has adeptly catered to a diverse clientele encompassing media conglomerates, small enterprises, and esteemed brands, catalyzing elevated levels of audience engagement via the dynamic medium of video content.

    Tailored to meet the needs of an array of stakeholders, InVideo's prowess finds resonance particularly among marketers, publishers, individuals, and agencies seeking to amplify their brand's content strategy. The platform's inherent versatility transcends industry boundaries, offering a multifaceted toolkit for crafting video content that resonates.

    Central to InVideo's efficacy is a cohort of fervent professionals, united by their shared commitment to deliver superlative customer experiences. This dedicated team stands as a testament to InVideo's unwavering dedication to not just meet, but exceed, user expectations through its responsive and personalized customer service.

    InVideo’s forte lies in its ability to seamlessly merge technology and creativity, rendering it a potent ally in the quest for enhanced audience connection. Through its intuitive interface, an expansive spectrum of users can harness the platform's capabilities to curate visually compelling narratives that transcend the ordinary.

    Product Features

    InVideo offers a comprehensive array of features that collectively empower users to craft and refine their video content. This platform's multifaceted toolkit is characterized by its versatility and user-friendly design.

    The animation feature within InVideo augments the visual appeal of videos, allowing users to seamlessly incorporate dynamic elements that enhance storytelling. This capability is especially beneficial for creating engaging narratives that captivate audiences.

    InVideo recognizes the value of collaborative efforts and integrates collaboration tools to facilitate seamless teamwork. These tools enable multiple users to contribute to a project simultaneously, fostering efficient and streamlined content creation processes.

    The customizable branding feature grants users the autonomy to infuse their videos with a distinct brand identity. By incorporating logos, color schemes, and other branding elements, users can ensure a consistent visual representation that aligns with their brand image.

    The drag-and-drop functionality simplifies the video creation process, allowing users to effortlessly arrange and edit video elements within the platform's interface. This intuitive approach is conducive to swift content assembly, even for those with limited technical expertise.

    Central to InVideo's capabilities is its media library, an expansive repository of assets that users can integrate into their videos. This library spans a wide range of visuals, audios, and graphics, providing a valuable resource for enhancing video content.

    InVideo underscores its commitment to privacy by offering users an array of privacy options. These features enable users to control who can access and view their videos, catering to various privacy preferences.

    For those looking to extend the reach of their videos, InVideo facilitates seamless social sharing. This feature streamlines the process of distributing content across social media platforms, effectively amplifying its visibility.

    InVideo's template library encompasses a diverse array of pre-designed templates tailored for various purposes. These templates serve as foundational blueprints that users can customize to align with their content goals and branding.

    Text overlay and text-to-video features enable users to incorporate textual elements into their videos. Whether for subtitles, captions, or creative text-based content, InVideo's tools offer the flexibility to integrate text seamlessly.

    The platform's video capture, creation, and editing functionalities converge to offer a comprehensive suite for producing polished video content. This integrated approach negates the need for multiple tools and facilitates a cohesive content creation journey.

    InVideo further enriches videos by offering voice-over and audio integration. Users can infuse their content with narrations, sound effects, or background music, elevating the auditory dimension of their videos.

    Support Features

    InVideo’s support features comprehensively address the needs of users seeking guidance and assistance during their engagement with the platform. These features are strategically designed to foster an environment of accessibility and user empowerment.

    For users seeking prompt resolutions and personalized guidance, InVideo extends email and help desk support. This avenue enables users to communicate their queries or concerns directly to the support team, receiving tailored responses that aid in overcoming obstacles.

    Additionally, InVideo maintains a repository of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and an interactive forum. This resourceful knowledge base serves as a self-help avenue, empowering users to independently find solutions to common queries and learn from the experiences of their peers.

    The platform recognizes the significance of direct human interaction and offers phone support. This real-time channel allows users to engage with support representatives who possess an in-depth understanding of the platform's functionalities.

    For users who value around-the-clock accessibility, InVideo offers 24/7 support facilitated by live representatives. This continuous availability ensures that users across different time zones can access real-time assistance whenever required.

    Further enhancing user interaction, InVideo provides a chat support option. This real-time chat interface facilitates immediate responses to queries, streamlining the troubleshooting process and expediting issue resolution.

    InVideo extends multiple avenues for training, catering to diverse learning preferences. For those who prefer hands-on experiences, in-person training sessions are available. These sessions offer a personalized and interactive learning environment.

    In addition, live online training sessions are offered, accommodating users' preferences for remote learning. These virtual sessions mirror the in-person experience, fostering engagement and skill development in a digital setting.

    Comprehensive documentation is an integral part of InVideo's support infrastructure. This repository of user manuals, guides, and tutorials provides a self-paced learning avenue for users to explore the platform's features at their convenience.


    InVideo presents a nuanced pricing structure catering to a diverse array of needs and requirements. The platform encompasses multiple pricing tiers, each tailored to align with distinct user demands.

    Commencing with the Free Plan, users are afforded the opportunity to craft and export up to 60 videos per month. This option, while granting access to basic video creation capabilities, carries the trade-off of InVideo branding appearing on the exported videos.

    For those seeking expanded functionality, the Business Plan emerges as a compelling choice. Priced at $15 per month (with an annual billing option of $180), this plan caters to the needs of small organizations and individuals. It unlocks the capacity to create and download up to 300 videos monthly, all devoid of InVideo branding. This plan offers a notable stride in the direction of professional video content production.

    The Unlimited Plan, engineered with the needs of teams and businesses in mind, offers an unbridled scope of InVideo's features and resources. Priced at $30 per month (with an annual billing option of $360), this subscription tier extends advanced functionalities, including team collaboration tools, access to premium templates and video footage, and specialized customer support. An unlimited quota for video creation and downloading is a hallmark of this package, empowering businesses to harness video content without constraint.

    Regardless of the chosen plan, users are bestowed with a robust suite of features. These encompass access to a diverse media library, an assortment of pre-designed templates, and a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface that underpins the video creation process. The liberty to infuse videos with unique branding and music further augments the creative canvas.

    InVideo diligently fosters user proficiency through a variety of means, including webinars, tutorials, and support resources. This commitment to enhancing user skillsets ensures that each plan is accompanied by the necessary tools for users to harness the platform's capabilities to their fullest extent.

    InVideo Pros & Cons

    InVideo: Pros

    • Innovative and straightforward service
    • Great for newcomers and professionals alike
    • Many templates to choose from
    • Access to more than 1 million stock videos and photos
    • Access to a quality royalty-free music library
    • Text-to-speech feature
    • Helpful and responsive customer support

    InVideo: Cons

    • Exporting is slow and time-consuming
    • If you have a slow internet connection it isn't a great option
    • Unable to switch between templates
    • Cloud Storage could be expanded

    InVideo Review: Verdict

    After our InVideo review, we definitely concluded that this is a very interesting option for anyone in need of a solution for video creation.

    InVideo's pricing is very decent considering how much you get, if you sign up for the Unlimited subscription plan, you will get access to a powerful set of tools as well as 100GB cloud storage.

    Naturally, the major downside to using InVideo is if you don't have access to a fast internet connection as this would slow down your overall workflow, especially when it comes to exporting your project.

    If you would like to try InVideo, we recommend you sign up for a free trial, afterwards, you can always sign up for a paid subscription and enjoy 50% OFF by choosing an InVideo yearly subscription plan.

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    • Overall Score

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