Icedrive Review: Is It Worth It?

In this Icedrive review, we will be examining whether or not Icedrive is worth your money.

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    Icedrive Review

    Background and History

    Icedrive is a UK-based cloud storage solution founded in 2019, according to the team, Icedrive aims to make cloud storage feel like a physical hard drive with what the company calls revolutionary drive-mounting software. With Icedrive, you'll be able to access your cloud storage just as easily as on your own device's hard drive, but without taking up any space.

    Virtual Drive

    The Icedrive desktop software seamlessly bridges the gap between virtual cloud storage and physical storage devices, providing users with a unique experience akin to interacting with a conventional hard disk or USB stick within their operating system.

    This innovative integration not only offers the familiarity of native operating system functionalities but also extends the capability to perform a range of tasks effortlessly. From editing to uploading, deleting to opening files, the software grants users the ease of manipulating their cloud storage space just as they would with tangible storage mediums.

    An exemplary feature that sets Icedrive apart is its intelligent cache control operations. This eliminates the waiting time typically associated with cloud synchronization. Upon installing the application, users gain instant access to their files, eradicating the need for synchronization delays. The efficient caching of recently accessed files ensures optimal performance, enabling swift access with minimal to no discernible slowdown. This intelligent caching mechanism contributes significantly to a seamless and expedited user experience.

    Portable App

    Icedrive's portable app offers a versatile solution that can accompany you across diverse operating systems, catering to your mobility needs.

    The app's functionality is comprehensive, leaving no aspect overlooked. It simplifies file management by enabling seamless uploading and downloading of files and folders. Additionally, the built-in media player facilitates smooth media streaming, while the capability to preview a wide array of popular document formats saves users from unnecessary downloads. The provision to view images directly negates the need for downloading, enhancing convenience.

    One particularly noteworthy aspect is the compatibility with native applications for file editing. The app ensures a smooth editing process by temporarily downloading the edited files to a designated location. Subsequently, the app vigilantly monitors these files for changes, instantly uploading the updated versions to your cloud storage. This mechanism underscores a commitment to real-time synchronization, enhancing user efficiency.

    Overall, Icedrive's portable app resonates with a commitment to seamless accessibility, comprehensive functionality, and effective synchronization, rendering it a valuable asset for users on the move, regardless of their operating system preference.

    Web App

    The web application has been meticulously crafted to achieve an impeccable balance between a streamlined interface and user-friendly accessibility. This design philosophy extends to support for a wide spectrum of modern browsers and varying screen sizes, ensuring a seamless cloud access experience that's not bound by time or location.

    Navigating through the application is effortless, thanks to an array of intuitive features. Support for drag-and-drop, right-click functions, and keyboard shortcuts empowers users to manage their cloud storage with utmost ease, all within their preferred browser environment.

    The richness of the web application's capabilities becomes evident when interacting with files. Users are presented with the convenience of previewing a diverse range of popular document filetypes and vectors. The browsing experience transcends the static realm, as video and audio files can be directly streamed within the browser window, entirely eliminating the need for third-party plugins.

    The file upload process is equally streamlined. Icedrive has integrated an advanced uploader, engineered for simplicity and efficiency. Alternatively, a simple drag-and-drop action from your computer to the browser seamlessly initiates file uploads. An ingenious approach, known as chunked uploading, ensures the stability of your connection even with substantial uploads. This method effectively addresses any concerns tied to large file transfers, preserving the fluidity of the upload process.

    To encapsulate, the web application's design philosophy underscores its commitment to offering an uncluttered and intuitive experience, accessible across devices and locations. The inclusion of versatile features and robust file handling capabilities solidifies its standing as a comprehensive cloud storage solution.

    Mobile and Tablet

    The mobile and tablet apps from Icedrive empower users to oversee their cloud storage seamlessly across an extensive array of devices, irrespective of their location and time. This versatility is complemented by an uncluttered and user-friendly interface, facilitating effortless data access and management.

    A notable facet of Icedrive's mobile and tablet apps is the inclusion of a built-in document viewer. This robust feature permits users to directly view a wide spectrum of popular document and vector formats within the app itself. This functionality inherently positions Icedrive as an efficient productivity tool, streamlining tasks and enhancing accessibility.

    Icedrive's commitment to enhancing user experience is further exemplified through their custom media player. This proprietary media player empowers users to stream video and audio files directly from their cloud storage, offering flexibility and convenience regardless of their location. The seamless integration of this feature not only bolsters Icedrive's utility but also contributes to a holistic cloud storage experience for users on the go.


    Delving into the encryption process, Icedrive instills client-side encryption as a foundational principle. This means that prior to traversing to the secure cloud, every element, encompassing file and folder names, undergoes encryption within the confines of Icedrive's user device. This meticulous encryption methodology creates an impregnable barrier against potential breaches, leaks, or decryption attempts. The result is an ecosystem where sensitive data remains utterly immune to interception, safeguarding users' information with an impenetrable shield.

    Central to Icedrive's security ethos is the concept of zero-knowledge cryptography. This tenet ensures that only the user, and no one else, holds the key to viewing and decrypting their data. This pivotal principle preserves the sanctity of user data, aligning with the fundamental premise that data confidentiality should be inviolable.

    The intricate workings of Icedrive's encryption framework involve a multi-step process, meticulously orchestrated to ensure utmost security.

    Generation of Encryption Key

    Security hinges on the encryption key's robustness, a fact that Icedrive recognizes. The platform generates secure 256-bit encryption keys through its encryption passphrase, bolstering data protection. Crucially, this key generation transpires solely on the user's device, without any involvement from Icedrive's servers. This unyielding security protocol guarantees that only the user retains access to these keys.

    Encryption Process

    Icedrive's encryption extends beyond file content, encompassing even file names. The files undergo segmentation into smaller, manageable fragments. Each fragment is then encrypted at the client's end, transpiring directly on the user's device.

    Upload and Storage

    The encrypted fragments of the files are uploaded individually to Icedrive's secure servers. During transit, these fragments are doubly encrypted, a fortified layer of security facilitated by HTTPS protocol. Once safely arrived, the files find their abode in the encrypted cloud, ensconced in a safeguarded sanctuary.

    In summation, Icedrive's commitment to uncompromising security is exemplified through its pioneering use of the Twofish algorithm, client-side encryption, and adherence to the principles of zero-knowledge cryptography. This multifaceted approach collectively cements Icedrive's status as a trailblazer in safeguarding user data, engendering a realm where privacy and protection converge with remarkable potency.


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    Icedrive Pros & Cons

    Icedrive: Pros

    • Pricing
    • Massive storage
    • Good bandwidth
    • Intuitive interface
    • Client-side encryption
    • Password protection
    • Share timeout
    • Lifetime subscriptions
    • Free version with 10GB

    Icedrive: Cons

    • Relatively new company
    • The terms of service are a bit vague

    Icedrive Review: Verdict

    Icedrive is a newcomer to the cloud storage scene, that being said, it's definitely displaying some very promising signs.

    Icedrive offers more storage space than any of its competitors, the pricing is great, especially if you get the lifetime deal which will probably get more expensive as time goes by.

    Regarding security, Icedrive offers some very reliable features such as Twofish encryption,  client-side encryption, and zero-knowledge of your data.

    On the downside, Icedrive is a relatively new company, and the terms of service aren't very clear.

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    • Overall Score

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