How to Make NFTs: The Beginner’s Guide

How to Make NFTs: The Beginner's Guide

How to Make NFTs: The Beginner's Guide

Are you wondering how to make NFTs? We're here to help! The NFT token is a unique cryptocurrency that can be used to purchase unique digital assets. These tokens are often called NFT crypto art, and they are increasingly popular in the blockchain community. In this article, we will discuss how to make NFTs so you can get started with your own creations.

How to Make NFTs

Introducing's NFT Magic Box

NFT Magic Box is a creation and auction platform customized for each individual user. It is built to be the finest NFT trading platform for mintage, creation, promotion, and auction.’s NFT Magic Box platform is the world’s first centralized trading platform. The platform focuses on incubation and asset management in the blockchain and the digital currency field.’s NFT Magic Box, in combination with the GateChain protocol, provides a cost-efficient and high-performance blockchain. Artists only need to focus on their creations. has more than 4 million subscribers from all over the world with more than 1 million active, daily users. Artists will have access to all these resources and can benefit immensely from the current demand for NFTs.

NFT Magic Box consists of two components: the NFT avant-garde creation platform and the NFT auction and trading platform.

The NFT avant-garde platform allows users to upload their works via an NFT to create and express themselves. Users may create their own NFT on the Magic Platform for free. The team will focus on sought-after creative work and provide technical support as well as institutional docking for its users. This model allows users to monetize their creative works and follow their passions.

The auction and trading platform provide two trading options: fixed price transaction and auction. Creative pieces created on NFT or other NFT platforms can be displayed and auctioned in the marketplace. A large proportion of the revenue from the sales will be paid to the creators. A small portion will go towards the NFT artistic fund and will be used to support contract creators on the platform. NFT Magic Box connects NFT artists, institutions, and subscribers aiming to become a major source for NFT trading, market education, and liquidity expansion. Artists, users, and professional NFT institutions are able to experience all the functions on the platform, such as inexpensive minting, work display, and sales. Everyone can be an NFT artist!

NFTs Explained: What Are They?

NFTs are a newer form of crypto-asset that is easy to tokenize.

Early NFTs were mostly in the form of digital collectibles (such as CryptoKitties) and had limited functionality outside their virtual world. Today, there is an explosion of innovative applications for this technology in areas such as supply-chain management, healthcare records, and other areas where the authenticity of goods can be verified.

NFTs Explained: How to Make Them

As previously mentioned, one way to make NFTs is by using's NFT Magic Box.

The other way is by creating it from scratch using an Ethereum computer with Metamask and Webpack, which can be done in three steps:

- Generate a pair of private and public keys using Metamask. This is done in the same interface that you use for Ethereum transactions, but don't send any funds to this wallet yet! It's just a starting point.

- In Webpack, create your token contract with appropriate parameters like symbol, supply limit (this should match up with how many tokens you want), decimals place value. If you've never written code before or if it's been a while since high school math class - fear not: there are lots of guides online that walk through this process step by step. Once compiled properly on your local computer, the contract can then be deployed to the Ethereum blockchain.

- The final step is to send funds from your Metamask wallet, which will initiate a token “minting” transaction and generate tokens for you in return. These are now sitting in your account - ready to trade or use as an example of how NFTs work!

NFTs Explained: Are They Worth Investing In?

NFTs are worth investing in and valuable because they are scarce and can be used as a form of utility. NFTs have the potential to change how we consume games, watch movies/TV shows, or listen to music because they offer more value than old-school forms like DLCs (downloadable content).

NFT tokens include things such as in-game items that can't be traded outside of the game, such as skins or weapons. NFTs can also consist of crypto-art that is an item you purchase and keep in your wallet to show off on platforms like NFT Magic Box.

An important factor when creating NFTs is scarcity - there should only ever be a certain number created - and/or utility - the NFT should be able to provide some sort of function in a game.

The level of scarcity will depend on what kind of NFT it is. For example, if you are creating a skin for an in-game character that can be worn by anyone and does not have any special abilities or powers then the scarcity is less relevant. On the other hand, skins where wearing it will grant some sort of power over one's opponents should only be available to a small number of people.

NFTs are not just for game developers. NFT's can also be used by individuals to create their own crypto-art and sell it on platforms like NFT Magic Box.

The most famous example of NFTs is probably CryptoKitties - these were the first NFTs to reach mainstream popularity.

NFTs are currently in a state of rapid growth and adoption, we definitely believe this is where the future is heading, and investing in the right kind of NFTs can surely turn out to be a great investment.

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