Growing Industries During Lockdowns

It is said that during the Great Depression, many industries, such as those related to construction and agricultural production, actually thrived. This was since money was scarce and there were few people with disposable income to buy goods. One can argue that it is a similar situation today. Many people are forced to lay off their work due to government' lockdowns. With borders closing, it means there are fewer people on the street and fewer transactions happening each day. However, history told us that in some instances, during global issues like war, some industries actually grew, let's find out which are the growing industries right now.

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    Growing Industries

    Growing Industries: Pharmaceutical Industry

    The pharmaceutical industry was the one that gained the most with the lockdowns, firstly, the number of ventilators produced skyrocketed, secondly, the amount of money received for developing the experimental mRNA injection with an unprecedentedly short time for testing, and finally, the number of injections purchased by governments was absolutely massive, the tendency doesn't seem to be slowing down as some governments such as Canada's have already bought supplies for the coming years, this will keep the injection of capital coming in for the pharmaceutical industry.

    Growing Industries: Online Shopping and Delivery

    With most businesses being forced to close down, and people being forced to stay at home, online shopping saw an obvious growth, unfortunately, many businesses didn't have the time to adapt to the situation and succumbed, others, such as Amazon and Uber Eats, which already operated as online shopping platforms, naturally thrived.

    Fast food restaurants such as McDonald's experienced an unprecedented sales growth thanks to the lockdowns. This was due to many people having insufficient time to prepare meals or being unable to source the food due to logistical issues as well as these restaurants already having their own delivery service prior to the lockdowns.

    Growing Industries: Gaming Industry

    Similar to other industries previously mentioned, the main reason for the surge in its customer base is the fact that people spent more time indoors relying so much on the internet, this well-established industry grew exponentially during the lockdowns and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. The advancement in wireless technology, network, and overall infrastructure of the internet also gave it a big push. Game titles like Spiderman, FIFA, or a newcomer like Cyberpunk got most of the attention and hype during the lockdowns.

    Growing Industries: Online Casinos

    Online Casinos are also one of the industries that experienced high profits due to many people either not wanting to or being unable to leave their homes. Gambling is one of the most profitable industries in the world, with most casinos being forcibly shut during lockdowns, online gambling experienced high demand for its services and generated high profits during that time period. With so many options available, it can sometimes be tiring to choose. If you’re having trouble finding an online casino, you can go for an online casino affiliate site that will help you search for a trusted casino rating list as well as give you useful resources to go with it. They do the heavy lifting of selecting, filtering, and curating countless online casinos and sites in order to help you find the best in the whole industry.


    We hope you now have a better idea of the industries that most benefited from government lockdowns, with this acquired knowledge, we hope you can better prepare for any future government measures while always standing up for freedom, peace, and justice.

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