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    About GoHenry

    GoHenry stands out as a comprehensive allowance manager app designed to instill essential money skills in children and teens. More than just a debit card for kids, GoHenry encompasses a financial learning app equipped with features tailored for parents, providing a holistic approach to financial education.

    The platform aims to empower children to grasp financial concepts practically through its unique Money Missions, fostering a sense of responsibility, understanding of wants versus needs, and the development of savings habits. GoHenry is not just a tool for kids; it offers a suite of features for parents, including an allowance manager and flexible parental boundaries, enhancing the overall learning experience.

    Founded with the vision of making kids smart with money, GoHenry seeks to create a fun and practical environment for financial education. The platform addresses the crucial life skill of money management, emphasizing the importance of starting early, as research indicates that children begin forming financial attitudes and habits as young as seven.

    The diverse community of GoHenry users reflects individuals from various backgrounds, united by a shared belief that the right tools can shape a lifetime of financial well-being. Recognizing the pivotal role parents play in molding their children's financial perspectives, GoHenry strives to offer the easiest, most convenient, and educational products to empower families.

    Originating from a personal need to simplify managing allowances and teach financial responsibility, GoHenry was founded in 2012. The founders, facing the challenges of handling online gaming expenses and weekly allowances, envisioned a solution that would be easy for parents and practical for kids. Thus, GoHenry was born, evolving into a platform that caters specifically to the dynamics of family life.

    The backing of GoHenry by a notable group of investors, including Nexi Group, Edison Partners, Revaia, Citi Ventures, Muse Capital, and a network of accomplished Angel investors, attests to the platform's credibility and potential. Notably, during equity crowdfunding campaigns on Crowdcube, GoHenry set records by raising $5.7M in 2016 and $7.8M in 2018, with a significant portion contributed by its own customers. This unconventional approach to funding reflects GoHenry's commitment to ensuring that its customers share in the company's growth.

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