ForexSignals Review: Is It Worth It?

ForexSignals Review

In this ForexSignals Review, we will be looking into all of ForexSignals' features and determine whether or not their service is worth it for anyone interested in forex trading.

Disclaimer: We want to emphasize that this is not financial advice. Cryptocurrencies operate in a volatile market, where values can drastically fluctuate in a blink of an eye. It is imperative to conduct thorough research and seek guidance from a qualified financial advisor before investing.

ForexSignals Review

Background And History

Nick McDonald established ForexSignals on May 1st, 2012, drawn by the allure of forex trading and the potential for substantial financial gains within a brief timeframe. Eager to excel, he delved into a multifaceted approach encompassing literature consumption, seminar attendance, mentorship, and unyielding dedication. While mastering the art of trading, Nick experienced both triumphs and setbacks, encountering instances of account augmentation juxtaposed with unfortunate losses.

Amid this expedition, Nick sought a trading forum where he could engage with fellow traders, fostering discussions about market dynamics and learning from the triumphs of others. He encountered an astonishing revelation: such a resource was conspicuously absent. Nick embarked on a mission to rectify this, vowing to construct an inclusive and utterly transparent platform accessible to all.

Collaborating with a team of skilled Indian designers and developers, Nick endeavored to create an appealing interface coupled with seamless functionality. After navigating through a series of ten contractors, serendipity brought Nick together with his now partner, Will Thomas. Their fortuitous encounter transpired when Will enrolled in the trading room on a sunlit afternoon, sparking an instant connection.

Will, an exceptionally adept developer, joined forces with Nick in December 2012. United by a shared objective, they aspired to empower clients to attain financial gains by erecting the preeminent forex website and online trading room worldwide.

From that juncture onward, the ForexSignals community burgeoned, attracting over 500,000 members. The team, comprising 40 full-time professionals and four mentors actively participating in the trading room, operates across disparate corners of the globe. Their collective commitment remains unwavering, resolute in their dedication to delivering on promises.

This steadfast team's journey spans more than a decade, with no signs of cessation. They prioritize problem-solving over peddling trading products, aiming to effectuate positive change in the realm of forex trading. Unlike the labyrinthine and enigmatic nature often associated with trading, ForexSignals seeks to usher in a paradigm shift, fostering a Trade Room curated by the community, for the community. This distinctive approach involves collaborative ideation, comprehensive app testing, and continuous user feedback, enabling the development of a product that resonates universally.

The roots of ForexSignals span across twenty countries, spanning the global landscape, while the team consists of just over forty individuals. A shared ethos binds them - to transcend conventional boundaries and instigate transformation within the world of trading.

Trading Room

Engaging in the intricacies of trading markets is a formidable endeavor, characterized by its complexities and multifaceted dynamics. In such a landscape, the invaluable presence of a guiding hand becomes pivotal. recognizes this indispensable requirement and stands prepared to usher you through the rudiments, systematically bolstering your confidence before embarking on any substantial commitment.

Observing the seasoned professionals as they navigate the trading arena yields an invaluable vantage point. Beyond the insights garnered, this observance serves as a potent shield against potential pitfalls, thwarting avoidable errors. It's essential to recognize that attempting to navigate the realm of Forex trading in isolation can intensify the challenges at hand.

The epicenter of this transformative experience is the Trading Room - an immersive environment teeming with essential resources. Within its virtual walls, a trove of indispensable tools awaits, meticulously designed to cater to your requirements. From foundational knowledge to intricate strategies, this holistic repository ensures that you're well-equipped for your journey.


Elevating your trading career to mastery necessitates a robust foundation of knowledge and skill. In this pursuit, ForexSignals' comprehensive training regimen stands poised to play a pivotal role.

ForexSignals facilitates your journey through the intricacies of Forex trading by illuminating a well-defined path of education. Central to this approach are meticulously curated educational videos, thoughtfully organized into modular segments. This progressive sequence commences with fundamental concepts, systematically progressing to the zenith of advanced strategies.

Acknowledging the inherent value of interactive learning, ForexSignals empowers you with the ability to seek immediate clarification as questions arise during your instructional sessions. This is made possible through direct engagement with experienced mentors in the real-time discourse of the Trade Room's live chat feature. The mentors, armed with profound insights, stand ready to provide assistance, ensuring your comprehension remains unimpeded.

It is incumbent upon aspiring traders to recognize the pivotal role played by foundational training. Prior to embarking on your trading journey, investing the time and effort to fully engage with the training material emerges as an essential prelude, fostering a fertile ground for subsequent growth and proficiency.

Trading Ideas

Within the trading room's dynamic and collaborative environment, a plethora of trade ideas is exchanged on a weekly basis. A constant stream of notifications ensures that you're promptly informed of freshly shared concepts, perpetually equipping you with the insights required to make informed trading decisions. This orchestrated approach alleviates the uncertainty surrounding trading choices, providing a comprehensive understanding of what to trade, precisely when, and the underlying rationale.

Encompassing a multifaceted approach, the platform extends access to the mentors' personal trade signals, which you have the option to replicate. This facet encapsulates a unique opportunity to align your trading strategy with the expertise of seasoned professionals, potentially augmenting your trading efficacy.

Acknowledging the importance of holistic engagement, ForexSignals not only facilitates the consumption of trade ideas but also invites you to contribute. In a vibrant community setting, you're encouraged to share your own trade proposals, paving the way for valuable feedback and insights from fellow members and mentors alike.

The learning continuum is further enriched by the opportunity to actively participate in live streams hosted by mentors on a daily basis. By subscribing to these live streams, you establish a direct channel for ongoing updates, thus ensuring you remain attuned to the latest developments and insights. This immersive engagement fosters a dynamic and evolving learning process, inherently aligned with the ever-shifting landscape of forex trading.

Trading Lab

The operational core of ForexSignals is structured into distinct domains, each catering to essential aspects of traders' needs.

The Trading Lab, a focal point of this ecosystem, is thoughtfully compartmentalized into three discernible sections, each catering to a specific facet of trading enhancement.

Within the Trading Lab, a dedicated enclave is designated for Trading Tools. This repository offers an assortment of trading aids available for download and experiential utilization. The intent here is to provide traders with practical resources that can potentially augment their trading endeavors.

The subsequent facet, known as Weekly Market Reports, manifests as a hallmark of the ForexSignals platform. It encompasses a weekly forecast report, meticulously crafted by the adept team. This report lays bare the team's discerning insights into the trading landscape, offering a glimpse into their strategic inclinations. To gain a comprehensive understanding of how these trades materialize, a participatory approach is encouraged. Engaging with the daily live streams affords traders an opportunity to delve deeper into the unfolding dynamics of these trades.

The conclusive component within the Trading Lab is devoted to the free ForexSignals app, tailored for both Android and IOS platforms. This convenient mobile application encapsulates the core ethos of ForexSignals, extending accessibility to the trading community. The app serves as a dynamic conduit for staying connected, enabling traders to remain abreast of developments and insights regardless of their geographical location.

Trading News

The Trading News segment assumes a pivotal role within the ForexSignals ecosystem. By engaging with this section, traders gain an avenue to remain diligently informed about the latest developments poised to influence the market landscape. This proactive approach serves as a linchpin, enabling ForexSignals members to maintain a competitive edge and make judicious trading decisions informed by prevailing trends.

The significance of staying attuned to the market's pulse cannot be overstated. The Trading News section fulfills this vital function by providing a centralized platform for members to access a comprehensive repository of up-to-the-minute news, insights, and analyses. This collective reservoir of information empowers traders to calibrate their strategies in accordance with real-time market dynamics, thereby optimizing their potential for successful trades.


The Brokers section within the ForexSignals platform stands as a vital resource, offering a meticulously curated selection of recommended brokers. This distinguished list is underpinned by the rigorous vetting undertaken by ForexSignals' adept professional mentors and the accomplished expert team.

Security, undeniably a paramount consideration, assumes primacy among the criteria for a commendable broker. Safeguarding one's financial assets is a fundamental concern, and ForexSignals' assessment encompasses multifaceted aspects, including regulatory accreditations, liquidity provider affiliations, and the backing of established financial institutions. This comprehensive evaluation ensures that the brokers endorsed align with an elevated standard of security.

Acknowledging the financial implications tied to every trade, the allure of cost-effectiveness surfaces as a pivotal consideration. Thus, the economic parameters governing trades are scrutinized, encompassing both spreads and commissions. This deliberation facilitates a judicious equilibrium between cost efficiency and reliability, wherein the optimal broker choice strikes an informed balance.

Of parallel significance is the seamlessness of deposit and withdrawal processes. Ensuring that the access to funds is unhindered and swift is pivotal, and this tenet anchors ForexSignals' evaluation. The breadth of available funding methods also factors in, emphasizing the importance of brokers offering a diverse array of deposit and withdrawal avenues.

The speed and precision with which orders are executed fundamentally influence trading outcomes. The concept of 'slippage,' wherein prices deviate during order execution, is a focal point of attention. ForexSignals underscores the need for brokers to prioritize clients' interests, ensuring orders are fulfilled at the most advantageous price points, with minimal deviation.


On the ForexSignals Awards section, you'll find the monthly prize giveaway and can enter it.

The requirements vary every month!


This is where you can chat with the ForexSignals community, this is where members discuss various trading ideas and exchange ideas.

The community is extremely helpful and, if you have any questions or need guidance, someone is bound to help you!


The Apprentice (monthly plan)

Trading room access
Pro trading video academy
Daily live trading sessions
Trading signals
Weekly hot-pick analysis
Real-time global news streamLive interactive workshops
Access to pro trading tools

The Committed (6-month plan)

Trading room access
Pro trading video academy
Daily live trading sessions
Trading signals
Weekly hot-pick analysis
Real-time global news streamLive interactive workshops
Access to pro trading tools
+ Exclusive brokerage access
+ Personal trading feedback
+ One-on-one with a mentor

€79/mo €41.50/mo
The Professional (12-month plan)

Trading room access
Pro trading video academy
Daily live trading sessions
Trading signals
Weekly hot-pick analysis
Real-time global news streamLive interactive workshops
Access to pro trading tools
+ Exclusive brokerage access
+ Personal trading feedback
+ One-on-one with a mentor
+ Direct Line to Mentors
+ Trend Surfing EA
+ License Key to Forex Tester 4

€79/mo €39.91/mo

ForexSignals Pros & Cons

ForexSignals: Pros

  • Many features
  • In-depth education
  • Strong community
  • Helpful customer support
  • 49% discount on the yearly plan

ForexSignals: Cons

  • No automated copy trading
  • Could pay more attention to crypto

ForexSignals Review: Verdict is one of the best trading platforms out there, it comes with a ton of features that are extremely helpful for beginners and experts alike.

The pricing is quite reasonable and if you choose to subscribe for the yearly plan, you will save 49% of what you'd pay for the monthly plan, on top of that, you can extra features that are not available for monthly subscribers.

On the downside, ForexSignals doesn't offer an automated copy trading option which would seriously make the service even better.

Another drawback is the fact that the platform isn't very focused on cryptocurrencies, this is a bit disappointing considering the massive gains that are only achievable with cryptocurrency trading.

All-in-all, ForexSignals is a great service if you want to get involved with trading, the team is very attentive towards its user base and we're sure they'll keep improving the service, hopefully, they'll introduce automatic copy trading and start focusing more on the cryptocurrency markets.

If you'd like to sign up for a ForexSignals Free Trial, follow the link below.


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